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Italian Proletarian statement supporting peoples war in India

Posted by ajadhind on April 15, 2011

We, workers, temporary workers, unemployed, salute the struggle of the
Indian masses against the reactionary regime of India and imperialism
that supports it.

In India the masses struggle against the masters, who sack and exploit
them, against high prices, corruption and state terrorism, with huge
demonstrations and strikes, factory occupations, attacks against the
In India the government decided to sell the natural and human resources
to Western imperialist transnational companies and the owners of the new
monopolies of automobile and steel such as Tata, Essar, Jindal, Mittal,
etc. which draw profits from the uncontrolled exploitation of workers,
often women and children, profits that allow them to become purchasers
and shareholders of the big international monopolies in the sector, in
alliance with the western masters.

Against all this, Indian masses rise up and develop a people’s war led
by the party of the working class of India, the Communist Party of India

Against the rebel masses, the Indian government and imperialists
unleashed a repression, called “Green Hunt”, that is made of massacres,
summary executions, suppression of entire villages and sectors of the
population, to try sweep away what the masters of the world call “the
most serious internal threat and a danger to the international system”,
i.e. the people’s war that aims to establish the people’s power based on
the unity of workers and peasants, to overthrow the imperialists, the
bourgeoisie and the feudal classes.

The struggle for rights of workers and people, the struggle for jobs,
wages, better living conditions, the struggle for freedom and democracy,
the struggle to overthrow the power of the masters and for the power in
the hands of workers and the masses, is an international struggle that
unites us all over the world.

For this, we express the utmost solidarity with Indian masses, the party
leads them, for they reject the attacks of the enemy and advance to victory.

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Campaign in Italy in support of the People War In India

Posted by ajadhind on April 4, 2011

International Campaign in support of People’s War in India
The week of mobilizazion in Italy.

The international campaign in support of the People’s War in India serves the unity of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communist and revolutionary forces, internationally. It serves the regrouping of the international communist movement around the largest and most active people’s war, while those in Peru, Philippines etc. go on.
From the point of view of Maoism and people’s wars, the people’s war in India is at the heart of the current clash between revolution and counter-revolution.
That is why the attention of imperialism has increased, as well as the attention of its media.
The coming months we will reach an International Conference of support, that will gather many genuine revolutionary, internationalist and anti-imperialist forces in the world.
India can be the weak link of imperialism, right when it is trying to prevent the advancement of the revolution. The revolution in India helps to show the relevance of Maoism and communism.
That is why this campaign is very important.
We are like drops in the sea. This is the meaning of our work in Italy.
But the sea is made of many drops. Each advance of the revolutions in other countries is a drop in that sea, that turns into a sea of armed masses that can really change the face of the world.

The campaign in Italy

The 20th of March 20 a daily information activity has started, along with a widespread circulation of the call and posters.
We are preparing a slide-show and videos.
There will be not a major central initiative, but several initiatives to reach a significant number of people, workers, unemployed, temporary workers, students, women and immigrants.

The initiatives nationally announced will be:
– Meeting of workers and immigrants in Marghera, Venice on 2nd of April
– Demonstration at the University of Milan on 6th if April
– Demonstration of at the Academy of Arts, University of Palermo, on 7th of April, with students meeting and video
– Spread of leaflets and signature collecting of a support resolution amongst the workers of Ilva, Taranto, South Italy; Dalmine, Bergamo, North Italy; Fiat and Cantieri Navali, Palermo, Sicily
– Action at the Indian Consulate in Milan on 8th of April
– Meeting of support in Taranto on 5th of April
– Meeting of support in Palermo on 8th of April
– Meeting of support in Turin on 9th of April

30 March 2011
International Committee in Support of People’s War in India – Italy

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Maoist Communist Party of Italy second document : Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communists support the revolts of Arab masses

Posted by ajadhind on April 4, 2011

Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communists
support the revolts of Arab masses

