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Maoists Destroy BSNL, RCom Facilities In Chhattisgarh

Posted by ajadhind on December 27, 2008

In two separate attacks, Maoist guerillas destroyed a tower of Reliance Communications (R-Com) and a telecom exchange of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) in the Kanker district of Chattisgarh.
The incident took place on Saturday night but the ‘officials’ could get the information only yesterday night, as the whole communication network crocked up in the region, after the attack.
Over 100 heavily-armed Maoists attacked BSNL communications at Kapsi, a sleepy village situated in the thickly forested pocket in Kanker region, about 300 km-south from Raipur.
In the same locality, they set on fire a Reliance (Communications) facility in another attack.
Kapsi is located in the region, which is an area of Maoist activity. Later the Maoists later set the exchange of state-run telecom major BSNL and tower of Reliance Communications on fire.
Officials also said that extra police forces were rushed to the Kapsi area, some 300 km south from Raipur, to launch an offensive against the Maoists to no avail.
Before slipping into the forest, the Maoists stayed in the village for over 3 hours with the people. While leaving the village, the Maoists cut two trees, which fell on the 33 KV main power supply line of the electricity board.
However, both the telecom companies refused to reveal the details of the loss and said an assessment was on. They were not even in a position to state when the service would be restored.
Sources also said that over 1,000 mobile subscribers and 200 telephone subscribers were affected by the attack, particularly the reactionary police and army who use mobiles to trace Maoist revolutionaries.

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Posted by ajadhind on December 27, 2008

MLA kills engineer.
AURAIYA: MK Gupta, the state government employee who was murdered, allegedly by a Bahujan Samaj Party MLA and his associates in Auraiya near Etawah in southwestern Uttar Pradesh, was subjected to electric shocks and brutally beaten up, causing a brain haemorrhage that proved fatal, his autopsy has revealed.
Gupta, an executive engineer in the public works department, was beaten to death, allegedly by local BSP legislator Shekhar Tiwari and his accomplices, after he supposedly refused to cough up a “huge sum” for the birthday celebration of Mayawati.She denied the charge and also rejected the opposition’s demand for a probe by the CBI.
“The executive engineer had 32 injuries on his body, including head injuries leading to brain haemorrhage and a fracture in his hand,” said Auraiya chief medical officer Dr Karan Singh, who led the panel of doctors that conducted the post-mortem.
He said the 48-year-old was beaten up badly and there were “signs of electric shocks being given to him by the assailants”.

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Posted by ajadhind on December 19, 2008

SEZ’s, private corridors what more for us? here is an example of what may happen when everything goes into hands of private capitalists.

Indias costliest toll road opened its gates here on Thursday, instantly triggering a wave of public and political anger at the high fee levied on motorists.
The toll booths put up by the Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise (NICE) on its 41-km Peripheral Road and 9.1 km Link Road loomed over the motorists, as if to proclaim: Pay heavy, No more free rides!Political leaders, irrespective of their party affiliations, agreed that the toll was very high and a heavy burden on the middle class people. For the Congress and the JD(S) leaders, the ruling BJP was to blame for the heavy tariff. BJP state president D V Sadananda Gowda said he would speak to the minister concerned.
Caught off guard by the new pay-and-use rule, motorists got stuck at the toll collection points, causing huge traffic jams. But what summed up the public mood was this lament by Palani, a truck driver from Krishnagiri who had been driving trucks for nearly 29 years: “They have charged me Rs 145 for a distance of 30 kilometre from Nelamangala to Hosur Road. Is this fair?”The traffic pile-up had begun early on Thursday morning. Vehicles from Kanakapura road, Bannerghatta road moving towards Mysore Road and those from Hosur Road, Tumkur Road heading towards Mysore Road were caught in the chaos. Yet, despite paying a heavy toll, it was not a smooth ride for commuters who had to endure the rugged, incomplete patch of dirt roads on the NICE road.On the first day of the toll collection, the Nandi Economic Corridor Enterprise (NECE), a sub-division of NICE, was in active mode. It was exclusively commissioned for the collection of the fee, besides operation and maintenance of the toll gates.Ashok Kheny, Managing Director, NICE, had his defence ready to a query on the high toll: “The tariff for the BMIC was informed to the State government and a gazette notification was issued as early as 2000.Since then the toll has been the same. Anything I do, I do it legally and I never break the law,” he told Deccan Herald.But he could be in for more trouble since the JD(S) has responded to the toll in strong words. As the party’s state president and former chief minister H D Kumaraswamy put it, the JD(S) struggle against the company will continue. Here’s what JD(S) national president H D Deve Gowda had to say: “All I can say is that NICE has the complete support of Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa in imposing a heavy toll on the people.”n NICE toll much higher than NH user fee,

