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Message of Greeting to the Communist Party of Nepal

Posted by ajadhind on February 27, 2008

On be half of Communist League of Indonesia (CLI), weconvey the warmest fraternal greeting and solidarityto the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) on the 12thAnniversary of people’s war in Nepal. Your greatvictories is the victory of the people of the worldand the most inspiring victories in the beginning ofthis 21th century and second wave of world proletariatrevolution. The revolutionary struggle against feudal monarchy asa part of imperialism domination in Nepal, has beengrowing bigger and more determinant within 12 years;CPN (M) had succeeded in leading the Nepalese workingclass and peole in liberating most of the ruralbackward area from the old social system of feudalism.By developing armed struggle and people’s liberationarmy, people’s war in Nepal is the most importantlesson to enrich the revolutionary experiences in thiscentury. The great victories which achieved,revolutionary base areas and democratic forces innationwide really the new emerging forces in Nepal.All of revolutionary achievement laid a strongfundation for the next higher tactical and strategy inparticular facing new challenge in the next ofconstituent assembly elections scheduled in April2008. We will learn and hopefully that by theguidance of Marxisn-Leninism- Maoism and thecorrectness of tactic and strategy based on theconcrete analyse and concrete situation will open theway to victory – People’s Democratic Republic willprevail in Nepal in the near coming future. We commited, as a part of internationalism proletariatsolidarity, to support your revolutionary struggle andmaking relation between nepalese communist andIndonesia communist. We wish you the greatest victory.Long live The Nepalese Revolution!!Long live The CPN (M)!!Long live Marxism-Leninism- Maoism!!Long live Proletarian Internationalism!

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