In the revolt of the Arab masses, is especially seen the role as the protagonist of youth masses. The horizon of the ongoing uprisings is the overthrow of the regime in power, democratic freedoms, the improvement of living conditions. Workers are involved and share the objectives of these uprisings, they support them with strikes for their own demands, but they still neither express an autonomous overall position nor play a leading role. This means that the uprising  are currently led by two lines: one of the bourgeois-democratic forces, often pro-Western, one of opposition Islamist forces.
The partial victories they won with the fall of the regimes in Egypt and Tunisia and the weakening of other regimes in the Arab world, the Middle East and Persian Gulf, have been achieved thanks to the strength and the magnitude of the peoples movement and, on the other hand, thanks to the rift it has caused within the army and parts of regimes themselves. Yet, we see a change in the form of the ruling regimes, not of substance, or, in some cases, a temporary setback to prepare a restorer counter-offensive. The conservation and restoration of such regimes is the aim of Islamic fundamentalism as well as the intervention of imperialism of U.S., Europe and, within this, of Italy, which want to contibute, with the political action and the military intervention, to drive the transition in the furrow of imperialist interests in the region.
In this situation, the current uprisings will be not able to achieve their goals until they get rid of such hegemony and any illusion on those forces, internal to regimes, which passed on their side, i.e. the forces of Islamic fundamentalism, the forces that just want more Western-style democracy, and the U.S., French, Italian imperialists etc.
This is the real task of the communists and the labour movement, in order to transform the current democratic uprisings into New Democratic Revolutions in all the Arab world, North Africa and Persian Gulf. The new democratic revolutions in led by the communists and proletariat are the real alternative, the real enemy of all reactionary and imperialist forces. The uprisings brought a favourable condition for this development, starting from the workers struggles, that are growing in strength, finding a even more favourable ground.
There are similarities and differences between the regimes in the different countries, concerning the development of the rebellion and the participation of workers, as well as the way regimes are responding. These are issues that the Communists and progressive forces have to take into account, in their strategy, but also in their tactics. In particular, we have to look at the situation in Egypt and Libyan.
In Egypt we see a still solid regime, despite the important downfall of Mubarak. The power is in the hands of the army, that grants a continuity of rulers interests, security of imperialistic interests, the alliance with Israel, etc.. The democracy and social fairness promised by the military hierarchies in power will be never realized. On the contrary, the new rulers are preparing to prevent the revolt from resuming and developing. An underground war already goes on for this purpose, first against the forces of rebel youth and workers struggles. The new prop of the regime, “the party of conciliators”, is basically represented by Islamic fundamentalists, who have played a minor role in the uprising, but now, in the new space that the regime gives them, aims to play a stabilizing role. These forces are not and cannot be part of a united front aimed to realize the democratic and social demands put forward by the uprising.
In Libya, the regime relies on a full militarization of ideological and charismatic type. From being a positive factor, in the early colonial phase, long time ago it turned into a fascist dictatorship, subjected to and integrant part of the imperialist domination. Libya is a particular country: richest, with a centralized economy and massive use of immigrant labour. It is quite clear, therefore, that in this country, and the characteristics of the uprising, and the degree of participation of workers, and the solidity and the reaction of the regime, have taken different shapes and developments. Gaddafi responded to the uprising by turning it into a civil war. The Libyan masses should unite to defeat and topple the regime, but part of them relied on imperialists. First by interfering, then with the military intervention, imperialists play a direct role in resolving the ongoing civil war. Needed, now more than ever, a anti-imperialist patriotic united front.

Proletari comunisti supports the uprisings of people and youth and supports the struggling efforts of the working class, the reorganization in autonomous forms, trade union and political. We support the communists who in these countries, in the fire of class struggle and close link with the masses, will carry forward the New Democratic anti-imperialist revolution, by fighting imperialism, social-chauvinism and opportunism, false communist and false anti-imperialist positions in our country. Our task now is to give voice and information of the uprising, the youth, the workers, the communists and progressive people, and in particular of those are engaged for a new democratic revolution. We must oppose any “humanitarian”, military intervention of Italian, European, U.S. imperialism, because, anyway it looks like, it serves oil multinationals, the merchants of war, the geo-strategic control of the region and aims to suppress the rebellion and keep in power regimes against people.

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Maoist Communist Party of Italy on Libya – First Document

Posted by ajadhind on April 4, 2011

No to war against Libya!
proletarian internationalist national mobilization

Communist Workers – Pcm Italy denounces the imperialist intervention by the UN decision authorizing the bombing of Libya by the U.S., France, Great Britain, with a role in the forefront of Italy, with the provision of military bases, air and soldiers.
The reactionary regime, Gaddafi’s neocolonial can only be overthrown by the masses with the Libyan revolt, not imperialism which has so far claimed the first of Italian imperialism.
Those parts of the revolt against Gaddafi who have asked and now welcome the imperialist armed intervention, are at the service of imperialist interests in Libya is a tragic illusion that imperialism can bring freedom and democracy. Imperialism is always exploitation, robbery and oppression, and when reactionary supports dictators, and when he speaks of “democracy.”
The masses need a Libyan national united front for the anti-imperialist and anti Gaddafi autoderminazione national and social, for a Republic of New Democracy in the hands of the masses.
The Italian imperialism wants to ensure his involvement with the interests of the Italian masters, the multinational energy, the merchants of war, so far backed by Gaddafi and now want to defend with the direct intervention, whatever the outcome of the civil war in progress.
Once again, the Italian government and parliament under the auspices of Napolitano in the climate of the ‘Patriotic National Unity “in breach of Article 11 of the Constitution and participate in a reactionary and neo-colonial war.
The costs of this military intervention will once again be downloaded over the workers and the masses Italian. The South, and in particular the Puglia, Taranto and Gioia del Colle, and Sicily is used as a base and a war zone.
Workers Communist appeals to the workers, the masses, young people and the entire antiwar movement to the streets to say NO to imperialist intervention in Libya, to overthrow the government and every government of the belligerent parties supporting the intervention imperialist military, to reaffirm support for the Arab masses in revolt from the Persian Gulf to Libya, against reactionary regimes, dictatorial and unpopular – in Libya, represented by Gaddafi.

