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Cruelty of UP police.

Posted by ajadhind on November 3, 2008

Indo-Nepal People’s Solidarity Forum (INPSF)

Date: November 2, 2008

Press Release


The Editor


The Uttar Pradesh Police on October 28, 2008 showed yet another example of cruelty against the innocent Nepalese women by gang raping them and threatening to kill them if they dared to complain against this crime.

The 5 poor Nepalese women were on their way to the Gulf country via India to earn their livelihood. In Gorakhpur, these women were abducted and taken to Mallika hotel near Gorakhpur railway station by the U.P. policemen where two of them were gang raped and also illegally demanded Rupees 30,000 for their release.

After this matter came into light, the U.P. Police is now trying to cover this heinous crime by projecting the rape as an incident of molestation and eve-teasing.

In the name of ‘action’, two Policemen Manoj Patel and Harinder Singh were suspended and no action has been taken against involved Policemen Binay Kumar Pathak, Rajesh Kumar Pandey, Binay Kumar Singh and others and the owner of the Mallika hotel.

We, INPSF, condemn this U.P. Police brutality and demand for a C.B.I. inquiry into this matter to Government of India and the First Investigation Report (FIR) of abduction, rape and loot should immediately be filed against the involved Policemen and the owner of Mallika hotel. The medical examination of the women should be conducted which has not been done till date.

We have sent the letters of this concern to the Governments of India & Nepal asking them to intervene in this matter.


(Pavan Patel)

General Secretary

Indo-Nepal People’s Solidarity Forum

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