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Naxal Movement In Karnataka

Posted by ajadhind on June 28, 2010

It is often said these days that the Naxal movement in karnataka has reached its end. The main reason cited is the arrest of two top maoist leaders Nandakumar and Chandru Gorabal. Former was thought to be relieved from Karnataka duty and posted to other state. The latter as per police statements was a Member of South Zone committee and also a member of central committee. Will the arrest of these two top leaders will end the maoist movement in karnataka?
Ofcourse it should be accepted that arrest of many cadres is  certainly a set back for the movement. At present the movement is facing difficulties because of small number of full time party workers. But this is not the end of the movement. Though for few days there will be decreased armed movement and the parties aim should be in organising the mass movements for which the conditions in the state and pattern of ruling by the government are perfect.
One should remember that the armed movement is a part of the naxal revolution and it is not the only way. The people of Karnataka has seen the success of Naxals though smal, in the agrarian movement in which they were actively involved. It was because of Naxals the conditions in the Malnad was improved a bit. People have seen that democratic people movements are being crushed by the government. Recent example is of S.K. Kantha who was fighting against the land acquisition near Gulbarga for thermal power plant. He was also leading the struggle of Poura Kaarmika’s. He was arrested regarding the latter struggle and was also granted bail recently, but the government arrested him with a fear that the land acquisition may become difficult if he is out. Now the government forcefully made the farmers to accept its conditions, if they fail they will get least compensation.
When more land is being marked for all MNC’s who will develop Karnataka, the people who have seen the democratic movements getting crushed from the government with an iron hand will join and lead the movement with naxal ideology.

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Police concocting stories: Naxals

Posted by ajadhind on April 5, 2009

source-times of india
CHIKMAGALUR: A Naxal outfit has alleged that the police are spreading false news about the arrest of Naxal activists in Shimoga and Chikmagalur
district and said they are using the press to disseminate their false propaganda.

Naxal state committee member Gangadhar said on March 24 the police stated that they arrested two Naxals, including a woman in Shimoga. He said some TV channels and newspapers have also published the police version without verification. He asserted that noone from their outfit has been arrested so far. The woman named by the police does not belong to their outfit.

Gangadhar has alleged that by concocting these type of stories the police intend to tarnish the image of the movement and also to instill a negative opinion about the Naxal group among public. He said the BJP government and the police are systematically spreading false information.

They have requested the media to play a very responsible role and to maintain some code of conduct while highlighting this type of news.

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Posted by ajadhind on February 10, 2009

Respectable editors and representatives of the media, struggle greetings to you. We are sending this press release in the wake of recent attacks of hindu fascist criminal gangs in Karnataka. We are requesting to publish this with due importance. With good wishes Yours in struggle Gangadhara For the state committee CPI (Maoist) 05-02-09 Karnataka. ———————————————————————————————————- After taking power in Karnataka sangh parivar’s BJP government is vigorously indulging in anti people policies and acts. Taken peasants lives with oath, given free hands to bajarangadal like hooligans to act as their wish, organized attacks on Christian minorities and church, planned to turn student community and education according to the hindu fascist agenda in the guise of campaign against terrorism , correction of syllabus and text books. Involved all teachers and lecturers forcefully (directly and indirectly) without any say in it. In the name of government programme; R.S.S, A.B.V.P, vishva hindu parishad like hindu fascist organizations were real mentors of these programmes. In all these programmes main speakers are from these organizations. Blocked all scope for open discussions and other democratic expressions. Mortgaging and selling our natural and human resources to the imperialist bosses is rampant. Privatization and capitalistion roads, hospitals, infrastructures,services, temples etc are going on in speedy manner. Corruption is order of the minute.Chief minister’s office is the head office of the corruption. Chief minister’s son, family and rural development minister shobha karandlaje is incharge of that office. Nose and mouth blocking exercises like arresting continuously, foisting false cases and handcuffing of the editor of karavali ale and blocking it’s sales through vandalism. Set free to bajarangadal like fascist gangs to do it. Police department is providing protection to it. Home minister and the government directly involved in this. Muthalik’s sreerama sene openly declared to attack on muslim and Christian minorities and wiping them out in the name ethnic cleaning and formation of hindu rastra. It formed an armed army publicly, to implement this. It announced it’s reactionary anti people agenda through leaflets in davanagere .Govt allowed it to announce the armed fascist army without any concern about the much talked rule of law. Targeted Shantha Rama somayagi like democrats with cunning manner. College authorities and university authorities acting upon dakshina kannada district in charge minister Krishna palemar. BJP government is treating universities and its teaching community as their servants. Attacks of hindu fascist gangs on minorities, women, daliths were increased in B.J.P rule. We are strongly condemning all these fascist designs and acts of the government and sangh parivar’s organizations. We are warning seriously to leaders of R.S.S, B.J.P, bajarangadala, vishva hindu parishad, sreeramasene that if they not stopped these,they should have to pay big price for all these anti people,anti democratic and anti national acts.They are the sole responsibility for that. We are appealing teaching communities of universities, colleges ,all democratic forces ,pro people forces, minority communities to unite and uphold freedom of expression and democratic values. Expose sangha parivar and it’s organization’s anti people, fascist designs and acts among the student community and the masses through leaflets, protests, speeches, seminars, articles, skits, dramas, arts, songs, campaigns etc in rapid way. Creating awareness among the students and masses is very important and fundamental thing to fight feudal reactionary fascist thoughts and acts. Gross root level awareness creation is very important task before all of us. We are all have to take that responsibility. Otherwise fascist reactionary forces uses that situation and gain upper hand with ruling class’s direct support. With revolutionary greetings, Your,s in struggle Gangadhara 05-02-09 For the state committee CPI(Maoist) karnataka

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