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Posted by ajadhind on December 2, 2010


Berlusconi in Italy and the whole most subversive and criminal right wing is trying to wipe out what remains of democratic rights and freedoms sanctioned by the Constitution born from the anti-fascist Resistance. They are trying to establish an authoritarian regime that implements the line dictated by Marchionne, the FIAT manager (“the struggle between masters and workers no longer exists, we must be united against the rest of the world”, he says), the racial laws, the new lager (Centers for Identification and Expulsion of immigrants), the politics of expulsions, the destruction of Roma camps, the curfews, the attacks to the people supporting migrants in struggle against racism and against the fake act of indemnity the State did. It is the line of the beatings, the arrests and the trials of people fighting to defend the country in which they live (in Susa Valley, fighting against the project of the High Speed Train, in Terzigno, against the opening of a new dump, in L’Aquila, devastated by the earthquake and still not rebuilt); of the State killings (Cucchi, Aldrovandi, Lanzi, Giuliani are the names that the struggle for the truth released, breaking the conspiracy of silence by the State); of the laws made to protect Berlusconi and his gangsters; of the impunity for perpetrators and instigators of the massacres of State; of the attempts to spike the “non-aligned” press and to get rid of troublesome journalists; of the restrictions on the right to strike, of the retaliation and attacks on unions that do not bend to the Plan FIAT-Marchionne, first and foremost on the Italian Federation of Metal Workers; of the militarization of territory and increased video surveillance; of the promotion of racist patrols; of the support and cover for the fascist groups such as Casa Pound, Forza Nuova, Fiamma Tricolore seeking to settle in the popular quarters to feed hatred and violence against the “different” people, racism and homophobia.
Along with unemployment, environmental destruction, racism, general deterioration of living conditions and social and cultural degradation, abuses, aggressions, violence, intimidation and threats are multiplying. There are multiplying as well the operations of infiltration and provocation that the regular and irregular security forces (fascists, infiltrators, spies, parallel polices, etc..) are ordered to do to quell the protest and rebellion of Italian and immigrant popular masses.
The struggle for “rights for everybody”, to “reclaim democracy”, to “fulfill the Constitution” is part of the struggle for not paying the crisis of the masters!
It is not enough to cry about the “democratic emergency“, we have to extend and strengthen the democratic watch! A first basic form of democratic watch is to denounce, unmask, and show faces and names of those “agents provocateurs ready for anything” that former president of the republic and member of the Gladio organization Kossiga indicated as a tool of the “democratic recipe”, and their instigators. In this way it will be possible to hamper and to prevent the beaters of the protesters, the torturers of Diaz and Bolzaneto barracks in Genoa during the G8 summit, the torturers of immigrants locked up in the Centers for Identification and Expulsion, the murderers of Carlo Giuliani, Stefano Cucchi, Federico Aldrovandi, the kidnappers of Abu Omar. We shall prevent them to continue to carry out their work getting off scot-free, protected by anonymity, and maybe even making careers for themselves.
It is a practical tool to block the road to authoritarian and subversive projects promoted by the reactionary right wing. It is an operation of democracy and transparency, which also concerns the part of security forces who does not want to lend themselves to the dirty work against the masses and Italian immigrants. It is a form of self defense for those who resist to the crisis and its effects.
Because of it we express our protest against the trial that the Public Prosecutor Morena Plazzi (of Prosecutor’s Office of Bologna) is trying to orchestrate against Angelo D’Arcangeli (Member of the National Direction of CARC Party), Vincenzo Cinque (national leader of Struggling Workers Union), Rosalba Romano (Association for Proletarian Solidarity), and Fabrizio Di Mauro, accused of having promoted the democratic watch and to have worked to show police officers’ faces by publishing photos on the site “Cop Hunt” realized by the(new) Italian Communist Party. We hope that the preliminary hearing that will be held on 22 December at the Court of Bologna will put an end to the repressive and intimidating stunt against those who fight to safeguard the conquests and democratic rights won by the Resistance and sanctioned by the Constitution.

We ask you to sign this call,
as organization, giving us name and addresses (e-mail or others),
as individuals, giving us name, surname, profession and addresses (e-mail or others)

The CARC Party
The Association for Proletarian Solidarity
The Struggling Workers Union

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From Italy to London – Red block Maoist Communist Party-Italy’s youth organization

