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Communist Party of India (Maoist) – Statement on Libya

Posted by ajadhind on April 15, 2011



Press Release

March 31, 2011

Condemn the war of occupation on Libya by US-France-Britain!

Express solidarity to the people of countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Algeria, Morocco and Jordan
who are fighting for democracy and independence!

Oppose the intervention of imperialists, particularly of US, Britain and France in the internal matters of Arab countries!

For the past few weeks, the people’s upsurges in Arab world are shaking the imperialists, particularly US imperialists while at the same time greatly influencing the people of the world. Starting from Tunisia this spread to many Arab countries. Ben Ali, the President of Tunisia who has been suppressing the people of Tunisia since 23 years and Hosni Mubarak, who was ruling Egypt since 30 years had to step down and run away dreading these mass upsurges. The mass movements in countries like Yemen, Bahrain, Algeria, Morocco, Jordan etc are ongoing in the same vein. The Arab population is demanding with one voice that their rulers who have been carrying on dictatorial rules since decades colluding with the imperialists should step down. Lakhs of Arab people, particularly the youth are defying ban orders and are pouring into the streets. Streets and squares have become seas of masses for weeks together. Hundreds have laid down their lives and thousands were injured in the crackdown by the governments. But now with the war on Libya by NATO countries led by US, the entire Arab world phenomena took a crucial turn.

In the name of stopping Libya from using its armed forces to suppress the rebels opposing Qaddafi’s rule, the Security Council made the ‘No fly zone’ resolution. The NATO countries led by US voted in favor of the resolution while Russia, China, Germany, Brazil and India abstained from voting. Nor did the ones with Veto power use it to stop this resolution. Obviously these countries had indirectly condoned the military action by not opposing the resolution. The Manmohan Singh government is deceiving the people of India and the world by shedding crocodile tears in the aftermath of the attacks without even caring to condemn the attacks formally. US which had never condemned the arbitrary killings of Palestinians carried out by the Zionist Israel umpteen number of times by confining dozens of UN resolutions to the dustbin and which had used its Veto power for Israel most indiscriminately and other western powers have immediately started bombing Libya as soon as the UN resolution was made. On the very first day of this attack which is said to be part of an international campaign, 18 bomber jets belonging to France had rained at least 40 bombs on several targets. The US and Britain navies have targeted the security systems in Libya and have launched missiles. 18 Air Force B-2 war planes of US launched more than a hundred missiles on Libya and bombed several targets. In this war launched in the name of preventing massacres that could be perpetuated by Qaddafi forces, hundreds of civilians have lost their lives. Nothing could be more callous than asking the world people to believe that the value of the lives (deaths) of the Libyans change according to which bombs took their lives! The very media houses which have been relaying badly twisted news items supporting this NATO war on Libya hiding the facts on the ground had to admit that in the first attacks many children had died. They have once again nakedly displayed their class nature in the reportage of this one-sided war.

The UN which calls itself a neutral organization has once again proved itself to be a puppet in the hands of imperialist countries like US, Britain, France etc. Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon is behaving like their poodle. In the inhuman attacks on Gaza launched by Israel in December 2008, nearly 1,417 Palestinians (most of them women and children) lost their lives and many thousands of them were injured; Israel illegally used white phosphorus on the Gaza people and many of them became cancer patients due to this; it used F-16 bombers and resorted to ‘targeted killings’ and virtually made 15 lakhs of Gaza people live in conditions of an open jail without even drinking water or electricity – but all these were not enough for the UN to make a no-fly-zone resolution. The neo-Nazi Rajpakse government launched a genocidal war on Tamils to decimate LTTE and rained tonnes of bombs on residential areas and civilian targets and had killed 20,000 Tamils just in the last two days of the war; the atrocities committed by the Sinhala chauvinist army on the captured women tigers not sparing even their dead bodies have horrified the world – but the UN did nothing. In the past quarter of a century the Indian government through its army had crushed to death more than 80,000 Kashmiris under its iron heel – but the UN could not be woken from its slumber. And now the UN wants the world people to believe that this war on Libya is indeed being fought to protect the Libyans from Qaddafi forces. Shame on it! There is not even one instance where it had acted for the interests of the oppressed nations or the people while we can quote dozens of instances where it had jumped to save the US, Israel or other western countries’ interests even if there is so much of a scratch.

