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Naxal Movement In Karnataka

Posted by ajadhind on June 28, 2010

It is often said these days that the Naxal movement in karnataka has reached its end. The main reason cited is the arrest of two top maoist leaders Nandakumar and Chandru Gorabal. Former was thought to be relieved from Karnataka duty and posted to other state. The latter as per police statements was a Member of South Zone committee and also a member of central committee. Will the arrest of these two top leaders will end the maoist movement in karnataka?
Ofcourse it should be accepted that arrest of many cadres is  certainly a set back for the movement. At present the movement is facing difficulties because of small number of full time party workers. But this is not the end of the movement. Though for few days there will be decreased armed movement and the parties aim should be in organising the mass movements for which the conditions in the state and pattern of ruling by the government are perfect.
One should remember that the armed movement is a part of the naxal revolution and it is not the only way. The people of Karnataka has seen the success of Naxals though smal, in the agrarian movement in which they were actively involved. It was because of Naxals the conditions in the Malnad was improved a bit. People have seen that democratic people movements are being crushed by the government. Recent example is of S.K. Kantha who was fighting against the land acquisition near Gulbarga for thermal power plant. He was also leading the struggle of Poura Kaarmika’s. He was arrested regarding the latter struggle and was also granted bail recently, but the government arrested him with a fear that the land acquisition may become difficult if he is out. Now the government forcefully made the farmers to accept its conditions, if they fail they will get least compensation.
When more land is being marked for all MNC’s who will develop Karnataka, the people who have seen the democratic movements getting crushed from the government with an iron hand will join and lead the movement with naxal ideology.

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Change the system by being a part of the system?

Posted by ajadhind on June 24, 2010

It is often said that you should be a part of the system to change or to better the system. But this report will speak. I think there is no need for much comments from our side.
Staff Reporter, hindu
BANGALORE: Karnataka Lokayukta N. Santosh Hegde resigned from the post on Wednesday in “disgust” against the “non-cooperation” by the State Government in his crusade against corruption.
Mr. Hegde met Governor H.R. Bhardwaj and handed over his resignation, which will come into effect on August 31, 2010, at the Raj Bhavan on Wednesday evening.
Explaining the reasons for staying on till August 31, the Lokayukta said he had to complete unfinished work, including submitting a report on THE wall collapse that killed a teenager. Moreover, with the Upalokayukta’s post still vacant, his resignation would render the institution of Lokayukta a nonentity. He hoped that the Government would fill the vacancy by then.
Mr. Hegde’s resignation, which is apparently the first time in the country that a Lokayukta has quit after blaming the Government for its failure to prevent corruption in public administration, comes on the eve of the second anniversary celebrations planned by the Yeddyurappa Government.
Mr. Hegde took over as Lokayukta on August 3, 2006, and his term was to end in 2011.
Addressing a press conference, Mr. Hegde cited three reasons for his resignation: non-appointment of the Upalokayukta for the past six months because of which thousands of complaints had piled up; reinstating officers suspended following the Lokayukta’s recommendation to the same post after a few months; and a recent recommendation made to the Chief Secretary by a Minister to suspend the Deputy Conservator of Forests, Karwar, who, on the directions of the Lokayukta, had seized eight lakh tonnes of iron ore illegally transported to Belekeri port.
Mr. Hegde said the official who had carried out a commendable investigation of the illegal transport of iron ore to the Belekeri port had brought to Lokayukta’s notice the Minister’s recommendation and sought his help. “‘But I told him that I can only provide legal advice if he is suspended.”
“I do not know whether the Government has suspended the officer. But this is not the way a Minister should act. Officers will lose their morale if Ministers behave in such a fashion. I thought over all these developments that happened over the past couple of months and decided that I should not continue in the post if I am unable to protect an officer who discharges his duty on my instructions, and also when I am not in a position to perform, not because of my inability but due to non-cooperation by the Government,” he said.
Officials shocked
The resignation of Mr. Hegde came as a shock to many in the institution. “I was shocked to hear the news,” said the former Upalokayukta N. Patri Basavanagoud.
Earlier, Mr. Hegde had a meeting with the Lokayukta personnel and made his intentions clear. “They were really heartbroken. They asked me to reconsider my decision and not to leave them in the lurch,” Mr. Hegde said. “But I explained to them that the institution’s integrity would be lost if I continued to function in such a situation.”

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Global Investors Meet In Bangalore

Posted by ajadhind on June 5, 2010

Todays paper had a lot of turns and comedy sequences. First page told
that 4 lak crore is being invested in k’taka 9lak jobs!, cm in full page an ad by BBMP about environment
white. Next page murugesh nirani’s statement that 1lak acres of land
is needed for industries. And last but not the least the reality bite
which informs us that the prices of DAL has further
finally we will have iron,steel,computer,cement to eat and electricity
to drink. Jai ho.