Posted by ajadhind on December 2, 2010

The wind of rebellion from Greece to France comes to London
Red block Maoist Communist Party-Italy’s youth organization has learned with enthusiasm the news of the student revolt in London, and looks at it with great respect and spreading among the Italian students as a way forward.
The Government of Cameroon as well as all governments of the imperialist bourgeoisie, attacked the social status of workers’ rights of students and young people, faced a crisis created by the same capitalist system, governments choose to cut resources and the political and economic elites as political banks, corporations and owners revel in gold on the backs of workers.Faced with these anti-people measures that affect these different subjects, the teen angst of college students was the only flag of opposition against the government.
The British students have launched the loud and clear signal to government that they refuse to pay for the crisis of capital at the expense of the sacred right to education.The students even before the British workers and proletarians have had the courage to violate the prohibitions of the police and as one man were thrown against the symbols of political power and economic measures that have caused these anti-people: Westminster and the party headquarters of Tories, a member of the coalition government.
Legitimately students stormed the party headquarters of the head of the government sweeping powers of ruthless servants in uniform that could have nothing to stop the momentum of the student rebellion.At the moment Europe is like a huge prairie fire risk day after day to us is to trigger the spark: the revolt of the young rebels in Greece, the student revolts of 2008 in Italy and Spain, the recent general strikes in France threatened to cripple the country for a long time and now the great rebellion of British students bring a fresh wave of rebellion and a great example for young students and workers of all Europe and the world.we are engaged in the student movement in Italy for advancing now, after the great wave of the 2008 student movement, as well as quantity and quality especially radical. In front of the Gelmini reform that cut to 8 million with the immediate effect of layoffs of thousands of teachers and school workers, the risk of closure of many aetenei as well as the growing number of inefficiencies and inconvenience to students as overcrowding of classes and courses and so on.Italian students have much to learn from the students English, French and Greek and go straight to the goal: the Berlusconi government and the governments of all bosses.That is from Italy salute with enthusiasm the student protests of British students, which in Europe is raised against the piano students of Bologna and the governments of the masters.
Long live the rebellion of young workers and rebels
Long live the rebellion of students
To rebel is rightr
ed block italy
youth maoist organisation
directeb by PCm-Italynovember 2010

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INTERNATIONAL CALL: Support people’s war in India!

Posted by ajadhind on July 28, 2010

In India an impetuous people’s war against the Indian bourgeoisie and the imperialism is developing and spreading more and more in nearly one third of the districts of the country. It is not simply a guerilla waged by few thousands of fighters, coming from the castes and tribal areas of the country. It is a real people’s war, led by the Party of the proletariat of India, the Communist Party of India (Maoist), in which are involved – or is supported by – millions of poor peasants, women, “untouchables, ” fighting to free themselves and it has already took big areas throughout a dozen of states of the Indian Federation.

The people’s war began where the root of the riot, the poverty, the tribal and capitalistic exploitation, the caste oppression, the plundering of the natural resources were deeper and therefore the contradictions brought by the Indian capitalism ruled by the imperialism were sharper. Today this people’s war is winning masses of young people, students, democratic and revolutionary intellectuals also in the cities and gains attention and support over the world.

Against the people’s war, the Indian State, supported by the imperialists, launched a giant repressive offensive called “Green Hunt,” a real manhunt that hits the poor masses in India as animals to exterminate. The Indian State launched an internal military offensive against the people, waged by hi-tech-armed troops, police units and paramilitary militias, in order to spread terror and genocide in the villages, with raids, crop destroying, massive rapes and killings, selective murders, mass detentions and disappearing – like the recent genocide offensive occurred in Sri Lanka against the Tamil people and liberation movement.

All this with the illusion to drown in blood the struggle of the people for their liberation, with the silent/consent of the imperialist governments of US, Europe, Russia, and their mass-media. The crimes of the Indian State found the internal opposition of a wide front of intellectuals – including the prominent representative of the world anti-globalization movement, the writer Arundhati Roy. And in all countries of the world political activists denounced those crimes and mobilized to stop “Green Hunt.”

A world campaign of information and solidarity has been launched by ICAWPI (International Campaign Against War on the People in India). But we need more than the condemnation of the crimes of the counter-revolution in India. The masses led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) are writing a historical chapter of the class clash in the world between, on one side, the imperialism and the reactionary bourgeoisies and, on the other side, the proletariat and the people of the world. The development of the people’s war in India is a new proof that the revolution is the main tendency in the world today.

It shows again that Maoism, the Marxism-Leninism of our era, is the command and guide of the world revolution against the imperialism in crisis.

The vanguard proletarians must understand that the advance of the people’s war in India seriously questions the strength balance, not only in the South-Asian region but also on a world scale. That is why we, Maoist and revolutionary parties and organizations, launch a big campaign of support and call to form an International Committee of Support to organize conferences, meetings, demonstrations in various countries, particularly in the heart of the imperialist beast.

With people’s war in India towards the victory!

Maoist Communist Party – France
Maoist Communist Party – Italy
Maoist Communist Party – Turkey/North Kurdistan
Revolutionary Communist Party – Canada
Communist Party of India (ML) Naxalbari

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Campaign Wake Europe up to crimes of Indian State

Posted by ajadhind on January 27, 2010

Party of the Committees to Support Resistance – for Communism (CARC) – Italy

Via Tanaro, 7 – 20128 Milano – Tel/Fax 02.26306454

e-mail: – website:

National Direction – International Relations Department

Tel. +39 0226306454 – e-mail:


To Democracy and Class Struggle

And, for their information, to the other organizations and parties signatories of the campaign Wake Europe up to crimes of Indian State with Spring Thunder Europe 2010:

Maoist Communist Party of France,

(new)Italian Communist Party,

CARC Party (Italy),

Serve The People (Norway),

Co-ordination Committee of Revolutionary Communists of Britain,

Revolutionary Praxis – Britain.