The war on Libya defies the very spirit of the no-fly-zone resolution of the UN too. In the name of implementing the UN resolution made to prevent Libyan planes from bombing the rebels US, Britain and France are indiscriminately bombing Libya. This is nothing but a war of occupation. The real motive is to oust Qaddafi and replace him with their favorable ruling clique and loot the oil resources there. Nobody is so innocent as to believe that Obama is bombing Libya to protect Libyan rebels while he had sent Saudi Arabian troops into Bahrain through the back door to suppress the people’s rebellion there. This blood-thirsty ‘Nobel Peace Prize Laureate’ who is killing hundreds of innocents in drone attacks in Afghanistan and western Pakistan has no moral right to utter even the words ‘lives of innocents’. The western countries which never bothered about the lives of people when the armed forces of the dictators of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan etc, whom they had been supporting all these years, fired upon people killing them in scores are now bent upon dethroning Qaddafi – mind you, not for any selfish interests but ‘to save the Libyans’. Unadulterated imperialist hypocrisy!

Ben Ali of Tunisia, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen, Isa Al Khalipha of Bahrain and King Abdullah of Jordan are the dictatorial rulers who have been suppressing the people of their countries since decades colluding with the western imperialists, particularly the US imperialists. The façade of democracy and elections in these countries can be gauged from the fantastic statistics that Ben Ali always got 97 to 99 percent of the votes?! There was no semblance of any democratic or civil rights. The police and intelligence departments were developed to monstrous proportions and they had been controlling the lives of people suppressing even an iota of dissent. Unemployment is on the rampage. Yemen alone has 40% unemployment. On the other hand the rulers are amassing immense wealth due to the rich oil resources there. Countless billions of dollars are stashed away in foreign banks. The world was astonished to find that Ben Ali had actually carried one and half tonne of gold physically with him while running away. Tip of an ‘oilberg’? The ill-effects of the worldwide financial crises on the Arab people since 2008 are as severe as in any other part of the world. More than half the population there is living on less than two dollars a day. These dictators are spending people’s money indiscriminately in the ‘War on terror’ launched by US in the name of suppressing Al Qaeda. Yemen started a counter-terrorist training programme with 750 millions of dollars. Such misuse of people’s exchequer while cutting subsidies on essential services etc earned the wrath of the people. All these years the imperialists have stood in support of all the exploitation, oppression and repressive measures of these dictatorships on the people of their countries and have been cashing in on the several contradictions between various religions, tribes, nationalities and between sects like Shias and Sunnis. Now seeing the scale of the upsurges the imperialists have decided to trade new horses getting rid of the old ones. They made Ben Ali and Mubarak step down and had the power transferred to the military generals. In other countries the western powers are still supporting the dictators. The 22 nation Arab League is behaving like a stooge of the western powers in this entire episode and is neither displaying any shades of Arab nationalism nor giving voice to the anti-imperialist aspirations of the Arab people.

Only those rulers who fulfill the democratic aspirations of the people and unite them and oppose imperialism unequivocally can defend and preserve the independence and sovereignty of their countries. Any ruler, whether it is Qaddafi or any other, who resorts to autocratic rule over his people can never fight imperialism uncompromisingly. He can never unite people against imperialism.

The imperialists have been resorting to many conspiracies and scheming right from the beginning to establish their authority in West Asia and North Africa which are home to immense oil resources. They have stood in support of the dictators who bent their knees and preserved imperialist interests. If they think that he is a hindrance to their interests they are not hesitating to ‘use and throw’.

Call of CPI (Maoist) to the Arab people

The Arab people should continue their agitations against dictators and imperialists with great determination. They should firmly oppose the attempts of imperialists, particularly US, Britain and France to hijack their movements. They should stay alert towards the military councils which came to power in place of the dictators. We are cautioning the whole Arab population not to get deceived by believing that the military generals who had all along supported the dictators would now guarantee democracy. All the anti-imperialist, democratic, patriotic sections including workers, peasants and middle classes should unite. The only path before the Arab population is to fight uncompromisingly with imperialism under the leadership of the proletariat. The recent phenomena in the Arab world has once again proven clearly that guidance of Marxist ideology and leadership of the vanguard of the proletariat, i.e. of a revolutionary communist party are inevitable for the true liberation of the oppressed masses. The namesake independences won by these countries from colonialism has given way to neo-colonial exploitation resulting in unbearable living conditions and the Arab people are direct victims of this since the past 40-50 years. If the Arab people have to win real independence then they have to stand on their own legs, destroy neo-colonialism and fight imperialism firmly. They should fight a united war against US, Britain and France imperialists who are waging an unjust war on Libya. CPI (Maoist) is hopeful that the struggles against the comprador bureaucratic rulers supported by the imperialists would definitely grow into determined resistance struggles against imperialists, against their intervention and against the unjust wars imposed by them. Only then could the Arab world be liberated from the clutches of dictators and imperialists.

