peoples march

from the people against injustice in the society


Posted by ajadhind on August 9, 2007

A corrupt person can live happily in these days . He gets money in a big amount through wrong ways and in this era of globalisation ‘Money is the way to gain happiness’ ? corrupt person rarely faces difficulties , if facees he will make sure that he is out of that within few days and for this he makes others corrupt!![most of the times they are already corrupt].
But what happens to a man with principles.He has to face injustice in every step in public life. Hi is not ready to give money to get his work done and his work get delayed. He can give complaint to higher officers and ministers but most of them are also corrupted!!
More than these difficulties the main hurdles is in home. You take money, build houses, buy lands, invest in real estate no one on the family questions you [ usually] . But you work with principles, no extra money with you,, living in a small rented house [your colleagues in big house] how many of your family member will support you? If you are getting a good salary they may not question you but if you are getting a salary of 5000/- in a big city and you are speaking about principles and against corruption will they support you?

LAST BIT:- We can make our family members happy by earning money in illegal ways at the cost of our happiness; [ applicable only for those who feel guilt of their wrong steps in life], but we can live happily with principles irrespesctive of money in our pockets.

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