WPRM Britain

And to all concerned parties and organizations

Dear comrades,

we congratulate you on launching the campaign Wake Europe up to crimes of Indian State with Spring Thunder Europe 2010. We invite other parties and organizations to join this campaign.

We propose the signatories constitute an International Coordination for promoting and spreading the campaign. We are thinking of something like the coordination promoting the campaign BDS (Boycotting-Disinvestment-Sanctions) against Israel (, or the one here in Italy promoting the campaign for mobilize immigrants and autochthonous on 1st March “A day without immigrants: 24 hours without us” (

We propose the International Coordination drafts a Call that every signatory will wide spread on international level and that everyone will translate and wide spread distribute in its own country. This Call should be addressed to Communists, vanguard workers, progressive and democratic people. It should shortly but effectively indicate 1. the objectives of the campaign, 2. the reasons why democratic and progressive people and Communists all over the world must demonstrate against the crimes of Indian Union government and against the war (the operation Green Hunt) it launched. We have to proclaim international solidarity with the targets of the criminal war launched by Indian Union government: the tribals (the Adivasis) and the Maoists. We have to indicate some main instruments of the campaign (conferences, local committees, articles and reports on newspapers, television, radio, Internet, initiatives as films, exhibitions, demonstrations, sit-in, etc.).

According to us, in this call we must describe the conditions of misery to which Indian Union government and British imperialism before it reduced Adivasis and backwardness and oppression they suffer more than 60 years after Indian Union independence on 1947, the expulsion of Adivasis from their territories the Indian Union and the federate State gave to the multinationals (nature, size and duration of ongoing operation, that is the source of Adivasis’ resistance, supported and promoted by Maoists), the destruction of (how many?) square kilometers of forest and following deterioration of the planet, the other wars Indian Union government is already waging for years in North Western and North Eastern India, US imperialists and Israeli Zionists’ role in Indian Union government’s criminal deeds, the merits of Maoists, already active in whole territory of Indian Union, who gave a progressive and effective direction to Adivasis’ resistance, etc. All these issues must be dealt synthetically but effectively in the Call.

We propose every one of the signatories indicate to the others 1. the instruments he has for the campaign (interviews, films, exhibitions, websites, blogs, etc.) and maybe the others can use, 2. the international contacts by which he thinks to extend the campaign, 3. the national initiatives (whom to contact for each organism, whom to mobilize, some public initiative we already are planning, etc.) he is going to promote (someway a first draft of campaign planning).

The CARC Party will publish an article on the issue on its monthly paper Resistenza. It is getting in touch with leaders of the movement defending human, civil and political rights in India and journalists in Italy for publishing interviews on Italian national newspapers.

It invites parties and organizations of the International Communist Movement to join the campaign. Particularly we invite to join it MLPD and KOE, which representatives participated in the meeting we held on the end of November 2007 in London, where many exponents of the international communist movement defined the lines of development of the campaign that there your organization Democracy and Class Struggle launched.

It proposes the coordination with the many initiatives already developing about the matter on European level. Firstly, we propose to contact ILPS that already launched an initiative of protest at La Hague, and plan to organize another one on March.

It proposes to invite an exponent of the movement of defense of human, political and civil rights of Indian people for a tour in many European nations.

It plans to deal with the matter in the international aggregations it participates in.

It plans to organize initiatives in coordination with other forces concerned or already operating here in Italy. First of all, the Proletarian Solidarity Association participates in the initiatives planned or to be planned, as it is particularly interested in the matter of repression and of political prisoners, as the repressive action of the Indian State is one of the cruelest and most barbaric of the whole world.

We also inform that the Anti-Imperialist Camp, whose Italian section we are in touch with, will send a delegation in India in the first days of February, as in next summer it plans to organize an intervention that gathers many people from our countries and sends them to India for some weeks in the areas the Indian Union government wants to attack.

This is a first draft of work plan s regards our Party on national and international level. We shall be glad to know as soon as possible what you think about our proposals.

With comradely greetings,

Paolo Babini

CARC Party – International Relations Department

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Italy against berlusconi government in the world (Maoist Communist Party Of Italy