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Maoists attack police station in Andhra Pradesh

Posted by ajadhind on December 19, 2008

December 17th, 2008 –
Hyderabad, Dec 17th Maoist guerrillas attacked a police station in Andhra Pradesh’s Nalgonda district in the early hours of Wednesday, injuring a constable, the police said. Between 10 to 12 members of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) led Peoples Army attacked Mellacheruvu police station and adjoining residential quarters of policemen in Kodad mandal of Nalgonda district, about 150 km here.
Sheikh Kareem, a police constable, was injured in the exchange of fire which lasted about 40 minutes, he told reporters.
The attack in Nalgonda, the home district of Home Minister K. Jana Reddy, came amid intelligence reports that Maoists were regrouping to launch surprise attacks before the elections, scheduled to be held in March-April next year.
The guerrillas have carried out some major attacks on police stations in the last one decade.
The last major attack on policemen took place in Orissa near the Andhra border when Maoists ambushed and sunk a police boat in a reservoir killing 38 personnel of Greyhounds, the elite anti-Maoist force of Andhra Pradesh. They were returning to the state after a joint operation in Orissa.

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On Monday 15 December thousands of secondary education pupils demonstrated for hours in front of the Athens’ Police General Headquarters their anger for the murder of Alexis and for the government’s attempts to “balance” it with the “destruction” provoked during the ongoing revolt. The youth offered flowers to the Special Forces; when the police “responded” with globs and then chemicals, the youth threw plastic water bottles and bags full of flour and paint against them.

Posted by ajadhind on December 19, 2008

On Monday 15 December thousands of secondary education pupils demonstrated for hours in front of the Athens’ Police General Headquarters their anger for the murder of Alexis and for the government’s attempts to “balance” it with the “destruction” provoked during the ongoing revolt. The youth offered flowers to the Special Forces; when the police “responded” with globs and then chemicals, the youth threw plastic water bottles and bags full of flour and paint against them. 


Actually all over Greece 600 secondary education schools (350 in Athens) and 150 university faculties and technical colleges are under occupation, following resolutions of the Students’ General Assemblies. The students organize daily protests outside police stations and public buildings in dozens of cities, often with the participation of teachers, parents and of members of the Left organizations. They also block roads and highways, as well as train and tramway stations. New clashes broke out with the police on Tuesday 16 December when the Special Forces attacked a peaceful music and dance happening in the centre of Athens.


The government tries to terrorize the youth with fierce repression, including hundreds of arrested pupils, often physically abused during arrest and in police stations. Many of them are accused on the basis of the “anti-terrorist” legislation and thus threatened with heavy sentences without possibility of appeal. For this reason on Tuesday evening dozens of activists managed to enter the studios of the state television, while it was showing a speech of Prime-minister K. Karamanlis; for more than 1 minute the state TV showed the youth raising banners in favor of the immediate liberation of the arrested militants and students.


While we are writing these lines (morning of Wednesday 17 December) hundreds of students gather already in front of the Court of Justice in Athens, in solidarity with their arrested comrades. Also, a large group of precarious workers have now peacefully occupied the headquarters of the Labor Confederation, protesting the refusal of the trade-union bureaucrats to declare a General Strike for tomorrow (day of action and new central demonstrations called by the students and the teachers). Simultaneously, dozens of local actions are taking place in many neighborhoods and cities, with the participation of thousands of youth.


The Communist Organization of Greece campaigns intensively all over the country, calling the youth and the people to participate en masse in the combative mobilizations until we chase away this government. For this reason a new, second national leaflet of KOE is distributed again in dozens of thousands of copies in 35 cities. All the forces of the Coalition of Radical Left resist resolutely the coordinated calumniating attacks of the “block of law and order” composed by the extreme right-wing, the government, the mainstream Media, the “socialist” opposition and the KKE. The Radical Left supports the occupations and calls for General Strike and new popular demonstrations.


