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Lessons from Arab world.

Posted by ajadhind on February 12, 2011

First it was Tunisia and now Egypt. People of these 2 nations have left their strong footprint in the pages of history of liberation. As said by Mao it is the people who decide the fate and path of the revolution. Uprising in Tunisia and Egypt, though motivated by many factors which were directly or indirectly caused by the neoliberal and neoimperial policies there are many lessons for the “RULERS” and “BUREAUCRATS” of the whole world. There is no face for the teacher here. Teacher is common man.

The present uprising cannot be brushed away as a protest against long standing dictatorship. Democrats, republicans, communists, socialists, fundamentalists and dictators all around the world should learn from this uprising that the tolerance of the people have a limited period of warranty and once the warranty period expires the revolt of the people cannot be stopped even if their army and their security personelle are mightiest in the world.

If the uprising of these people had only one intention of upthrowing the dictator then they will suffer again in the hands of armed forces/ religious fundamentalists/ one more dictator. But whoever comes to the leading position should be aware that their people are capable to revolt if a just and equal administration is not given.

Herewith we congratulate the people of Tunisia and Egypt for inspiring millions of oppressed of the world. They will be the example in future revolutions. At same time we would like to remind these brave people that their work is not over. It has just begun.

With regards,
Ajadhind Team.

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The Fourth Pillar of ‘Democracy’.

Posted by ajadhind on December 5, 2010

 They are behind scoops, scandals, breaking news(?) and glamour. They don’t need the facts. But these are known facts. If you have some distant relative or a friend in the field of journalism irrespective of whether she/he is corrupt or non corrupt [ luckily i have a non corrupt friend] you can analyse the depth (atleast partially) of corruption in the field of journalism which is highly regarded as the fourth pillar of democracy. As can be expected in a rottening democracy the fourth pillar is crumbling.

Recently there were 2 imortant issues in regard to whistle blowing and journalism, one in the international concept and other in our own nation. Wikileaks which has acclaimed international whistle blower title has ‘leaked ‘ the cables of USA embassy which is embarrassing various nations including US. Inspite of the constant threats from the governments The Gaurdian, The New York Times, El Pais, Der Spiegel, Le Mondel have shown enough courage to publish the articles. The news also made the headlines in almost all national media in India.

On the other hand Broker / Lobbyist Radia’s tape got leaked in India. The tapes clearly showed to whom this India belongs and who is ‘ ruling ‘ the country. We just have the right to vote. But the country’s future is decided by those who have a vision of their own welfare. The tapes exposed the nexus between the corporate – political and Journalism world. Many from the latter field also got naked. But what was the response of our media? Just because there were journalists involvement in the infamous 2G scam either directly or indirectly most of the main stream media kept their mouth shut. It was 2 magazines which dared to publish the tapes, one is outlook and the other a new magazine Open. Following the enormous pressure from the bloggers, twitters other news agencies were forced to carry the article at least in the inner sheets of the paper. The response from the Television media was worse in its history. The technology which is used by the ‘ ruling class’ to create an Utopian world of ” everything is fine” is now haunting the `rulers` and forcing them to get naked.

Will everything get changed by these? The ‘rulers’ always thinks of new ways to suppress the whistle blowers and fact finders. Interpol has issued warrant for Wikileaks Julian Assange [charges of rape; he claims that he had sexual intercourse but after their consent]. Ratan Tata , self proclaimed decent and pro people capitalist has moved the court against Open and Outlook magazines. Ratan Tata should remember that his private chat with Radia may be a matter of entertainment for some people for few days but with all his influences and lobbyists if he succeeds in gagging the democratic voices for justice the people will inevitably have to opt for other modes of struggle.

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Revolution Highway – a novel by Dilip Simeon

Posted by ajadhind on November 1, 2010

Revolution Highway is a novel by Dilip Simeon which revolves around characters during first naxal uprising or spring thunder and world politics of that time. Though it is categorised under “fiction” the facts in the book make it a travelogue in the past. At first we should thank Dilip Simeon for writing a book about naxalites at present political turmoil.

In the present situation it is really hard to read the book without any prejudiced. The decisions and path of the comrades of those days will make us to compare it with the present day comrades and it is happy to note that the present day comrades and the movement has moved on from “chairman Mao is our chairman” to “New Democratic Revolution”.

Has India changed from those days? Ofcourse technologically we have advanced, we have nuclear weapons, billionares, trillionares but……….” Rahul gets urge to defecate at night 10′ o clock. Mohan, Pranav and Rahul staying in an urban slum. Rahul goes to a playground. Pranav – ‘ Bustee women using it now?’. Mohan – ‘ No, they shit soon after dark'”. Though the scene in the novel ends with humor it reminds us that this is one of the thousand things that has remained unchanged from past days.

As one can expect the novel ends by commenting about the superiority of the non violence movements over armed revolution. Nevertheless there are many discussions between the characters which make us to think in both ways. Whenever we opt for a revolutionary path, we will be the minority who has to face many questions of prejudiced minds. In the book there is really good picturisation of conflicts in the revolutionaries mind before becoming a full time party worker and their emotional blackouts with parents when leaving home to go underground.

