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Posted by ajadhind on November 23, 2008


In menasinahadya of koppa taluk, during firing practice by naxals a bullet entered into a woman’s leg. This proved the presence of armed revolution in the western ghats. The outside world became aware of the ‘Naxal Movement’ in Western Ghats of Karnataka.


Exchange of fire between naxals and police near Kudremukh in August month.

In November near Eedu village of Udupi district left wing activist Parvathi and Hajima from Raichur were killed by police in an encounter. As a revenge to this act naxals burnt the Forest Department’s Travellers Bungalow in Nemmaru, Shringeri taluk.


In Bukadibailu of Shringeri taluk face to face fight between the Naxals and police took place in August. Next month naxals abducted the head constable Muddappa who was giving protection to Magebailu Chandrashekar near kigga village of Shringeri. 13 naxals were involved in the act who took away the rifle from the constable and released him.

In the same month police attacked the naxals camp in Barkana falls near Agumbe. Naxals escaped the attack. Naxal literature and arms were procured by the police.

In last month naxals held a meeting with Bukadibailu Umesh and told him not to support BJP and Bajarangadal.


Bellary Ujjanigouda was arrested who was suspected to be involved in the abduction of Muddappa.

Febraury 6 was a sad day in the Naxal history of Karnataka and India. Naxal leader Saketrajan alias prem was killed in an encounter in Menasinahadya of Koppa taluk. His mate Shivalingu alias Arun was also killed. Police and government had the feeling that the death of Prem will weaken the naxal movement. But in contrast Naxal supporters increased within and outside the Ghats which strenghtened the movement. [ As a response to this 7 policemen were killed by hundreds of naxals in venkatammanahalli of pavagada, tumkur dt. Unfortunately one bus cleaner was also killed in the incident.]

Police informer Menasinahadya P.Sheshaih was killed by naxals in May.

Naxals Ajith Kusubi and Umesh were killed in June in Devarabalu village of Udupi district.

Near Hebri of Udupi District 7 police were injured by the explosion of hand grenade.

In November Naxals blasted a check post in Tanikodu of Shringeri. Same month suspected Naxalite Mallika was arrested in Shringeri.


Naxals burnt the offices, jeep of Forest department of Kerekatte, Shringeri.

Last month of this year Naxal youth Naravi Dinakar was killed in Keramudi near Kigga, Shringeri.


Congress leader Venkatesh was killed by Naxals. Event occured in Gandaghatta, Kigga.

In another unfortunate event Girijanas were killed by police for supporting the movement. Sundaresh, Ramegoudlu, Kaveramma were brutally killed by Police. They were killed for providing shelter to Naxal Goutham who was also killed in the incident. Parameshwar who was active in many democratic revolutions in Western Ghats was also killed. Death of Girijanas evoked a strong response against police and government amongst the local people. Police department which did not allow press people and local villagers to the crime site for a long period was strongly criticised.

In July Police said that ASI Venkatesh was killed by naxals near Agumbe. But Naxals refused this strongly. Later it came to light that Venkatesh was killed by police personnel confusing him as a naxal. However the final truth never came out and the whole case was closed.


Suspected naxal Krishna and Jagannath were arrested.

November 18th in Mavinahole near Kalasa of Chikmagalur district 3 naxal Manohar, Abhishek and Devaiah were killed in an encounter. Police Constable Guruprasad also died in the mishap.

On November 22 in Amasebailu Naxals have put a banner in the main road remembering the hard work of Manohar, Devaiah and Abhishek. This event is of importance since Minister Shobha Karandlaje visited the village yesterday. This brave act by naxals shows the depth of the armed movement in Western Ghats of Karnataka and also shows the support from the people for the mevement in this region.


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