Down with this government of thieves and murderers!

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5th Statement of the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) – We shall not yield to the criminal government!

Posted by ajadhind on December 15, 2008

Friday, December 12,

5th Statement of the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE)

11 December 2008


We shall not yield to the criminal government!

The “unholy alliance” of “law and order” cannot stop the protest!


1. On Thursday 11 December 2008 dozens of thousands of youth got again out in the streets and demonstrated their rage, marching against the police stations all over Greece. In Athens only, 21 police stations have been besieged by the youth, who replied to the police attacks with stones, turned upside down many police vehicles and burned them. These are not “rioters with masks”, but school students who protest the murder of Alexis and the government policies, which kill their future. Thousands of people stand by their side: their parents, their teachers, the militants of the Left. In many cases, the people raise and stand in front of the Special Forces, protecting the youth, resisting the police attacks, even liberating from the hands of the police the arrested demonstrators.


2. Hundreds of schools, technical colleges and universities all over the country are already under occupation. The “Communist Party of Greece” (KKE), which now became openly the right hand of the criminal government, failed to stop the General Assemblies of students. The shameful and pitiful attempt of these “uncompromised communists” to forbid, during the morning of Thursday, the entrance of students in the universities, met with the anger of the youth and within hours they were obliged to retreat in panic. The youth decided to organize new central demonstrations all over Greece this Friday 12 December, rejecting the “responsible” attitude of KKE and of the “socialist” PASOK, who also made an official appeal “for calm and dignity (!), against occupations and uncontrolled demonstrations” .


3. In these critical moments, the “unholy alliance” of “law and order” takes shape, the composition of the two opposite camps gets clear. On the side of the “order” stand the big bourgeoisie and the government of Karamanlis, with their employees: the mainstream Media, the police, the gangs of “angry citizens who protect their property” (composed by extreme right-wing cadres of the government party and by neonazis). Hand in hand with them goes the supposed “opposition”: the “socialists” of PASOK and the “communists” of KKE, with their calls for “responsible attitude” and their open, calumniating attacks against the Radical Left. This “opposition” receives the congratulations of the government and of the establishment, who is only very happy to repeat again and again their accusations against the Coalition of Radical Left. Even the leader of the extreme right-wing party LAOS accused A. Alavanos, head of the Parliamentary Group of SYRIZA, that he “protects the rioters” adding: “It is not me who says that, Mr Alavanos. It is your kindred spirits from the KKE who affirm that”.


4. On the other side, the camp of the movement is composed by the revolted youth and by the forces of the Coalition of Radical Left and other left organizations, those of the extra-parliamentari an Left. The combativity of the youth and the work of the communist current within the Coalition, represented by the Communist Organization of Greece, have until now succeeded to keep this alliance within the protest and armed it with a correct demand: “This government must go!”. The position of our Organization is crystal-clear: We participate to the revolt with all our forces. We learn by the revolt and we try to develop it further and arm it with the necessary perspective.


5. The blocks of KOE in all the demonstrations were combative and did not retreat in front of the police attacks, which in many cases were targeted directly against us. KOE is in many cities the initiator of the struggle and its members play an active role in its organization. In Patra, the contribution of KOE in the uprising of the school students was decisive. In Kavala, the local organization of KOE leads the protest against the repression and the government – to the point that the mayor of this city accused KOE as “instigator of the riots”. All over Creta the organizations of KOE excelled, and especially in Heraklio, where our Organization plays a leading role in the occupation of the Prefecture’s building. The same goes for other cities all over Greece. Also, KOE has produced last Tuesday a 4-pages leaflet under the general slogan “It is right to rebel” and distributed it in dozens of thousands of copies in 35 cities. The Communist Organization of Greece will continue with all its forces to advance towards the escalation of the struggle, aiming at throwing down the government of criminals, the government of the rich, the government of anti-people policy and corruption.


It is right to rebel!

Down with the criminal government of Karamanlis!

Exemplary punishment of the murderers!

Disarm the police – Dissolve the special “anti-riot” forces!


Communist Organization of Greece / Kommounistiki Organosi Elladas (KOE)
International Relations Department

Email: laokratia@yahoo. com * aristera@tellas. com
Web: * In English: international.