Call of the CPI (Maoist) to the people of India and the world

The upsurges of the Arab people for freedom and democracy are entirely just struggles. Though there are some reactionaries like religious chauvinists among the agitators, these movements are democratic and progressive. Express solidarity to these movements. Condemn with one voice the unjust war imposed on Libya by the Western imperialists and the intervention of the imperialists in the Arab world.

·         Stop immediately the unjust war on Libya by NATO forces led by US!

·         The imperialists have no right to intervene in the internal matters of Libya!

·         Expose the interventionist policies of imperialists, particularly of US, Britain and France in the Arab world!

·         Support the just people’s movements in the Arab countries!



Central Committee,

CPI (Maoist)

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Italian Proletarian statement supporting peoples war in India

Posted by ajadhind on April 15, 2011

We, workers, temporary workers, unemployed, salute the struggle of the
Indian masses against the reactionary regime of India and imperialism
that supports it.

In India the masses struggle against the masters, who sack and exploit
them, against high prices, corruption and state terrorism, with huge
demonstrations and strikes, factory occupations, attacks against the
In India the government decided to sell the natural and human resources
to Western imperialist transnational companies and the owners of the new
monopolies of automobile and steel such as Tata, Essar, Jindal, Mittal,
etc. which draw profits from the uncontrolled exploitation of workers,
often women and children, profits that allow them to become purchasers
and shareholders of the big international monopolies in the sector, in
alliance with the western masters.

Against all this, Indian masses rise up and develop a people’s war led
by the party of the working class of India, the Communist Party of India

Against the rebel masses, the Indian government and imperialists
unleashed a repression, called “Green Hunt”, that is made of massacres,
summary executions, suppression of entire villages and sectors of the
population, to try sweep away what the masters of the world call “the
most serious internal threat and a danger to the international system”,
i.e. the people’s war that aims to establish the people’s power based on
the unity of workers and peasants, to overthrow the imperialists, the
bourgeoisie and the feudal classes.

The struggle for rights of workers and people, the struggle for jobs,
wages, better living conditions, the struggle for freedom and democracy,
the struggle to overthrow the power of the masters and for the power in
the hands of workers and the masses, is an international struggle that
unites us all over the world.

For this, we express the utmost solidarity with Indian masses, the party
leads them, for they reject the attacks of the enemy and advance to victory.

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Campaign in Italy in support of the People War In India

Posted by ajadhind on April 4, 2011

International Campaign in support of People’s War in India
The week of mobilizazion in Italy.

The international campaign in support of the People’s War in India serves the unity of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communist and revolutionary forces, internationally. It serves the regrouping of the international communist movement around the largest and most active people’s war, while those in Peru, Philippines etc. go on.
From the point of view of Maoism and people’s wars, the people’s war in India is at the heart of the current clash between revolution and counter-revolution.
That is why the attention of imperialism has increased, as well as the attention of its media.
The coming months we will reach an International Conference of support, that will gather many genuine revolutionary, internationalist and anti-imperialist forces in the world.
India can be the weak link of imperialism, right when it is trying to prevent the advancement of the revolution. The revolution in India helps to show the relevance of Maoism and communism.
That is why this campaign is very important.
We are like drops in the sea. This is the meaning of our work in Italy.
But the sea is made of many drops. Each advance of the revolutions in other countries is a drop in that sea, that turns into a sea of armed masses that can really change the face of the world.

The campaign in Italy

The 20th of March 20 a daily information activity has started, along with a widespread circulation of the call and posters.
We are preparing a slide-show and videos.
There will be not a major central initiative, but several initiatives to reach a significant number of people, workers, unemployed, temporary workers, students, women and immigrants.

