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Global Investors Meet In Bangalore

Posted by ajadhind on June 5, 2010

Todays paper had a lot of turns and comedy sequences. First page told
that 4 lak crore is being invested in k’taka 9lak jobs!, cm in full page an ad by BBMP about environment
white. Next page murugesh nirani’s statement that 1lak acres of land
is needed for industries. And last but not the least the reality bite
which informs us that the prices of DAL has further
finally we will have iron,steel,computer,cement to eat and electricity
to drink. Jai ho.

5 Responses to “Global Investors Meet In Bangalore”

  1. imran said

    Ajad, through GIM they also stole the 75 acre sprawling campus of veterinary science college.

  2. Kiran said

    Hello Azaad,
    Let us talk something sensible. If you have problems in setting up industries then how would you generate employment? How would you feed more than 100 crore population?
    In order to develop the country has to make use of its resources. If the government stops all the industries, mining all of us have to hold guns in our hand to kill each other.
    I do understand that our political system is highly corrupt. But the good thing about it is it is functioning. Absence of governance causes havoc like the one seen in Haiti after earthquake.
    So please come up with some alternative route for development and then oppose these government policies.

  3. ajadhind said

    Good to see comments, ideas, arguments. It is only through the discussions with positive attitude that we can move a step forward.
    I agree with some of your suggestions. We need industries, they provide jobs. We have to acquire land for industries, that is also essential. But all these things at what cost? this is the big question.
    You have mentioned about Haiti, I think you should be able to read many articles about that nation and the reasons for its descent. It was not the earthquake. It was capitalism which destroyed their basic needs that is food, and food prices rocketed. All these situations led to the riots by the people which started before earthquake and ofcourse it increased after it. As you have mentioned it is not the just absence of government but also corruption and capitalistic attitude of the government.
    I hope you are well aware of the rice price whcih has almost doubled from 16-17 per kg to 35-40per kg. Just imagine what consequences we will have if we allot so much land for industries which are not at all related to agriculture.
    And finally why dont our and politicians and even we consider agriculture as an in industry? It is the largest and most important industry on which people are involved directly and also indirectly?
    with regards,

    • kiran said

      Hello Ajad,
      Thank you for your thoughtful response.
      To be frank enough I never expected your response for my message.
      Our media has created a horrifying picture of Maoist movement. They project Maoist as barbaric , sane people who ruthlessly kill others
      to overthrow the government to come to power.
      Because of this you do not enjoy the support of much of the educated community.
      However, after reading you articles on this site I have some vague picture of your movement which is totally different from the one broadcasted by the media.

      May I know after all these many days of Maoist movement in Indian, have achieved any progress? “Progress” I mean betterment in the life-style of the people who come under your “jurisdiction”. Has there any improvement in terms of literacy, education, health ?
      Let it be very small compare to the the one because of our “corrupt” government programs.
      Hope you get time to respond to this.
      I look forward for your response.

  4. ajadhind said

    First I would like to clarify few things. As you have pointed out the
    main stream which most of the times is behind sensational news carries
    less articles about other face of India and most of them run false
    propaganda about naxals. Of course there are many magazines and
    articles which show positive and negative things of both the state
    and the naxals. Most of them in spite of having access to the truth
    remain away from it as they are dependent of the ads given by agencies
    of government and T V media are run by and for corporate interests.

    Secondly I would like to make it clear that I am not an active
    naxalite, I am just a pronaxal blogger and I started this blog after
    getting fed up with news from main stream media and govt decision to
    block few of the pro naxal websites.
    And one misconception which I noted in your writing is that the
    EDUCATED YOUTH from urban areas are not supporting our cause. If not
    educated I am at least literate enough with 3 degrees. As you have
    observed it is mainly because of false propaganda from main stream
    media which has led to the thinking of urban people that naxals are
    misguided youth.

    Regarding the development activities that are carried out by naxals in
    the liberated areas I can comment only based on the inputs by writers
    who visited those areas and by few of the interviews that I have done
    via mail. They have separate departments for food, health,
    agriculture, military, culture, education. They run schools, they have
    published text books and more importantly they have published books in
    native tribal languages.

    Agriculture is done both on community basis and individual basis. Land
    is allotted to all for individual farming and in the land where
    community farming is practiced everyone including the soldiers of
    people liberation guerilla army has to work.
    The biggest achievement of naxals according to me is they have
    unmasked the politicians and bureaucrats, who after 63 years of
    independence has accepted that development has not reached everyone.
    The govt would have wiped out the tribals from map of India if there
    was no peoples movement lead by naxals.
    When we see the failed struggle of dedicated democratic individuals
    like medha patkar, when we see in our own surroundings where
    democratic peoples movement for a right cause getting crushed by the
    govt we opt for more radical method. And radical method with a right
    ideology (at least now) in India is NAXALISM OR MAOISM.
    With Regards,

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