Post address: Newspaper “Left!” * Isaia Salonon 6 * 11475 Athens, Greece
Phone: +30 210 6441745 * Fax: +30 210 6430024

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Posted by ajadhind on December 15, 2008

If you are a medical student or if you have any medical friends then you will understand the difficulty in getting a postgraduate seat. For example in karnataka about 15,000 students will appear for the CET for PG seats per year. Guess the total number of seats – 500 to 600!! The competition is still more in all india level exams. 5 1/2 years of MBBS plus min 2 years to enter PG course plus 3/2 years for PG course. We will be dependent on our parents almost upto 30th year of our life!!

200 students got seat after years of hardwork through second round of KCET conducted by RGUHS on july 10th and admission to college by july 13th. They worked for about 6 months in their colleges. Now their PG seat is in dilemma. Reason – mistake and carelessness by the university. Previously there was an order by Supreme court stating that all admission procedures of the academic year should be completed by july 10th[ students came to know about this now].

But the counselling was done on july 10th by the universitywhich already knew the rules. The RGUHS did not have the courtesy to inform students about this at counselling time. Now the medical council of india has sent notice to all the colleges to remove these students from college.

Rguhs when approached by students said that its difficult for them to go against medical council and adviced[? !!] students to go to a good lawyer and fight the case in court. Now the students have to fight against the ruling of Supreme Court……………. chances of winning QUESTIONABLE.

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Posted by ajadhind on December 6, 2008

Challo Delhi! Challo Delhi!! Challo Delhi!!!

Why Crores of Farmers in an Agriculture Dominated Country are submerged in Debt?

Why Lakhs of Farmers are forced to Suicide?

We want Reply from the Indian Government!

Dear Friends,

Our country is considered as agriculture dominated country. But over last 50 years our rulers has destroyed our agriculture under a deep rooted conspiracy. Instead of encouraging self-reliant agriculture they have promoted pro-capitalist- imperialist agriculture policy. Firstly, they humiliated peasants and agriculture workers by declaring agricultural activity as un-skilled lobour. Their entitlement of labour was devalued and by curtailing their entitlement, capital was accumulated for industrial and urban development. For the workers of state and organized sectors, policy of `one earner in one family’ was followed, but the people associated with agricultural farming and unorganized sector were denied this basic human and constitutional right. Consequently, gap between urban-rural areas and organized-unorganiz ed sectors became wider; there by socio-economic inequalities unimaginably increased.

During last six decades, different political parties and their alliances came into power and promised for land reforms, but even today most of the agricultural lands are still under the grab of landlords. In the name of rural developments, successes of white, blue, yellow and other revolutions were claimed, but in reality all governments have ignored and destroyed agricultural sector. Whatever agricultural policies they followed, have further ruined the agriculture of the whole country. On the one hand cost of agriculture inputs rose drastically and on the other there was no any significant increase in the prices of agricultural produces. So, agriculture has converted into a profession of deficit. Consequently, agriculture growth rate got badly affected and contribution of agriculture in GDP slashed down drastically. In 1947 contribution of agriculture in GDP was almost 65%, today it has fallen down even below 17%. According to an estimate of National Agricultural Commission and Vision 2020, this share will get down to 6% by the year 2020, while dependence of population over agriculture will still remain up to 60%.

Similarly, the availability of food grains in our country is also decreasing continuously. In 1991 there was 177 kg. of food grains available per head, today it has reduced to about 150 kg. Only. Currently, in average 50% peasants of our country are under debt trap. In states like Punjab and Andhra Pradesh 80% peasants/farmers are under debt. In our country laws related to agricultural debts are very stringent and peasants are bound to pay compound interest and even more than that of the principal amount. In case if they are unable to pay back the loans, their property is confiscated as a penalty and further they are badly humiliated behind the `Civil Jails’. Due to all these systemic cruelties, today the food-provider of our country is forced to face hunger and to commit suicide. According to government estimation approximately 1.5 lacks of peasants have committed suicides during last 15 years. Recently, central government has announced some increments in support prices of agricultural produces and remitted of some institutional loans, but even than their destitute and cases of suicide have not halted.