Posted by ajadhind on December 7, 2009

Which is the political situation in our country and which our task now
particularly against Berlusconi’s government?
The owners and government unload the crisis on the workers and throughout
the country they announce sackings and closed factories.
The government helps banks, financiers and big industrialists, while they
further cut the social expenses for education, health care, fund for the
The government supports unproductive public projects, like the hi-speed
railway, nuclear power etc., while for the people the transportations,
environment and territories go to the ruin.
Wages are further reduced, workers are more and more poor, unemployed, and
precarious, the retired people fall in the indigence.
Rich people do not pay the crisis, they safeguard luxury and waste.
The owners and government are supported by the false parliamentary
opposition and the unions leaderships.
Let’s struggle and organize to defend our life and working conditions.
Let’s build a classist union in the hands of the workers.
Let’s develop the people’s struggle in the neighbourhoods and the streets.
However, the defence struggle is not enough, nor it can achieve a real
change and improvement.
We need a political and social battle against the government of the owners
and the parliament without opposition, to build the conditions for a
proletarian political revolution that will overthrow the power of the
bourgeoisie and establish the proletarian power.
The Berlusconi’s government marches toward a modern fascism, a police State,
an open dictatorship of the exploiting minority on the working and people’s
majority. They carry forward en electoral reform to absorb the fake
opposition and wipe out any true one. The media and the culture are
monopolized and enslaved to the propaganda and the interests of the ruling
class, its government and parties.
The law is changed to safeguard the bourgeois, the rulers, the corrupted
elements, first of all Berlusconi.
The cops who exercised the State violence in Genoa, Naples and elsewhere are
acquitted while the vanguards and the communists are repressed and
They want to change and cancel the democracy and the Constitution brought by
the antifascist Resistance. They want to forbid the demonstrations, to
restrict the right of strike and the freedom of thought, organization and
They propel the racism and the fascist organizations, they hide the police
brutality and illegalities and even the murders, or the judicial made up
charges against the genuine opposition.
We need to respond to all this, in every front and camp, developing the
united and mass organization, essentially from below.
More important, we need to re-build ideologically, politically and
organizationally the vanguard force of the proletariat and the people’s
masses, the communist party of new type, the highest form of organization
that the masses can realize, the necessary leadership to unite, struggle and
transform the current movement, producing, in the defence, the conditions
for the attack, able to stop the march of the modern fascism, the police
State, the open dictatorship and to build the conditions for a new
resistance, for a power and a society in the hands of the proletarians and
the masses, for a socialist society, toward the communism.
Let’s support and join all the initiatives of struggle and oppositions.


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Open Letter to the Politbureau of Communist Party of India (maoist)

Posted by ajadhind on July 13, 2009

Dear comrades,

On 20th May 2009 you sent an open letter to the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (maoist), where you invited the Maoist revolutionaries on the international level to participate in the debate about the strategy and tactics they have to carry out today in the world.

Quite rightly, the CPI(m) has a high prestige in the international communist movement. Therefore, probably your invitation will be accepted by many parties, organizations and individuals, and this will produce a turning point in the communist movement.

Our Party wish it. That is why we accept your invitation and in our turn we send you this open letter.


Deliberately we will not go deeply as regards the particular and concrete lines the UCPN(m) follows for carrying out the revolution for new democracy in Nepal. The successes the CPN(m) got in the ten years (1996-2006) of the war it carried out in the countryside and in the three years after the agreement with the “Seven Parties Alliance�Elead and must lead everybody to hold in high esteem the ability CPN has to carry out the revolution in its country.

Anyway, beyond this, only the party who concretely carries out the revolution in its country is able to apply Marxism-Leninism- Maoism to the particular and concrete conditions of its country. As a matter of fact, it is not only nor mainly a theoretical task (about understanding and interpreting conditions, forms and outcomes of the class struggle ongoing in that country). It is a practical task, concerning the transformation of the relation of strength between the classes.

On the other side, the Communists of the whole world are interested and have the competence in dealing with the laws ruling the development of the world imperialist system and the universal teachings the experience of 160 years of the communist movement and particularly the experience of the first wave of proletarian revolution and of the revolutionary struggles going on today all around the world, and in Nepal as well, give to us.

Today there are deep disagreements about these universal teachings also among the Maoist revolutionaries. So, a frank and open debate is necessary. It will contribute to the new birth of the communist movement in the world. It will give the Communists what they need for taking full advantage of the conditions in favour of the proletarian revolution created by the second general crisis of capitalism and, particularly, starting from the last year, by the terminal phase of this crisis.

Looking at the situation on the world level, it is a sure thing that for some decades (since about the Mid Seventies until now) the world imperialist system has gone in a new general crisis (economical, political, cultural) and that still today the communist forces and their direction over the popular masses are developing at a very much lower pace than the pace of development of capitalistic general crisis. In the imperialist countries and in many oppressed countries the resistance of the popular masses to the imperialist system and to its crisis is still with no direction or it is directed by no communist forces. The most resounding case is that of Arabian and Muslim countries (Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and others).

In this situation the communist parties that get victories in their country propose their particular lines as universal lines to the other communist parties. So the Communist Party of Peru did some years ago. So the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) does today. Some similar situations occurred in the past, when the Russian Communist Party carried out the October revolution and established the Soviet Union, when the Chinese Communist Party lead the revolution of new democracy to victory and constituted the People’s Republic of China, when revolution won in Cuba, in Vietnam, and elsewhere.


We have understood that it mainly regards the Communists of the countries where revolution still has not won, to learn from the more advanced parties. The ones who mainly try to copy, generally can hardly get anything. Lenin and Stalin many times admonished communist parties of the Communist International not to copy the Russians, but to learn from Russian revolution.

