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Bhopal’s Gas And India’s Future’s tragedy.

Posted by ajadhind on June 8, 2010

Our politicians, officials and some intellectuals never told this. Atlast the judiciary system showed the strength to declare To Whom This INDIA belongs.
Recently Veerappa moily stated that judicial failure is one of the reason for the naxal uprising in the country.Unfortunately again he was forced to comment on judicial system BURIED JUSTICE regarding Bhopal gas tragedy verdict.

8 accused for Killing more than 25 thousand people have been put to imprisonment for 2 years with a fine of rs 1 lak but granted bail. Hats off. But it is not just the judiciary which has to be blamed here. Why did the government failed to bring the main accused to india? It was surely a deal to put it in raw words.
At the place of one multinational industry which was least bothered about the lives of people now we have politicians who are always ready with garlands to welcome them in big numbers.

They arrange Global Investment Meet to attract the investors like that happened recently in karnataka. Yediyurappa who sworn in the name offarmer is showing his full gratitude towards the farmer by displacing them from their lands. They are ready to provide them uninterrupted power whereas for the biggest industry, AGRICULTURE which is just not a need but an essential thing for everyone’s living 4-5 hours of 3phase power is also a dream. Atleast our judiciary is not dramatic like our politicians, they have showed it many a times clearly that india belongs to the elite class. Ofcourse there judgement is a reflection of our politicians attitude and more than that reflection of their interference in the legal system.

5 Responses to “Bhopal’s Gas And India’s Future’s tragedy.”

  1. Kiran said

    Hello Azaad,
    I left a comment on you pervious post but there was no response to that.
    Please let me know what are your policies? What you want to achieve from this gun battle?
    Ok you want to stop these multinational from establishing companies in India. Then you might as well be interested in the overthrowing the state. What next? Your’s is like a goalless fight.
    You don’t have a clear policy. Given the cultural, linguistic, religious diversity of India, from my reading of communist theory, I feel that you can’t establish a China or USSr like communist state in India.
    Hope this time you bother to answer my queries.

  2. Kiran said

    Look at this!
    They are calling army to combat with you people.
    Please stop this bloodshed and try to workout a policy.
    There is no meaning in sacrificing human life (it may be from their side or from your side).
    Human life is very precious! I urge you to formulate a clean policy and then first try to tackle the issues diplomatically. Gun power should be the last resort.

    • Ankik said

      “Gun power should be the last resort.”
      What do you mean by last resort? Can’t you see the amount of structural violence and open violence that is perpetuated on the oppressed mass of this country. What is last for them? 25thousand people got killed and in 25 years no justice; what is last for these people.

      And about social and political policy programme. Please read CPI(Maoist) political documents. You will find it more clearly than others.

      • kiran said

        Thank you Ankik for responding to my message.
        With an assumption that you represent Maoist, I would like to reply to you in the following way.
        Indeed Bhopal Gas tragedy is a heinous crime and the worst part of it is the inability of the govt to castigate the culprits. But you are forgetting the fact that the problem is in the system and that can not be repaired or replaced by killing people involved in it. If you kill one, 1000 more of that genre will come up.
        It is your intellectual chauvinism to rectify the system through gun power.
        You may succeed ( Even I wish from the bottom of my heart for your success, since your victory is the beginning of new era but…) with your guns but it will be very short lived. History alone is the witness for this.
        I sincerely appreciate your cause but not very convinced with your way.

        I have read books on Maoism and its Indian version conceived by Charu Mazumdar and others.
        But you are not ready to accept/understand that this particular theory doesn’t hold good for Indian context.
        It needs lot of tinkering to make it suitable for our social fabric.
        Moreover the sustainability period of Maoism is not more than 1-2 decades.
        Look at China.. now there is no Maoism .. It is becoming more of a capitalistic society.
        I have few Chinese friends where I work. They very much accept this fact.
        This is also in line with what you get to see in news papers on the china policies.

        I will keep reading your posts and also will try to rise your voice in appropriate forums.
        Hope you will respond to my messages and queries in feature..

  3. Arvind Singh said

    In my opinion the sentence given to 8 is not sufficient whereas one (Anderson)flew from India, even after 25 years all accused has enjoyed their whole life and then SC gives them 2 years imprisonment on the basis of negligence and all victims have received very little compensation or support.even many people in Bhopal still suffer from chronic illness and side-effects of the incidents, such as diabetes, cancer and birth defects in children.I read some on

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