Rathin, a character who is philosophical and against armed revolution initially immediately goes underground just because of facing apathy by 2 officials. Since he didn’t had ideological clearance he gets disappointed in his early encounter with the masses. Revolution doesn’t come in a single night.

We will leave the review of each and every character to the reader. Towards the end pranav has a doubt whether the movement is expanding or extinct? The present day gives answer to his doubt.

In an heated argument between Mohan and Rathin, Mohan says that the masses will understand the role of revolutionaries in due course. At those times the party dreamt about capturing the power by 1975. Rathin disapproving with Mohan says that party will not capture power even in 1995. Thanks to the present party leadership and cadre that they dont have any day dreams. The present CPI – Maoist party which inspite of spreading the support areas to vast part of country, they know that their path to seizure the power is still a long way to go. May be 50 or even 100 years.

Lal Salaam

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Thank God! I am an atheist!!

Posted by ajadhind on July 22, 2010

If there is god- whether ram, allah, jesus, parvathi etc etc- they might have already hanged themself to death after seeing various incidences that takes place in day to day life in their names.

Every religion has been created by those who dreamed of uplifting the psychological status and morality of people. Education which was considered as a tool to liberate people from the small mindedness,
unfortunately is working in a opposite way

Fundamentalists of all religion are targetting the educated section. Even people are accepting those views. ‘violence of our religion is a response to violence perpetuated by other religion’, ‘ they killed us,
we will kill them’, ‘ they made wrong statement about our god’ you can read lot of articles like this in newspapers. Everyone is for the blame game.

Main success of fundamentalists is they have succeeded in marginalising the people into different groups based on religion. In a single religion marginalisation based on caste.

In an attempt to oppose the terrorism by pseudo islamists many are ready to accept the terrorism by pseudo hindus. The burning example of pakistan should open our eyes.

Supporting any religious fundamentalism might ultimately lead to nations with single religion. But one should remember that fundamentalists ultimate aim is to see their religious tags in front of everyone’s name and their aim and agenda ends there. They are least bothered about other
socioeconomic aspects of a person or a society as a whole.

Though an atheist i sincerely pray to gods of all religion to give his/her followers litte amount of intelligence to think, in a rightful way.

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Naxal Movement In Karnataka

Posted by ajadhind on June 28, 2010

It is often said these days that the Naxal movement in karnataka has reached its end. The main reason cited is the arrest of two top maoist leaders Nandakumar and Chandru Gorabal. Former was thought to be relieved from Karnataka duty and posted to other state. The latter as per police statements was a Member of South Zone committee and also a member of central committee. Will the arrest of these two top leaders will end the maoist movement in karnataka?
Ofcourse it should be accepted that arrest of many cadres is  certainly a set back for the movement. At present the movement is facing difficulties because of small number of full time party workers. But this is not the end of the movement. Though for few days there will be decreased armed movement and the parties aim should be in organising the mass movements for which the conditions in the state and pattern of ruling by the government are perfect.
One should remember that the armed movement is a part of the naxal revolution and it is not the only way. The people of Karnataka has seen the success of Naxals though smal, in the agrarian movement in which they were actively involved. It was because of Naxals the conditions in the Malnad was improved a bit. People have seen that democratic people movements are being crushed by the government. Recent example is of S.K. Kantha who was fighting against the land acquisition near Gulbarga for thermal power plant. He was also leading the struggle of Poura Kaarmika’s. He was arrested regarding the latter struggle and was also granted bail recently, but the government arrested him with a fear that the land acquisition may become difficult if he is out. Now the government forcefully made the farmers to accept its conditions, if they fail they will get least compensation.
When more land is being marked for all MNC’s who will develop Karnataka, the people who have seen the democratic movements getting crushed from the government with an iron hand will join and lead the movement with naxal ideology.

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Global Investors Meet In Bangalore

Posted by ajadhind on June 5, 2010

Todays paper had a lot of turns and comedy sequences. First page told
that 4 lak crore is being invested in k’taka 9lak jobs!, cm in full page an ad by BBMP about environment
white. Next page murugesh nirani’s statement that 1lak acres of land
is needed for industries. And last but not the least the reality bite
which informs us that the prices of DAL has further
finally we will have iron,steel,computer,cement to eat and electricity
to drink. Jai ho.

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Posted by ajadhind on January 29, 2010

Hon’ble Home Minister,

First we would like to congratulate you for starting ‘operation green hunt’. India is on the verge of becoming a SUPER POWER, developed nation in near future. As Prime Minister stated few months before that the poverty will be rooted out from the country, we understand that their is an urgent need to eliminate the poor people and operation green hunt is a romantic idea to achieve it. We can understand that rebellion , that too rebellion by people who find it difficult to have stomach full of food is completely unacceptable.