The initiatives nationally announced will be:
– Meeting of workers and immigrants in Marghera, Venice on 2nd of April
– Demonstration at the University of Milan on 6th if April
– Demonstration of at the Academy of Arts, University of Palermo, on 7th of April, with students meeting and video
– Spread of leaflets and signature collecting of a support resolution amongst the workers of Ilva, Taranto, South Italy; Dalmine, Bergamo, North Italy; Fiat and Cantieri Navali, Palermo, Sicily
– Action at the Indian Consulate in Milan on 8th of April
– Meeting of support in Taranto on 5th of April
– Meeting of support in Palermo on 8th of April
– Meeting of support in Turin on 9th of April

30 March 2011
International Committee in Support of People’s War in India – Italy

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Communist Party of the Philippines denounces US-led war against Libya

Posted by ajadhind on April 1, 2011

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines

CPP denounces US-led war against LibyaMarch 20, 2011

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today denounced the US-led coalition of imperialist forces for launching missile attacks against the people and government of Libya, calling it “a barefaced act of armed intervention against a sovereign nation.”

Following a resolution by the UN Security Council to enforce a “no-fly zone” over Libyan airspace, imperialist countries such as the United Kingdom, France and the US launched rockets into Libya with the aim of crippling the military strength of the Libyan government of Mohamar Gadaffi. The attacks were carried out against the Libyan government in an effort to help the US-supported armed rebels which launched armed uprisings in the last weeks of February.

“The imperialists are arrogantly imposing their will against a government that has stood for their people’s right to self-determination,” said the CPP.

“The Gadaffi government has long been a target of US attacks since the early 1980s,” the CPP pointed out. In 1982, the US imposed an economic embargo against Libya in an effort to force the overthrow of the government. This was followed by an assassination attampt against Gadaffi in 1984 and the aerial bombing of the cities of Tripoli and Benghazi in 1986. Economic sanctions were further imposed by the UN in 1992 and were eased only around 2004 after Libya complied with UN conditions regarding arms control and the surrender of suspects in the 1997 bombing of a commercial plane over Scotland.

“The US imperialists have long wanted to overthrow the Gadaffi government since it carried out the nationalization of banks and the oil industry,” said the CPP. “The Gadaffi government has steadfastly stood against the imperialist policy of neoliberal globalization and has carried out populist policies ensuring the welfare of the Libyan people.”

The CPP denounced the “hypocrisy” of US President Obama “who is now launching a large-scale war following mere declarations of ‘no-mercy’ by the anti-US Gadaffi. Yet, Obama and his imperialist coterie never lifted a finger in January even after their Egyptian puppet Mubarrak attacked peaceful demonstrators with armed thugs and state police personnel.”

“The armed attacks against Libya are bound to blow up in the face of the US-led imperialists forces,” said the CPP. “The US-led bombing of Libya can only succeed in inflaming the patriotic aspirations of the Libyan people and will militate them into uniting to defend their country’s right to self-determination.”

“Majority of the American people will not accept another interventionist war,” said the CPP. “Like their wars against Iraq and Afghanistan, the US-led imperialists are risking involvement in another protracted war of intervention that they can never win.”

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Lessons from Arab world.

Posted by ajadhind on February 12, 2011

First it was Tunisia and now Egypt. People of these 2 nations have left their strong footprint in the pages of history of liberation. As said by Mao it is the people who decide the fate and path of the revolution. Uprising in Tunisia and Egypt, though motivated by many factors which were directly or indirectly caused by the neoliberal and neoimperial policies there are many lessons for the “RULERS” and “BUREAUCRATS” of the whole world. There is no face for the teacher here. Teacher is common man.

The present uprising cannot be brushed away as a protest against long standing dictatorship. Democrats, republicans, communists, socialists, fundamentalists and dictators all around the world should learn from this uprising that the tolerance of the people have a limited period of warranty and once the warranty period expires the revolt of the people cannot be stopped even if their army and their security personelle are mightiest in the world.

If the uprising of these people had only one intention of upthrowing the dictator then they will suffer again in the hands of armed forces/ religious fundamentalists/ one more dictator. But whoever comes to the leading position should be aware that their people are capable to revolt if a just and equal administration is not given.

Herewith we congratulate the people of Tunisia and Egypt for inspiring millions of oppressed of the world. They will be the example in future revolutions. At same time we would like to remind these brave people that their work is not over. It has just begun.

