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Posted by ajadhind on November 29, 2008

India Shooting

These incidents make me think of my violent pro-naxal ideas. However this article is not about my internal conflicts.

Mobile phones invented to speak. As technology advanced they built a camera in it so that we can capture our lovable memories with our family and friends. Unfortunately the same camera is increasingly used to record porn videos which are easily spread via MMS/bluetooth/ infrared. Whom to blame – THE MOBILE OR MOBILE USERS?

This is the time to stand against terrorism and not against any particular religion. If we stand against a particular religion in the name of antiterrorism for our religious concerns then a day will come in INDIA where the situation will be a replica of Afghan / Pakistan. Both Afghan and Pakistan which supported religious fundamentalism paid and are paying a heavy price when the fundamentalists took the power. If we support fundamentalists of any religion now we will have to pay a price for that in future.

One Response to “MUMBAI TERROR.”

  1. Jyoti A. Ghag said

    It’s disheartening to see terrorists gunning down the police and Military personal. And it’s more heartbreaking when their selfish, irresponsible superiors makes derogatory comments about these hero’s bravery. Government sends condolences and announces ( little) financial help for martyrs families and soon, Conveniently forgets their scarifies. We citizens use that as a capital, trash Government, leave comments like “ you are my Hero”. “3 hats of to you”. etc, etc
    How many of us actually think about the after effects of their old parent’s, their wives, husbands , daughters, sons who sacrifices their loved one for the country? Soon we get busy to provide our family and try to live happily ever after.

    I am interested helping those old parents, young students, heartbroken wives from Shahid Families who are in need. I am a granddaughter and daughter of 2nd World War veteran and late retired Mumbai Police officer. The hardship some time these families face in Corrupt Indian System is despicable. I was one of them till last year. And now I want to help them, educate them with their rights, want to assist them to led good life. I founded a NGO “ Shakti For Shahid- Indian Police & Veterans” based in Washington USA. Please help our NGO to reach these forgotten families.

    Jyoti Ghag.
    Washington USA

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