The condition of landless and agricultural labourers who play important role in agricultural farming is also much worrisome. As promised by the various governments, they have not been provided either agricultural lands or minimum wages. Till today, no central wage act has been framed for these unorganized agricultural labourers and so-called Employment Guarantee Scheme has become irrelevant due to wide scale corruption and favoritism.

By the implementation of the policies of globalization, liberalization, and privatization and by entering into WTO, capitalist-imperial ist intervention and plunder have increased in our agriculture sector too. During the era of Green Revolution, new seeds, developed techniques and use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides were promoted, but now lacks of acre of agricultural land is being given to big multinational companies for building Special Economic Zones and mega projects, as well as in the name of diversification and export-oriented agriculture. For the benefits of these companies new provisions of `contract labour’ and `corporate agriculture’ has been incorporated in National Agriculture Policy. Very recently, for making organic fuel cultivation of Jetropha is being stressed. Many multinational companies are being invited for agricultural research and they have been permitted to produce genetically modified seeds, which are harmful for health and environment.

Under the guidance of WTO, Indian government has drastically reformed internal market policy, exim policy as well as procurement policy in favor of multi-national companies. They have removed quantitative restrictions and curtailed down tariff rates. Consequently, large quantity of food grains and other eatables are being imported. There has been massive penetration of big domestic and foreign companies in the areas of grain procurement, food processing, retailing, bulk trading and storage. The government has established Commodity Exchange for them, so that they could make huge profits by speculation and future trading of agricultural produces. In this way, our agriculture, which is the single source of the survival of our large part of people, are being transferred into the hands of domestic and foreign companies.

In this situation, it is the duty of all the communities involved in agriculture, and also of their organisations to organize massive mass movement against anti-farmer- anti-worker policies of the government. The Farmer-Worker Rally is being organised only with this very aim. We call upon all the pro-people organisations, specially farmer-worker organization, to make this Joint Rally successful by actively participating in it in a massive way.


1. Impart agriculture a status of skilled work and determine the equitable entitlement of peasants and agricultural workers

2. Fix remunerative prices for all the agriculture produces. Involve farmers’ representatives while deciding the Support Prices, and strengthen, democratize and widen the government procurement system.

3. Implement vigorously all the land reform laws on the basis of `land to the tillers’.

4. Include right to work in fundamental rights and provide employment to all needy people.

5. Stop corruption in Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme; guarantee 365 day work under this Scheme and fix the wage at Rs.150 per day.

6. Increase the Minimum Wage rates for agriculture workers and make concrete arrangement for its implementation.

7. Abolish anti-farmer – anti-agriculture worker National Agriculture Policy, Patent Act, Seed Bill, SEZ Act and other Acts.

8. Throw out multi-national companies from agriculture sector.

9. Stop contract farming, corporate farming and future trading of agricultural products.

10. Ensure agriculture loans for the farmers, maximum at the rate of 4% per annum on simple interest. Abolish the system of compound interest and punish those who have recovered interests more than that of the principal.

11. Ban the seizure of property, civil jail and other humiliating punishments, given to the farmers who are unable to pay their loans.

12. Compensate properly to the families of peasants who have committed suicide due to the burden of debts and losses in agriculture.

13. Ensure at least 15% amount of total plan expenditures for agriculture sector and make arrangement of fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, irrigation, electricity and agricultural instruments at reasonable rates.

14. Take effective steps to counter calamities like flood, drought and insect attacks. Implement the crop insurance policy strictly in all states and areas, and provide proper compensation of crops affected by various calamities.

15. Ensure proper arrangements of education, medical facilities, water, electricity, latrines and other public facilities in rural areas.

16. Ban the production, sales and cultivation of Genetically Modified seeds with immediate effect.

17. Expand and consolidate the Public Distribution System and make arrangement of providing grains to all needy families at subsidised rates.

18. Give proper attention to agriculture science and research and revoke the “Agriculture Research and Knowledge Initiative” agreement with the USA forthwith.

19. Guarantee the safety of Adivasis’ and forest dwellers’ right over forest and land. Stop displacement in the name of development.

20. Stop making amendments in land laws in order to handover lands to Special Economic Zones and mega projects. Ban the purchase of agriculture lands by the rich persons, who are involved in non-agricultural businesses.

