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Posted by ajadhind on February 21, 2007

21st century — is it becoming a new era of slavery.
Modern slaves are not from the poorer section of the society , they are from lower middle class and from middle class, these slaves earn money in term of five digits ranging from 10,000 upto 50,000 and above.
Unfortunately our education system are creating these slaves ; previously it was thought that education will help in eradicating slavery , but it is failing these days.
People working in call centers and in some of the companies are the modern slaves.
Inspite of karnataka bandh some companies expected their engineers and bpo workers to work as usual, even they should have joined the strike.They harassed their employees that they will be dismissed if they are not coming to work.
Why this is happening?
Reason is quite obvious :-customers of the call centers are from other countries , they are not bothered whether their is strike or something else in the area of the call center. Software companies are in a hurry to give a new software to the overseas companies so that they get some more new projects. The companies make it compulsory for software engineers to finish the project as early as possible, working time ranges from 10 to 15 hours a day from morning 7 to late nights.

Are we losing our strong relationships with our relatives and our motherland in the name of development , in the name of globalisation??????????????????


One Response to “NEW ERA OF SLAVERY”

  1. said

    Very glad to have found your site. I suspected this sentiment in your country (I’m an American), as a job I held in the past had to do with outsourcing call center work to India, and these matters regarding labor always troubled me. I decided to get a degree in software engineering and head down a different path.

    I blog as well, and will be linking to yours on – and hope you would do the same.

    Peace – DI

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