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Naxals hold ‘Jan Adalat’ in Bihar

Posted by ajadhind on February 28, 2009

Just 145 kms from Bihar’s capital Patna,armed naxals from the People’s War Group are regularly holding a people’s court to dispense justice.

TIMES NOW travelled to Bihar and found about fifty armed naxals from the People’s War Group, holding a Jan Adalat (people’s court) in Banke Bazar of Gaya district. The naxals held this court to convey to the villagers about their fight against the atrocities of the police and the rich capitalists.

More shockingly, the Jan Adalat was being held in the presence of the heads of five village panchayats, who hailed the ‘effort’ for the naxals, raising pro-naxal slogans ‘lal salam, lal salam’.

Around 2000 villagers participated in the Jan Adalad. Visibly pleased by the ‘justice’ dispensed by the naxals, the villagers say that the naxals are a big help to them as the state government is crushing their rights.

”The capitalist and feudal landlords have suppressed us. And now these naxals have shown us the way to progress and development.” said Sukhdev Prasad, a villager from Banke Bazar.

Another villager from Warheta, Ramanuj Rai said, “We don’t get our right that is why we have come here. These naxals are showing us the way to fight for our rights. The Maoist and naxals have found the way to redress our problems. The government hasn’t helped us much as the Maoists. If the Maoists weren’t here we wouldn’t be respected by the rich and the capitalists”

The naxals, on there part, have taken their fight for justice to a new level. They are telling the villagers that that 90 % of the poor people were the victims of the police atrocities.

A naxal leader said the gathering, “More than 90% of people face police attrocities. They frame false charges against people – accusing them of being terrorists and criminals. The common man keeps fighting for their rights, while the capitalist and the rich keep suppressing us. But no matter how much we will continue our fight.”

The naxals also called for a boycott of the Lok Sabha polls and even paid tribute to around 14,000 naxals who were killed in parts of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Uttaranchal, Nepal and Bihar.

Ironically, the police are not even aware of this Jan Adalat that was held in broad daylight. Twenty-two out of Bihar’s 38 districts are facing the naxal menace. Despite the spate of brutal Naxal attacks in recent time, no one seems to have learnt the lesson yet – neither the cops nor the authorities.

By Prakash Singh, Patna


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