With regards,
Ajadhind Team.

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Posted by ajadhind on August 30, 2010

On the Occasion of Martyrdom of Comrade Azad:

Expressing solidarity with Communist Party of India (Maoist)

Comrade Azad, spokesperson for Communist Party of India (Maoist), was murdered on July 1st 2010. Let us honour his memory and continue on his path!
Comrade Azad was a member of central committee and also a member of the politbureau of the Communist Party of India (Maoist). His death is a big loss for the CPI (Maoist), the Indian revolution, the revolutions of the region, and also the global revolution. He would have played a very critical and decisive role at the current juncture: at a time when the reactionary Indian state on one hand has mobilized more than 250000 police and mercenary forces against the Maoist peoples war within the framework of a large military campaign called Operation Green Hunt, and on the other hand it is espousing a deceptive propaganda about “peace talks” and “ceasefire.” His murder at the hands of Andra Pardesh’s special forces, and that even in another state, which is even illegal under the laws of the Indian state, illustrates the fact that the reactionary state is using the false propaganda around “ceasefire” and “peace talks” as a façade for hiding its anti-people brutal repression and for this purpose they would even break their own laws. The resistance of the masses under the leadership of CPI (Maoist) against “Operation Green Hunt” that spreads across twenty states out of 28 Indian states is a resistance against the comprador policies of the reactionary Indian state which is making possible the vast plunder and pillage of the natural resources of India by multinational corporations. In the process of the ongoing resistance, which continuously expands and spreads, the masses of people are selflessly giving sacrifices and also give tough blows to the vicious and repressive forces of the reactionary state. The officials of the reactionary Indian state and at its helm the Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, since the last few years is continuously declaring that the Maoist peoples war is the biggest threat to the Indian state.
The armed struggle and the current peoples war in India that is being led by CPI (Maoist) is the continuation of the Naxalite uprising that began a few decades ago in that country. Now this revolutionary war has spread across the vast and populous country and directly affects the lives of hundreds of millions of Indian masses, the martyrdom of comrade Azad, as one of the central and top leaders of the movement is considered an important success for the reactionary and atrocious Indian armed forces. But, among the hundreds of millions of the revolutionary Indian masses, there are many more `Azads’ and many other `Azads’ will join the battle. The people’s war in India can and should successfully overcome this loss and continue ahead until the total victory of the revolution.
Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan on the path of struggle for starting the peoples war in Afghanistan, whose specific character at the current juncture is the people’s revolutionary national war of resistance against the imperialist occupiers and their puppet regime will commemorate comrade Azad and expresses its solidarity with CPI (Maoist) and the peoples war in that country on the occasion of this loss.

Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan
July 15, 2010

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INTERNATIONAL CALL: Support people’s war in India!

Posted by ajadhind on July 28, 2010

In India an impetuous people’s war against the Indian bourgeoisie and the imperialism is developing and spreading more and more in nearly one third of the districts of the country. It is not simply a guerilla waged by few thousands of fighters, coming from the castes and tribal areas of the country. It is a real people’s war, led by the Party of the proletariat of India, the Communist Party of India (Maoist), in which are involved – or is supported by – millions of poor peasants, women, “untouchables, ” fighting to free themselves and it has already took big areas throughout a dozen of states of the Indian Federation.

The people’s war began where the root of the riot, the poverty, the tribal and capitalistic exploitation, the caste oppression, the plundering of the natural resources were deeper and therefore the contradictions brought by the Indian capitalism ruled by the imperialism were sharper. Today this people’s war is winning masses of young people, students, democratic and revolutionary intellectuals also in the cities and gains attention and support over the world.

Against the people’s war, the Indian State, supported by the imperialists, launched a giant repressive offensive called “Green Hunt,” a real manhunt that hits the poor masses in India as animals to exterminate. The Indian State launched an internal military offensive against the people, waged by hi-tech-armed troops, police units and paramilitary militias, in order to spread terror and genocide in the villages, with raids, crop destroying, massive rapes and killings, selective murders, mass detentions and disappearing – like the recent genocide offensive occurred in Sri Lanka against the Tamil people and liberation movement.

All this with the illusion to drown in blood the struggle of the people for their liberation, with the silent/consent of the imperialist governments of US, Europe, Russia, and their mass-media. The crimes of the Indian State found the internal opposition of a wide front of intellectuals – including the prominent representative of the world anti-globalization movement, the writer Arundhati Roy. And in all countries of the world political activists denounced those crimes and mobilized to stop “Green Hunt.”

