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Return of Peoplesmarch!

Posted by ajadhind on July 27, 2012

After a long silence of more than one year we have decided to restart the ajadhind blog. many things have happened from past one year including the assassination of numerous comrades.
why we had stopped from past one year and why we are restarting this? I will tell in coming days.
the blog will take a new look within few days
with regards

2 Responses to “Return of Peoplesmarch!”

  1. A.KANNAN said


    • A.KANNAN said

      The Bourgeoisie’s ideological propagation for the past seven decades that India is a free country after the 1947 episode of the power transfer between the Indian ruling class and the Colonial rule has become petered out in the last six decades with the utter failure of the Bourgeoisie even to create a Socialist-Republic State as it promised in its Constitution.
      Whereas the Working Class Revolution which began in order to create the State of Proletariat Dictatorship never stopped with the episode of 1947; in fact the Working Class revolution under the protection and the guidance of the Naxalites (Warriors against the poverty and Creators of the State of Proletariat Dictatorship) was waged against the colonial exploitative rule and the exploitation by the native Indian ruling elites.
      According to the Scientific-Marxist-Leninist-Maoist-historiography, the Working Class’ quest to establish its own state, with a complete political power in its hand, has been continuing because the private ownership of the means of production with a constitutionally legalised wage slavery exists as permanent functions of the Democracy-Indian Variety. The Warriors against Poverty and wage slavery, that is the Naxalites, and their Working Class should be seen, scientifically, within this historical context rather than branding them as the dissidents and terrorists of this Democracy. This perspective cannot be found in the Colonialist historiography, the Nationalist historiography and historiographies disguised in the name of Marxism. Even the Subaltern Historiography which emerged questioning the elite domination during the colonial struggle as well as in the historiographical reconstruction of Independence has been struggling to survive by seeking political space within the Bourgeoisie-achieved freedom.
      A major element of Democracy-Indian Variety is democratic fascism (ideological subjugation as well as the coercive oppressive measures forcing the working class and their malnourished-children to remain as ‘energy stock’ to toil for the Private Owners of the means of production). More recently this democratic fascism reflected as ‘Statistical Economic Terrorism’ when the Planning Commission, arrogantly, estimated poverty line in India at Rs. 28.35 and Rs. 22.42 in urban and rural areas respectively.
      This ‘Rs. 28.35 and Rs. 22.42 ‘ is not even an amount a bourgeoisie spends for his single time cigarette per day; it is not even a small fraction of the total surplus amount spent for amusements and saturnalia by the Bourgeoisie. In order to have their own state with a Dictatorship of Proletariat that will emancipate the exploited Class and their children, the Warriors against Poverty and Exploitation will continue with their tasks.

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