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Posted by ajadhind on January 8, 2009

“Buddhism helps one in self development and self purification. It has nothing to do with belief, prayer, worship or ceremony[ from the book ‘teachings of buddha’]”

On Jan 7, 2009 President Prathibha patil inaugurated the Buddha vihar in Gulbarga, Karnataka. It’s really a beautiful place, white marbles, golden idol, black stone idol in cellar and to watch it in night is a delight to eyes. Crores of rupees have been spent on that. When i heard its builders name all my joy disappeared. It was built by Siddartha trust owned by Mr.Mallikarjun Kharge, MLA, Karnataka

His name will remain until the idol remains. His intentions behind that megastructure may be good, but what hurts is if you come to Gulbarga from Buddhavihar after crossing the ring road, after half a mile from ring road to your left you will see a building which appears to be of Nizam’s time construction and you will come to a conclusion that it may fall at any time. WELCOME TO GULBARGA DISTRICT GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL.!! A place which people visit more frequently.

Ofcourse Kharge is not a MLA of this constituency but he is elected from a constituency which belongs to Gulbarga district form past 9 elections!!. He has enjoyed all top posts except CM post. If he had shown 5% interest towards Hospital, Basic ameneties in Gulbarga then……………………..

Even we citizens are like this. We donate generously for temples, mosques, churches…………………… RELIGION IS A STRONG OPIUM.

2 Responses to “BUDDHA SMILES!”

  1. kranthikari said

    Malikarjuna kharge is one of the laziest politican of karnataka.I believe he came to politics to enjoy the life,not to do work . By winning 9 elections successively he has nothing achived,all the time he cheated the innocent gulbarga peoples. so still gulbarga remains as a one of the backward place of india


    301 Moved Permanently

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