A world campaign of information and solidarity has been launched by ICAWPI (International Campaign Against War on the People in India). But we need more than the condemnation of the crimes of the counter-revolution in India. The masses led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) are writing a historical chapter of the class clash in the world between, on one side, the imperialism and the reactionary bourgeoisies and, on the other side, the proletariat and the people of the world. The development of the people’s war in India is a new proof that the revolution is the main tendency in the world today.

It shows again that Maoism, the Marxism-Leninism of our era, is the command and guide of the world revolution against the imperialism in crisis.

The vanguard proletarians must understand that the advance of the people’s war in India seriously questions the strength balance, not only in the South-Asian region but also on a world scale. That is why we, Maoist and revolutionary parties and organizations, launch a big campaign of support and call to form an International Committee of Support to organize conferences, meetings, demonstrations in various countries, particularly in the heart of the imperialist beast.

With people’s war in India towards the victory!

Maoist Communist Party – France
Maoist Communist Party – Italy
Maoist Communist Party – Turkey/North Kurdistan
Revolutionary Communist Party – Canada
Communist Party of India (ML) Naxalbari

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Solidarity of the people of Greece to the People of India

Posted by ajadhind on July 12, 2010

Statement 1:

Press Statement
Stop the mass crimes in India!

The Communist Party of Greece (marxist-lennist) condemns the ongoing murderous crusade of the Indian repressive forces, both official and paramilitary, against millions of peasants and Adivasi (tribal people) in central India. The so-called “operation Green Hunt” that was jointly launched by the Central Government in Delhi governments of Indian states like Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh etc, have turned into a bloodbath with killings, mass arrests, tortures and displacements, moving populations and whole villages is nothing short of a genocide. It aims to eliminate the armed revolutionary movement and to serve the plans of the multinational conglomerates.
Meanwhile with this escalation of the political violence and terrorism against the cadres and the members of the revolutionary movement of the country as well as the harassment and intimidation of every progressive person that attempts to denounce these mass crimes continue to extend the reign of fascist terror across the country. The last and characteristic incident was the extrajudicial cold-blooded murder, of two cadres of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), following their arrest and torture by the Intelligence Service of Andhra Pradesh.
The CPG(m-l) conveys its revolutionary greetings to the militant communists in India and expresses it’s rage to the Indian government for the murder of com. Azad. We call on all revolutionary and democratic forces in Greece to support the struggle of the popular masses in India and to take part in the mobilization organised for today to condemn these crimes and atrocities against the people of India, outside the Indian Embassy in Athens.
Communist Party of Greece(marxist-leninist)
Athens, 06/07/2010

Statement 2:




A repressive, murderous operation has been launched by the Indian state, with the deployment of hundreds of thousands of police and paramilitary forces, with the participation of criminal paramilitary organizations. It aims to break the resistance of poor peasants in vast areas of India. It is about a mass and militant resistance that involves vast areas dwelled by over 100 millions of poor Adivasi (tribal people) peasants.
The main reason for this military raid is to grab the land of the poor people and pass it to the corporations both multinationals and local for the looting exploitation of natural sources in these vast areas. It should be noted that the West Bengal state is under informal “emergency” situation.
Despite the mass murderous raids of the reactionary Indian state the peasants’ movement is growing and resists the murderous assaults.
In order to suppress the solidarity movement that has emerged for the struggle of the peasants, the Indian authorities have launched a fierce repressive and intimidating campaign against intellectuals who support the resistance like – for example – the well-known author Arundhati Roy.
Left and democratic organizations of Greece denounce the criminal raid of the Indian state and support the struggles and the movement of the poor peasants, expressing their unreserved solidarity and call to a protest rally outside the Indian Embassy in Athens.

Communist Organization of Greece
Communist Party of Greece(marxist-leninist)
Cultural Club “Bridge of the people of the East”
Leftist Reconstruction
Leftist Anticapitalist Convergence
New Left Current
Organization of Communists Internationalists of Greece – Spartacus
“Partizan” Magazine
Revolutionary Communist Movement of Greece
Sosialist Workers’ Party

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Assassination of Comrade Azad by Indian state ! (Maoist Communist Party of France)

Posted by ajadhind on July 12, 2010

The 1st of july, Comrade Azad, Polit Bureau member and spoke-person of the CPI (maoist), along with Comrade Hem Pandey, were murdered by the indian state’s armed forces.

