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Letter from Earth!!

Posted by ajadhind on October 11, 2008


Whom so ever concerned.   



D/o World,


Respected sir/madam,

In my dairy pages i have seen lots and lots of kings who ruined my peace for their personal pride. I have also seen many people who followed violent route in the name of social justice, whether they achieved justice through it?i am not sure. With these i have seen lots and lots of natural disasters.

But inspite of my experience with violent incidences i am very much disturbed these days. I was very happy when people became more and more educated, they even thought about my origin , they questioned me and challenged me. I had the feeling that violence will totally end because of these intelligent people. But it has become exactly opposite!as people are becoming more and more educated(?) they are losing their patience, communal harmony is missing, slightest reasons that should have taken humorously are turning out into communal clashes that is costing many of my children.
Only politicians who are totally communal speak about secularism! Previously atleast people were uneducated , they would listen to wise words and corrected their mistakes. But now people think they are educated ,which they are not in reality,and they have become deaf.

I am afraid about my future, i am fed up of these blood stains on me which i fear i cant clean by myself. So through this letter i kindly request any one on or outside the earth to clean me if possible or atleast avoid these type of incidences in future god oblige.

Thanking you,

yours faithfully,


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