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May Day joint declaration statement by: Maoist Communist Party of Italy, Maoist Communist Party of France, Maoist Communist Party of Turkey

Posted by ajadhind on April 25, 2009

1st of MAY 2009 :




 LET’S BUILD THE PARTY FOR THE SEIZURE OF THE POWER FOR THE PROLETARIANS !FOR A NEW SOCIETY, WITHOUT CRISIS, EXPLOITATION OPPRESSION AND POVERTY!The current capitalist crisis does not come from the heaven, it the logic of the system itself, it comes from the economic and political choices of the bourgeois (right or “left”) governments. In a class society like that in which we live the governments serve the bourgeois class and the interest of the bourgeoisie is to preserve the capitalism and its position of ruling class on the whole society.

Yet on the 1848 Marx and Engels wrote: “how does the bourgeoisie overcome the crisis? On one hand, by violently destroying a mass of productive forces, on the other one by winning new markets and more deeply exploiting the old ones” (manifesto of the Communist Party).

That is what we see today: responsible for the crisis, the capitalists unload the effects on the proletarians and the masses in the imperialist countries and the people in oppressed countries, intensifying the exploitation: sackings, protracting the work time, massively applying the precarious job etc. Indeed, the bourgeoisie uses the crisis of the capitalist system to restructure and “improve” it, for whose advantage? Of course, not for the people!In the framework of this restructuration on global scale and in order to maintain their domination, the bourgeois have to put in practice a form of modern fascism to impose their economic and political reforms and to safeguard their interests at national, European and international level.

Therefore they need to wipe out any opposition to their politics, to crush the struggles and the unavoidable uprising of the masses and their organizations, particularly the revolutionary, socialist and communist ones.

The modern fascism takes different form according the different countries but the bourgeoisie uses them to rally to its interests a part of the working class – the “aristocracy” and the nationalist part of it – and the petit bourgeoisie. In front of this, the reformist parties and the leaderships of the unions try to gain credit as reasonable opponents. The reality shows they are indeed docile “social partners”, ready to negotiate the sackings, to participate the reforms, to make the proletarian accept the sacrifices to set the capital in its feet again. When they have the power, they use a little of wax to smoothly apply their “left” reforms but, like their rightist partners, they always grant compensations to the owners. This conciliation with the bourgeoisie strengthens the owners and the modern fascism, on the contrary, we need so support the struggle against the sackings that the workers are developing in new forms, we need to protract the strikes more than one day.It is about revolution that we speak when we speak about a solution of the crisis! If we do not overthrow and substitute the capitalist system with the socialism toward the communism our conditions of life will never change!”The weapons the bourgeois used to overthrow the feudalism today turn against themselves.

Not only had they forged the weapons that will kill them: they also made the men who will use those weapons – the modern workers, the proletarians”The workers’ and people’s struggles develop throughout the Europe: in France, Germany, Italy as well as in the eastern countries – Poland, Romania, and Russia; and in the world: in Latin America, China, Asia and Africa. The people in Guadalupe, Martinique, Reunion, Palestine, resist. The people’s wars are developed or prepared, led by the communist parties of new type (Maoist).

In India the people’s war reaches states in which a number of hundreds millions people live, it advances in South Asia where new communist parties are constituted in Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, it goes on in Peru, it grows in Turkey, it develops in Philippines. In Nepal ten years of people’s war and the mass political struggle led the Maoists to develop the complex stage of the new-democratic revolution.We must support all those struggles attacking the capitalist-imperial ist system with the perspective to substitute it with a system that will abolish the poverty, the oppression and the exploitation! The revolution will not come by itself; we need to build the necessary tools to develop it!We need communist parties of new type (Maoist) to seize the power for the proletarians, to put an end to the exploitation and oppression that restrain the harmonious development of the humanity as a whole. In the country where the people’s war is the embryonic stage, we have to strengthen it. It is the matter for the proletarians, for all those fight in the different front of struggle and seek the way to overturn the system. The development of a real united front of the people must be boosted by the vanguard proletarians opposing the reformist and opportunist parties, the conciliating politics and the leaderships of the unions. Therefore our main tasks are:To build the Party in the fire of the class struggle and closely linked with the massesTo intervene on the base of the concrete analysis of the concrete situation in order to get united with the vanguard proletarians and the and the mass movementsTo build and coordinate the base organization for a class unionTo establish ourselves amongst the youth in the banlieues to build the revolutionary organization of the youthTo bring support and leadership to struggles of the student, the migrants the squatters, etc.To struggle against the repression, developing campaigns and a mass proletarian Red Relief.At international level to support all the anti-imperialist struggles and the people’s wars.To give our contribution to the new unity of the communist parties on the basis of the proletarian internationalism and establishing the Marxism-Leninism- Maoism as the only path of the revolutionMaoist Communist Party of Italy

2 Responses to “May Day joint declaration statement by: Maoist Communist Party of Italy, Maoist Communist Party of France, Maoist Communist Party of Turkey”

  1. NM said

    Wooohhh!!! I understand you are not happy with the way things are going, but the way you are reacting is going to make your life more difficult and those of the people who follow.

    I have read about Communism and your ideas are more like those of terrorist those of a communist. Communism is a peoples collective movement. If you want to be a communist, create self-sustained communities of people. Help them improve their lives.

    Don’t create discontent amongst people and disturb India’s growth. Unless that is what you are benefiting from!

  2. Green Red said

    Now hold on brother NM,

    How many of the jungles have you gone through? how much of the Indian countryside you have visited? Did revolutionary communists start making water resources and try to raise the price of the rural workers?

    Until i had not heard the fact that over %70 of peoples of India are not in the cities, i was looking at Kerala as a good product of social democracy. But the more you study on India, the worse scenario you see people are facing everyday.

    You are talking about people’s growth. Could you please specify which people’s economy is growing?

    One of the most disturbing articles i read recently was of a person called G N Saibaba, who had written on SEZs called:

    Manufacturing Imperialism
    The political Economy of Special Economic Zones

    While presenting a broad history of India’s economy and its agricultural battles with the outsiders, among everything else it exposes the hunger for new real estate, as if government can justify further robbery of the few who rule such economic fiascos.

    Get a grip of reality friend NM, without revolution, future of the majority of peoples of India are certainly not good. How many times have the governments of Indian states that due to the money lenders’ mean and bloody nature that causes more misery and helplessness, new loans should be given without much interest? and how many times did they really do that? How many peoples are committing suicide in India these days?
    If the US (and other imperialist) agricultural subcidization had not reduced the price of agricultural products, like Cotton, whould people become as miserable as today they have become? Is that mere coincidence? What is, is. Capitalism and imperialism is getting deeper and deeper into the pockets and bodies and lands and souls of third world countries to continue living on their imaginary tops. You recall how Bush the father talked about Our Way of Living? If that living costs everybody else’s lives, then it is not the best way of living either. What good has in the last twenty years imperialism done to third world countries? And what sort of good things the Indian state had done to the peoples? Are Hindus kind to ex untouchables who find better hope in becoming christians and still they are killed and treated like pieces of dirt? Is that humanity? Did the so called communists such as Communist Party of India (Marxist) really serve the people? Or, for their interest killed and raped them? (for example the case of Nandigram)

    Before being an anti Naxalite, please, patiently re evaluate your humanism, and when you saw how murky your vision might have been, come back, let us shake each other’s hands, and start a solidarity movement for true revolutionaries.

    And if you ever found anybody more terrorist than the ruling classes in say the US or, India or even, China today for that matter, show them to me. But Indian Maoists? Much better than what’s been seen in the previous century in other socialist trials, they are serving the people.

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