The more advanced communist parties do right trying to give the best of their experience to the other parties. But unavoidably they end up by more or less talking of themselves, talking in their country language. At the Fourth Congress of the Communist International (1922) Lenin acknowledged that the resolution about the organizational structure of the communist parties, on methods and contents of their work, voted the year before at the Third Congress, was completely right, even excellent, but not understandable and anyhow impracticable by the parties of the Communist International, as it was completely Russian, founded on Russian conditions and mentality. Not only it would remain a dead letter, but “with that resolution we did a serious mistake, we cut across our own path towards further successes�E Lenin said. Only leaders with a great personal experience of the international communist movement succeeded in elaborating by themselves from the many particular experiences universal laws and principles useful to the entire communist movement. Surely, collective debate and research in which parties and comrades from many countries participate, make easier to elaborate universal laws and principles from the particular experiences of different countries, so that everybody could learn what universal quality that particularity has. Such a debate is the most favourable context for doing this.


Why the pace of the new birth of the communist movement, considering the entire world, is so slow compared to the pace of the second general crisis of capitalism?

Because the greatest part of the communist parties and organizations still have not a strategy openly declared, elaborated from the experience of the first wave of proletarian revolution and consciously practiced for carrying out socialist revolution in their country. The greatest part of the parties of the imperialist countries are still largely acting blindly. Many of them apply lines and follow methods of work that the communist parties of their countries already followed during the first wave of proletarian revolution, without getting victory. The greatest part of the communist parties of the imperialist countries still have not taken stock of the struggles the communist party carried out in their country during the first wave of proletarian revolution. They do not even explain, firstly to themselves, why their forerunners did not succeed in establishing socialism in their country during the first wave of proletarian revolution.

It is a sure thing: which communist parties of the imperialist countries do openly declare a strategy for establishing socialism in their country and follow it consciously and systematically?


Guided by Marxism-Leninism- Maoism, from the experience of the first wave of proletarian revolution in the imperialist country and particularly in Italy, our Party has elaborated the strategy of protracted revolutionary people’s war, applied at the imperialist countries. We succeeded in doing it thanks to understanding some economical characteristics of imperialism, that is, mainly, the crises for absolute overproduction of capital and the Antithetic Forms of Social Unity, and some its political characteristics, mainly the regime of preventive counter revolution. These characteristics were not been rightly understood or valorised by the communist parties and by the Communist international during the first wave of proletarian revolution.

We explained our conception of the world, our outcome of the experience of the communist movement, our general line in the Manifesto Program of the Party, published in the spring of 2008 (you may find the English version of the work in the English section of the Eile (Edizioni in Lingue Estere) on the website http://www.nuovopci .it). Now we are systematically applying this strategy to the concrete conditions for making Italy a new socialist country and so contributing to the second wave of proletarian revolution. The victories the Communists get in other countries strengthen our struggle. They help us very much for even better understanding the situation and our tasks and also on the practical level. Sooner or later the victories we shall get will draw also the attention of the brother parties to the work we are carrying out. Then probably they will be able to learn something from us, so as we learn and learnt from others. The sooner this will happen, the sooner the new birth of the communist movement will speed up. That is why we are in favour of the open and frank debate on the international level. We support everybody who is trying to learn also from others�Eexperience. We participate in it with all the forces we have.


All the communist parties who call themselves Marxist-Leninist- Maoist or even only Marxist-Leninist share the thesis according to which in the last century the revisionists prevailed in the communist movement and took its direction. This is clear to everybody.

In consequence of this the first wave of proletarian revolution little by little lost its energy until it became exhausted. The first socialist countries decayed and finally or collapsed or changed in their contrary. Nearly all the communist parties formed during the first wave of the proletarian revolution degenerated and finally most of all disappeared or radically changed sides. All over the world the working class and the popular masses yielded to the counter offensive the bourgeoisie launched driven by the new general crisis of capitalism and lost most of the conquests they got during the first wave of proletarian revolution. These are facts that all the parties who call themselves Marxist-Leninist- Maoist or even only Marxist-Leninist acknowledge and declare.

But why did the revisionists prevail over the left wing of the communist movement?

The right answer to this question allows the Communists of the whole world to draw important lessons as regards the strategy and tactics they have to follow and strengthens the trust in the victory of proletarian revolution. On the contrary, many parties are content with ascertaining the facts: “they were the revisionists who temporarily won and got the direction of the international communist movement in the last decades�E

Revisionists�Evictory is surely temporary, but it was not at all an expected and unavoidable event. Revisionists were carriers of bourgeoisie and other reactionary classes�Einfluence in the communist movement. They were the right wing of the communist movement. Why did the right wing prevaile over the left one?

Mao taught us that it is not possible to prevent the bourgeoisie and the other reactionary classes, until they keep existing, from exercising some influence over the communist movement. On the other hand, during the first wave of proletarian revolution we have seen quite well that also the communist movement exercises some influence in bourgeoisie’s field.

Anyway, if it is not possible to eliminate the right wing, generally it is possible that the left wing prevents bourgeoisie and other reactionary classes�Einfluence from prevailing in the communist movement. It is possible that the left wing prevents the right wing from prevailing.