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Posted by ajadhind on April 26, 2010


IPC section 307,143,147,322,427,435,332,337,357,504……. These many sections are not against any antisocial elements. It is against farmers of Honnakiranagi, Firozabad, and Nadisinnur villages of Gulbarga District, Karnataka. Their Offence? They protested against land acquisition for Thermal Power plant.

Karnataka CM Yediyurappa oftenly says that “ his government will not occupy the fertile land for industries”. But it is only in his words; deeds show a different picture. Honnakiranagi, Firozabad, and Nadisinnur villages are located 22 -25 km from Gulbarga District closer to Gulbarga – Bangalore highway. More than 1500 acres of land has been marked for setup of 1000 – 1320 megawatt thermal power plant.

361 acres in Firozabad.

785 Acres in Honnakiranagi.

368 Acres in Nadisinnur.

All the land that has been marked is fertile where they cultivate jowar, red gram, sunflower. Fertility of this land has been certified by former Gulbarga DC Satyamurthy [ letter dated 03/09/2009; 296/08-09]. He states in that letter to Revenue department that the people are unwilling to vacate their land and more over the land is fertile; so the acquisition at this stage is a difficult task. He was transferred within a month and new DC Dr. Vishal took the charge who is a puppet for Government’s antiagrarian policies.

About 15000 people are dependent on this land. People of these villages are staging protests from long time. Karnataka raitha sangha, Karnataka Rakshana Vedike, Karnataka sainya are supporting the cause. Former Karnataka Labour Mininster is leading from the front.

Kiranagi renamed Honnakiranagi

There is an interesting story behind renaming of this village. During Indo – China war then Karnataka CM Veerendra Patil visited this village for collection of funds. 101 tola [ one tola = 12g] of gold was arranged from villagers within a span of one hour and donated it to CM. Surprised by the prosperity of this village he called it as Honnakiranag[Honna = honnu = gold].

The prosperity is because of the fertile land in this area which has not betrayed them even when the rainfall was below average. As Annaveerappa, engineer turned agriculturist , says the market value of each acre is 6 – 7 lakh in interior and 10- 12 lakh near the mainroad and the government has fixed a mere amount of 2 lakh per acre. Does that mean that they are ready to leave their land for more compensation? “No” he says firmly “ their compensation is for the owners of the land. What about the life of agricultural labourers? What about the people whose occupation is dependent on agriculture?” Job for one is guaranteed…….. “Whats the use” Shivaling interrupted “ most of us are unskilled and untrained for factory work where computers and newer technologies plays a major role. What job we will get? Labour? If the construction project goes to an Andhra company even labaourers will come from there. Moreover only one will get a job whereas inground we have joint families where land though owned by one feeds many families.” The compensation given once, they say is a mere amount when compared to the yield that they get from the fertile lands.

208 owners of the land attended a meeting called by the DC out of which only 2 were willing to hand over their land, one of them is a lawyer [ Mashak Patel] and other his brother [ Rehman Patel] DC Vishal informed the agitators that he will send the report to higher authorities but on the next day itself sent a team to the villages to conduct a survey. There was a clash between the farmers and surveyors in the field. All the above said IPC’s were against the 5 arrested on 19/04/2010 – Arun Kumar Patil Of Karnataka rakshana vedike, Basavaraj Sunar, LAteef Saab Jaagerdar, Sharanu Konun, Shivu Julphi. But the police under the instructions by DC did not lodge any complaint against the surveyors even though they assaulted the farmers. Arrested farmers have started Satyagraha in jail premises.

On Feb 24th 2010 50 farmers accompanied by S. K. Kantha met CM in Bangalore where CM promised them that the fertile land will not be grabbed. Surprisingly villagers of Binajagi, Kanni, Tegnur have volunteerily asked the Government to acquire their land for the proposed project which is dry and less fertile when compared to the land marked. The only ‘probable’ disadvantage is these villages are located 12km from nearest railway line meant for transporting coal. The proposed land? It is 8km away!! Government is worrying about extra 4km when the proposed money for project is 7000 crores.

The power plant will have adverse effects on surrounding areas also has evident in and around the areas of Thermal Power plant in Raichur, the neighbouring district. Cultivation of surrounding villages will also get effected. Are they supporting the struggle? “ Some are. But people are not much aware of the things at present” Shantesh uttered who appears to be a fan of RSS but now losing his faith and hope after seeing RSS candidature’s administration. “ We are agitating here in front of DC’s office from past 15 days. Who is going to pay for our losses and expenses in all these 15 days?” he asked. “When solar energy is almost available for almost whole year in this part why can’t they implement solar projects which is environmental friendly?” the government which has to answer to these questions is silent hoping that the agitation will fade as days progresses.

They are firm in their decision. Owners of land have given the signed/ fingerprinted petition against land acquisition. “ The struggle is not just for us. It is even for the coming generations.” Shivaling told this reporter “ if they are keen for development let them start agrarian industries”

We are not going to give you handful of soil even if you give us kilo ofgold” this was what a lady villager said to DC




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