We would also like to congratulate your obsessiveness for democracy and democratic setup in this era, where everyone is busy bringing their kins and relatives for politics. As you have stated many times violence is not acceptable in democracy; ofcourse it excludes state sponsored violence right?
As humble students of present day political and socioeconomical issues we have few , very few doubts. Recently there was MLC elections in Karnataka. Money ruled it from the beginning. The ruling party itself was a role model which shifted[ abducted] the voters to resorts and bribed. The case was very similar to earlier MLA elections where crores of rupees was distributed. Is purchasing voters and their votes a mandatory step in establishing democratic setup. If so what amount of money should one have to enter politics [ please mention the exact money as we have to arrange it by next elections]
And finally if this is your democratic setup should we [youth of india] accept it or reject it and die in green hunt??
I hope you will answer the above questions.
Your’s faithfully,

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Posted by ajadhind on February 15, 2009

Name:- Manohar alias Balaswamy alias Prakash Age:- 29 yrs Place:- Soraba, shivamogga. Father:- Basavarajugouda Mother:- Shashirekha. Manohar from a middle class family finished his P.U.C from Sagara . Joined Sahyadri college of shivamogga for BSc course. Probably his first struggle was against the poor quality food that was being given in hostel. During the same time he got contacts with PVK[ pragathipara vidhyarthi kendra] which influenced his life in a more meaningful manner. Though he was a science student he studied in depth about the revolutions in world and about revolutionaries like bhagat, marx, engels, che, lenin and mao which helped him to see the social problems with a different perspective. Under the leadership of Karnataka Vimocahana Ranga he actively involved in the protest against Real Estate Ashok kheny’s BMIC . Later he participated against expansion of Kudremukh Mining Project. The outside world came to know that Manohar was a naxal only when he was arrested on May 1,2001 in Raichur along with Ramesh. Manohar along with Ramesh led a prominent role in establishing the naxal movement in Raichur. There were several cases from the state against Ramesh and Manohar in Yapaladinni and Raichur City police station but they were dismissed in due course. When Naxal comrade Bhaskar was killed in an encounter in Koravinal of Raichur the duo fled to Andhra and went underground. They were arrested in 2001 in Gadhwal of A.P. For 1 year he was detained in Charapalli jail of A.P. jail didnot hinder his progressive thinkings. He fought for the rights of inmates. In an article to a kannada magazine he predicted that if the capitalistic attitude of America continues in the same way thn recession was inevitable. Due to lack of evidence he was released in 2005, later he joined a kannada daily ‘eccharike’ as reporter. Police spy didnot allow him to carry democratic revolution. They used to call him to station frequently. Police’s mental torture made him rethink of his democratic way of revolution and he entered the ghats and rejoined the armed revolution. Manohar became a martyr when he was killed in an encounter in Mavinahole near Kalasa, Chikmagalur district, Karnataka on November 18,2008. His dream of a classless society?? I think it’s our duty to make his dream come true.

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Posted by ajadhind on January 8, 2009

“Buddhism helps one in self development and self purification. It has nothing to do with belief, prayer, worship or ceremony[ from the book ‘teachings of buddha’]”

On Jan 7, 2009 President Prathibha patil inaugurated the Buddha vihar in Gulbarga, Karnataka. It’s really a beautiful place, white marbles, golden idol, black stone idol in cellar and to watch it in night is a delight to eyes. Crores of rupees have been spent on that. When i heard its builders name all my joy disappeared. It was built by Siddartha trust owned by Mr.Mallikarjun Kharge, MLA, Karnataka

His name will remain until the idol remains. His intentions behind that megastructure may be good, but what hurts is if you come to Gulbarga from Buddhavihar after crossing the ring road, after half a mile from ring road to your left you will see a building which appears to be of Nizam’s time construction and you will come to a conclusion that it may fall at any time. WELCOME TO GULBARGA DISTRICT GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL.!! A place which people visit more frequently.

Ofcourse Kharge is not a MLA of this constituency but he is elected from a constituency which belongs to Gulbarga district form past 9 elections!!. He has enjoyed all top posts except CM post. If he had shown 5% interest towards Hospital, Basic ameneties in Gulbarga then……………………..

Even we citizens are like this. We donate generously for temples, mosques, churches…………………… RELIGION IS A STRONG OPIUM.

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Posted by ajadhind on December 15, 2008

If you are a medical student or if you have any medical friends then you will understand the difficulty in getting a postgraduate seat. For example in karnataka about 15,000 students will appear for the CET for PG seats per year. Guess the total number of seats – 500 to 600!! The competition is still more in all india level exams. 5 1/2 years of MBBS plus min 2 years to enter PG course plus 3/2 years for PG course. We will be dependent on our parents almost upto 30th year of our life!!

200 students got seat after years of hardwork through second round of KCET conducted by RGUHS on july 10th and admission to college by july 13th. They worked for about 6 months in their colleges. Now their PG seat is in dilemma. Reason – mistake and carelessness by the university. Previously there was an order by Supreme court stating that all admission procedures of the academic year should be completed by july 10th[ students came to know about this now].

But the counselling was done on july 10th by the universitywhich already knew the rules. The RGUHS did not have the courtesy to inform students about this at counselling time. Now the medical council of india has sent notice to all the colleges to remove these students from college.

Rguhs when approached by students said that its difficult for them to go against medical council and adviced[? !!] students to go to a good lawyer and fight the case in court. Now the students have to fight against the ruling of Supreme Court……………. chances of winning QUESTIONABLE.

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