21. Guarantee the right of people on water, forest and land.

22. Come out of World Trade Organisation.

23. Stop importing grain and other agriculture produces. Stop the sale of Pepsi-Coca like harmful drinks.

24. Stop corruption and price rise.

25. Stop state repression on farmer-agriculture worker movements. Repeal all the cases related with farmer-agriculture worker movements, and release unconditionally, all the arrested farmer leaders and activists.


Sub-committee on Agrarian Crisis


Participating Organisations:

B.K.U. (Ekta), Punjab, B.K.U.(Krantikari) , Punjab, Bhoomiheen Kisan Sangharash Samiti, UP, Mukti Vahini, Mainpuri, (UP), BKU, UP (Harpal Singh), BKU, Haryana (Fateh Singh Arya), Jan Mukti Morcha, Ajamgarh, (UP), Kisan Sangram Samiti, UP, Mazdoor Kisan Ekata Manch, UP, Bihar Kisan Samiti, Janwadi Mazdoor Kisan Sabha, Bihar, Janwadi Mazdoor Kisan Sabha, Jharkhand, Bhartiya Krantikari Jan Morcha, UP, Shkhawati Kisan Manch, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh Rythu Coolie Sangham (B. Satyanarayana) , Andhra Pradesh Rythu Coolie Sangham (M.V.Reddy), Andhra Pradesh Rythu Coolie Sangham(Ramesh) , Telangana Raitanga Samiti, Rayalseema Nikara Jalala Porata Committee, AP and

Kirti Bhatta Majdur Union, Punjab

Printed and Published on behalf of Rally Organizing Committee by Dr. Darshan Pal, H.No.900, Adarsh Colony, Patiala, Punjab

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Indian Mine workers support Maoist Revolutionaries

Posted by ajadhind on December 6, 2008

Lucknow, Dec 3rd 2008  The explosives meant for mining activities in Uttar Pradesh are being diverted by Workers to Maoist Revolutionaries to carry out strikes in the other states, it is revealed.

“A large number of explosives from the Maoist districts of Chandauli, Mirzapur and Sonbhadra and other parts of the state have revealed that the Maoists have strong roots with the people involved in mining activities to carry out strikes in other states,” stated a reliable source.

Citing ‘official figures’ of the police department, our reliable source said this year till November, 34,348 detonators, 3,226 electric detonators, 700 kgs explosive, 43 gelatin rods, 1,883 safety fuses, 32.76 tonnes ammonium nitrate and 200 explosive rods were seized from different parts of the state.

Interestingly, most of this activity is from Chandauli, Mirzapur and Sonebhadra districts, which are strong Maoists areas and also known for mining activities.

While 30,000 detonators and 3,100 electric detonators were seized from Chandauli alone, over 32 tonnes ammonium nitrate, 54 detonators and 20 electronic detonators were from Sonebhadra, adding that in Mirzapur 2.6 quintal ammonium nitrate, 1,373 detonators, 100 electric detonators were seized this year.

Besides these districts, seizures were also made from Allahabad, Bahraich, Mahoba, Mugalsarai and Balrampur.

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The cop who knew no fear

Posted by ajadhind on December 6, 2008

Mumbai: Catching alive a terrorist on a suicide mission is almost impossible. The Maharashtra Police have to thank Assistant Sub-Inspector Tukaram Gopal Omble, 48, for that.

Ajmal Ameer Kasab, the Pakistani-born terrorist, was arrested because Omble, a beat marshal in Girgaum Chowpatty, held onto the terrorist’s gun and let his body get riddled by the bullets.

When the two terrorists, Kasab and Abu Dera Ismail Khan, sped off in a Skoda Laura after abandoning the police vehicle they carjacked after killing senior police officers, the police team at Girgaum Chowpaty had got the message.

Assistant Police Inspector Hemant Bavdhankar of D B Nagar Police station said: “Moments later, we saw a car matching the description (in the message) slowing down at a distance of around 50 feet from us. As the vehicle tried to take a U-turn, it hit the divider.”

The terrorists turned on the lights full beam and the wipers, squirting water on the windshield to hide their faces. Told by police to step out with hands up, Kasab obeyed but hid his gun. When he started firing, Omble grabbed the barrel of the gun. Kasab kept firing and Omble took the bullets. He collapsed but did not let go of Kasab and the gun. That gave others in the team, who had already shot Khan, time to overpower Kasab.

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