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Posted by ajadhind on February 16, 2008

PM Manmohan Singh’s visit to Arunachal pradesh has concerned China!!!! Our Pm’s visit to Arunachalpradesh should concern Indians because after a long gap Indian PM has visited that state.
China speaks about AP, Pakistan about Kashmir [ though we call Kashmir as ours part of it is called as POK- Pakistan occupied Kashmir] , they don’t want a solution even Indian politicians don’t want to solve it – the state centiments are used for elections. More than these America never wants these issues to get solved , it it solves who will purchase their weapons.!!

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China Vs India, SEZs Comparison and Review

Posted by ajadhind on February 16, 2008


-> SEZ’s in China.
The Chinese started their liberalization and industrialization with the formation of SEZs in late 70s and early 80s. Unlike India, where SEZ is being incorporated 15 years after the start of liberalization process.China had a Master Plan and an economic framework on how to build and proceed with SEZs, most probably inspired by the success of Asian Trading Hub, Hong Kong. The Dragons started building massive cities for manufacturing and industrialization under their SEZ framework. Dragons also rolled out red carpet for foreign companies to build and operate from these SEZs. If you look at the Map on your left, China has only 5 SEZs, India has approved 200 and still counting. All the Chinese SEZs are located along the coast line. Indian SEZs are mostly concentrated near major cities and more than half are being developed by Real Estate Companies in order to make a quick buck by grabbing land at cheap prices under SEZ land acquisition act which is a scam in itself. KPMG India, Tax Head, Sudhir Kapadia said, “They(Chinese SEZs) are close to ports and trade nations like Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. A lot of thought has gone into the location of these SEZs. “Dragon SEZ blueprint says, Size Matters for SEZ. Shenzhen is the largest SEZ in China and is spread over 493 Sq Kms.(49,300 hectares). While the largest SEZ in India, Reliance – Navi Mumbai and Maha Mumbai SEZ, is mere 14,000 hectares. Exports from Shenzen SEZ reached $100 Billion in 2005. Total Chinese exports for 2005 was around $700 Billion which implies Shenzen contributed 15% of Chinese exports.Chinese SEZ initiative is government driven, Indian SEZs are driven by private sector.

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Naxal killed in an encounter.

Posted by ajadhind on February 16, 2008

VIZIANAGARAM 16 feb: A naxalite was shot dead in an alleged encounter in the agency area of Parvathipuram mandal of Vizianagaram district on Thursday night. A special party police combing the area came across a dalam near a hillock between Lopavalasa and Kothavalasa villages. The Maoists allegedly fired on the police. In retaliation, the police opened fire. While three members of the dalam fled into the nearby forests, one Maoist was killed who was later identified as Kundeep Rukdar alias Sudhir (30). He was a member of the Malkangiri divisional committee in Orissa.

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Interview with Comrade Sonu

Posted by ajadhind on February 16, 2008

From an undisclosed location in Chhattisgarh: The Communist Party of India (Maoist) and its People’s Liberation Guerilla Army are gearing up to meet the strongest possible offensive from the Indian state in Chhattisgarh.
In an exclusive interview to CNN-IBN, a key member of the Maoist organisation has accepted that the Maoists are being cornered and survival is now an issue as security forces are mounting a strong pressure on them.
The Maoists, however, claim they are preparing for a long-drawn battle against the security forces. They call it teer khale jung
It was an interview organized by the Maoists to send out a message to the Prime Minister and the state. And it took a 10-day trek to reach the Maoist heartland.
Walking with an armed escort, this correspondent managed to meet Comrade Sonu, the Number Two in the politburo of Communist Party of India (Maoist) after Ganpathi.
First, Comrade Sonu admitted to the presence of Naxals in Nandigram.
“Yes, we are in Nandigram, we have worked there. But the people themselves are fighting there. We have just joined them to fight the CPI-M goons,” Comrade Sonu reveals.
Explaining his party’s opposition to SEZs, Comrade Sonu says: “There are 432 SEZs all over India. The Central and State governments are giving our land to multinationals. Many laws are being changed. So the people are opposing it. We are also opposing it.”
Asked about the wrong tactics adopted by his party in Andhra Pradesh, he says: “Actually we have had setbacks in Andhra Pradesh. We adopted some wrong tactics in the state, so we are very weak over there right now.”
The CPI (Maoist) politburo member admitted some of his key comrades are now behind bars. “Many of our comrades are in jail. On December 17, Kerela Central Committee member Comrade Satena was arrested. Central Committee member Comrade Vijay has been arrested. Comrade Sanyal is also in jail. This is normal in any revolution. But certain arrests have happened because of our weaknesses,” he says.
Asked to comment on the Salwa Judum movement, Comrade Sonu said his party will defeat the Salwa Judum. “Because it is a threat to the tribals. It is the duty of the people to defeat it. It is a fascist organisation. It must be defeated.”
Narrating his party’s war tactics against the Indian state, the CPI (Maoist) leader said his men have adopted guerrilla tactics to fight the Indian state. “The Indian Prime Minister says Naxalites are the main threat to internal security. We know the state is at us. So we have adopted guerrilla tactics. With the common man, we will defeat the state. We will die for the people, we will work for the people, we are the servants of the people.”

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14 people, including 13 policemen, killed in naxal attack

Posted by ajadhind on February 16, 2008


Nayagarh (Orissa) (PTI): Striking in a big way for the first time in coastal Orissa, Naxalites killed 14 people, including 13 policemen, besides injuring 10 others and looting the district armoury here after virtually laying siege to the town, police said on Saturday.

In a daring and meticulously planned attack late on Fridaynight, the ultras targetted a police training school, armoury and a police station in Nayagarh and another police station at Daspalla, the police said.

A huge cache of arms and ammunition was taken away in a truck and a bus they had hijacked, the police said.

A group of nearly 100 naxals, including women cadre, with bombs and firearms carried out the attack killing 13 police personnel, including two women, and a civilian besides causing injuries to about nine persons, Nayagarh Superintendent of Police Rajesh Kumar said.

While 10 police personnel were killed at the PTS, armoury and Nayagarh police station, a civilian caught in crossfire died at Daspalla, he said.

Two police personnel were shot dead by the naxalites while they were returning after carrying out the operation at Mahipur police outpost.

One injured policemen succumbed to his wounds today.

Five of the injured were sent to SCB medical college hospital at Cuttack and the rest admitted to hospitals here and at Daspalla, the police said.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik visited the armoury and the police training school at Nayagarh.

Landmines laid by the naxalites at Majuriapali near here also caused injuries to one person, the police said.

The attack, the first of its kind in coastal Orissa at a place around 120 km from the state capital, was launched around 11 pm and continued up to past mignight, they said.

The district armoury and PTS were virtually emptied by the Maoists, the police said.

Police personnel in strength have been deployed in the district and its borders sealed, while efforts were on to trace the ultras who were believed to have left in two separate directions, the police said.

Though Nayagarh district had been unaffected by the naxal menace, the ultras are active in neighbouring Gajapati and parts of Kandhamal district.

Nayagarh happens to be the home town of prominent maoist leader Sabysachi Panda.

In a similar attack in 2005 at the district headquarter town of Koraput, naxalites had looted a large quantity of arms and ammunition from the police armoury.

Before launching the attack, the ultras which included women cadres, asked the people to stay indoors, making it clear that their intention was to carry away arms and ammunition, local residents said.

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