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I began revolution with 82 men.

Posted by ajadhind on February 24, 2008


New Delhi: Cuban President and Commander-in-chief Fidel Castro has resigned.
“I began revolution with 82 men. If I had to do it again, I had to do it with 10 or 15 and absolute faith. It does not matter how small you are if you have faith and plan of action,” says Castro.
Fidel Elahandro Castro had both and a third attribute and perseverance.
On January 6, 1959, Castro walked into Havana, the Cuban capital unopposed. Hundreds had assembled there to hear him speak. It was the beginning of a long inning.
Two years later, Castro declared himself to be a Marxist/Lennonist.
The Soviet Union soon started deploying nuclear missiles on Cuban soil. This brought the world to the brink of a Nuclear War.
The crisis ended only after Soviet leader Nikita Cruz Chev agreed to withdraw the missiles.
By now his belligerently anti US stunts made him the number one enemy of the USA. The hate was mutual.
According to the Cuban government, the CIA has tried to assassinate Castro, no less than 600 times.
With the loss of Castro’s old trading partners and the continued US trade embargo, the Cuban economy went into a steep decline.
Cuba under Castro’s rule however, has made many impressive strides.
The country has 98 per cent literacy. In the last few years, Castro’s health had become an issue.
In 2001, Castro fell ill during the two-hour nationally broadcast speech. Shortly after the incident, Castro appointed his brother Raoul as his successor.
History might ask the question if he overstayed in power. But all said Castro will be remembered forever for his struggle against the capitalist US and as some might say, his long speeches and cigars.

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