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Battle won or lost?

Posted by ajadhind on July 24, 2010

recieved via mail



The land acquisition for thermal power plane has been succeeded by gulbarga administration in honnakiranagi, firozabad and nadisinnur.

Farmers who protested for months have agreed to give there lands. In a public hearing on july 23 to discuss the environmental consequences of the project compensation cheques has been given to 3 farmers. Farmers will get 9 lak/acre. One of the loser recieved a cheque worth 1 crore.

The increase in compensation, arrest of S.K.Kanta with regard to gulbarga pourakaarmika’s struggle, threat by the administration- all these factors has led to the withdrawal of protests by the farmers.

In the meeting farmers were more eager about the compensation, future of their children, jobs. Discussion about the environmental effects was least.

Who has won or lost this battle? Farmers? The state? Leaders? Or the hungry people of nation? Noone can deny the fact that electricity is one of the major requirement for the progress of the nation. Though we need electricity at a large amount there remains
some unanswered questions-

> Studies on environment has shown that thermal plant in raichur has increased the temperature of that area in addition to causing pollution by ash. The peak temperature in and around gulbarga at present is 45-47 in summer. What effects the new
thermal plant will have on this?

>Raichur power plant supplies more than 40% of power requirement of state, but it rarely works to its full strength. Technical problems, shortage of charcoal, wet charcoal are the reasons cited. What is the hurry to create new power plant when making raichur plant functionally effective will solve most of the power crisis?

> experts say that decreasing the loss of electricity during transmission by 20 to 30%
will solve the power deficiency. But no efforts in this regard.

> If we go around cities we can see a large amount of power being wasted just for advertisement boards. Until we are power sufficient can’t we ban using electricity for ad boards? I am sure that it can be used to lighten up thousands of villages.

> and finally – farmers got money, govt got lands, probably its officers will get commission, we got electricity. But what about food security for coming generation and
also for people of this generation who can’t afford the rising prices. Dal reaches 100rs per kg and we are happy acquiring thousands of acres where dal was grown as a major crop for thermal power plant.


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Posted by ajadhind on January 8, 2009

“Buddhism helps one in self development and self purification. It has nothing to do with belief, prayer, worship or ceremony[ from the book ‘teachings of buddha’]”

On Jan 7, 2009 President Prathibha patil inaugurated the Buddha vihar in Gulbarga, Karnataka. It’s really a beautiful place, white marbles, golden idol, black stone idol in cellar and to watch it in night is a delight to eyes. Crores of rupees have been spent on that. When i heard its builders name all my joy disappeared. It was built by Siddartha trust owned by Mr.Mallikarjun Kharge, MLA, Karnataka

His name will remain until the idol remains. His intentions behind that megastructure may be good, but what hurts is if you come to Gulbarga from Buddhavihar after crossing the ring road, after half a mile from ring road to your left you will see a building which appears to be of Nizam’s time construction and you will come to a conclusion that it may fall at any time. WELCOME TO GULBARGA DISTRICT GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL.!! A place which people visit more frequently.

Ofcourse Kharge is not a MLA of this constituency but he is elected from a constituency which belongs to Gulbarga district form past 9 elections!!. He has enjoyed all top posts except CM post. If he had shown 5% interest towards Hospital, Basic ameneties in Gulbarga then……………………..

Even we citizens are like this. We donate generously for temples, mosques, churches…………………… RELIGION IS A STRONG OPIUM.

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