During the first wave of proletarian revolution, despite the great successes it got (the establishment of the first socialist countries that united a third of humanity, the destruction of the old colonial system, the great economical, political and cultural conquests of the working class and of the popular masses in the imperialist countries, the defeat of Nazi �EFascism) the left wing did not prevent the right wing from winning: after all the ruin of great part of the work built during the first wave of the proletarian revolution comes from this victory of the right wing. For the new birth of the communist movement and the victory of the second wave of proletarian revolution it is decisive to understand the reason why the left wing has not been able to prevent the victory of the right wing.


Today many of the communist parties who call themselves Marxist-Leninist and also those who call themselves Marxist-Leninist- Maoist did not give open and systematic answer to these questions. So they act prevalently blindly.

Many parties are content with imputing the degeneration and the following ruin of the first socialist countries to the infiltration and the subversion by the States and the agencies of the imperialist countries: “Western agencies infiltrated and subverted the countries of Eastern Europe and even the former Soviet Union�E Some add to this the degeneration of the members and particularly of the leaders of the communist parties in a bureaucratic, careerist and luxurious class.

In substance, the first ones attribute the prominence to the external over the internal causes. This means to consider the degeneration of the first socialist countries an exception to the law according to which the internal causes prevail over the external ones, so as it is in nature and in human history. Moreover, their conviction paralyzes the communist movement: what does grant us that imperialists�Einfiltration and subversion not ruin our work as they would have ruined it in the past?

In substance, the second ones add some moralistic feature (careerism, luxury, pleasure, etc.) to the old semi-anarchist and anticommunist Trotsky’s theory of Soviet Union bureaucratic degeneration. As a matter of fact the revisionists did not win because they would have been careerist, corrupted, addicted to pleasures and luxury. The right wing did not prevail over the left one in the communist movement, nearly all over the world, because men by nature, as soon as they can, would be careerist, corrupted, irresistibly attracted by pleasure and luxury. These are conceptions of priests. They are not conception worthy of Communists. Trotsky proposes again the anarchist conception according to which each leader is a despot, a profiteer, an exploiter. This is in contrast with the reality of the communist movement that highlighted (and highlights still today) thousands and hundred of thousands of leaders fully devoted to the cause of Communism.

With these anti-dialectical, semi clerical, and semi anarchist conception the Communists prevent themselves form understanding their own limits, because of which the left wing of the communist movement did not prevented the right wing from prevailing.

Firstly, they were limits of understanding conditions, forms and outcomes of class struggle. These limits of understanding on their turn generated limits in the practical struggle, prevented the left wing to carry on the class struggle effectively.

In order to carry out effectively the transformation of the present society in a communist society, in order to make the socialist revolution, after all it is necessary to understand enough rightly the world we are working in: in order to be the main promoter of the transformation of the present world, the communist party has to be its right interpreter.


If during the first wave of proletarian revolution, starting from a certain point on, the communist parties that were leading the first socialist countries did not give anymore solutions suited for the problems of growth of their countries and for the tasks related to their role of red bases of the proletarian revolution on the world level;

if during the first wave of proletarian revolution no communist party in the imperialist country elaborated a strategy suited for establishing socialism in its country;

if during the first wave of proletarian revolution many parties of the oppressed countries did not head the revolution of new democracy carrying out protracted revolutionary people’s wars;

all this shows the limits the world communist movement did not yet overcome and the limits it has to overcome. The limits of the cognitive process (and they regard also the left wing) come before the limits of dedication to the cause (characteristic of the right wing).

As regards the communist Party of our country (the old PCI), we see clearly that the main reason why Palmiro Togliatti (the main exponent of the right wing of old PCI) prevailed in the party was not its personal cleverness nor the mass inclination of PCI members. The main reason was that the exponents of the left wing (the main exponent of whom was Pietro Secchia) had not a strategy for establishing socialism in our country: they played by ear.

In order to advance every communist party has to single out and overcome the limits that prevented the victory of proletarian revolution in its country. The stock of the experience of the first wave of proletarian revolution, the stock of the experience of the first socialist countries, shortly the stock of the historical experience of the communist movement is indispensable for the new birth of the communist movement. It is an indispensable aspect of the debate about the strategy and tactics the Maoist revolutionaries has to follow for leading the second wave of the proletarian revolution to victory.


We wish the glorious Communist Party of India (maoist) will develop on this way the debate it launched with the open letter of 20th May 2009 to CPN(m)U and to which it invited the Maoist revolutionaries worldwide. Such a debate would mark a turning point within the communist movement, particularly in these months when the entire world is shaken by the final phase of the second general crisis of capitalism and the popular masses have to turn into some road for facing the situation.

Already now we offer our Manifesto Program for such a debate. In fact, with it we make available to all Communists the answers we have found to the questions above expressed. We wish they could be useful to the Communists of the entire world and we also trust that they could share them, enriching, completing and correcting them, if it will be necessary.


We wish an open answer and send revolutionary greetings to CPI (Maoist) Politbureau.


The Provisional Commission of Central Committee of (new)Italian Communist Party

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