Police says that it was an “encounter”. We know too well that the so-called “encountered” between revolutionary leaders and police always end with the revolutionary leader dying with a bullet in the head or in the back…

We associate ourselves with the Communist Party of India (maoist) and with all the oppressed people of India in memory of Comrade Azad and Comrade Hem Pandey.

Long live martyrs Comrade Azad and Comrade Hem Pandey !

Long live indian revolution !

Maoist Communist Party of France

This statement and the translation of the CPI (maoist) statement are published in french language on our website : http://drapeaurouge .over-blog. com/article- assassinat- du-camarade- azad-par- l-etat-indien- 53509288. html

Le Drapeau Rouge,
Organe du Parti Communiste maoïste de France
http://drapeaurouge .over-blog. com

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Campaign Wake Europe up to crimes of Indian State

Posted by ajadhind on January 27, 2010

Party of the Committees to Support Resistance – for Communism (CARC) – Italy

Via Tanaro, 7 – 20128 Milano – Tel/Fax 02.26306454

e-mail: – website:

National Direction – International Relations Department

Tel. +39 0226306454 – e-mail:


To Democracy and Class Struggle

And, for their information, to the other organizations and parties signatories of the campaign Wake Europe up to crimes of Indian State with Spring Thunder Europe 2010:

Maoist Communist Party of France,

(new)Italian Communist Party,

CARC Party (Italy),

Serve The People (Norway),

Co-ordination Committee of Revolutionary Communists of Britain,

Revolutionary Praxis – Britain.

WPRM Britain

And to all concerned parties and organizations

Dear comrades,

we congratulate you on launching the campaign Wake Europe up to crimes of Indian State with Spring Thunder Europe 2010. We invite other parties and organizations to join this campaign.

We propose the signatories constitute an International Coordination for promoting and spreading the campaign. We are thinking of something like the coordination promoting the campaign BDS (Boycotting-Disinvestment-Sanctions) against Israel (, or the one here in Italy promoting the campaign for mobilize immigrants and autochthonous on 1st March “A day without immigrants: 24 hours without us” (

We propose the International Coordination drafts a Call that every signatory will wide spread on international level and that everyone will translate and wide spread distribute in its own country. This Call should be addressed to Communists, vanguard workers, progressive and democratic people. It should shortly but effectively indicate 1. the objectives of the campaign, 2. the reasons why democratic and progressive people and Communists all over the world must demonstrate against the crimes of Indian Union government and against the war (the operation Green Hunt) it launched. We have to proclaim international solidarity with the targets of the criminal war launched by Indian Union government: the tribals (the Adivasis) and the Maoists. We have to indicate some main instruments of the campaign (conferences, local committees, articles and reports on newspapers, television, radio, Internet, initiatives as films, exhibitions, demonstrations, sit-in, etc.).

According to us, in this call we must describe the conditions of misery to which Indian Union government and British imperialism before it reduced Adivasis and backwardness and oppression they suffer more than 60 years after Indian Union independence on 1947, the expulsion of Adivasis from their territories the Indian Union and the federate State gave to the multinationals (nature, size and duration of ongoing operation, that is the source of Adivasis’ resistance, supported and promoted by Maoists), the destruction of (how many?) square kilometers of forest and following deterioration of the planet, the other wars Indian Union government is already waging for years in North Western and North Eastern India, US imperialists and Israeli Zionists’ role in Indian Union government’s criminal deeds, the merits of Maoists, already active in whole territory of Indian Union, who gave a progressive and effective direction to Adivasis’ resistance, etc. All these issues must be dealt synthetically but effectively in the Call.

We propose every one of the signatories indicate to the others 1. the instruments he has for the campaign (interviews, films, exhibitions, websites, blogs, etc.) and maybe the others can use, 2. the international contacts by which he thinks to extend the campaign, 3. the national initiatives (whom to contact for each organism, whom to mobilize, some public initiative we already are planning, etc.) he is going to promote (someway a first draft of campaign planning).

The CARC Party will publish an article on the issue on its monthly paper Resistenza. It is getting in touch with leaders of the movement defending human, civil and political rights in India and journalists in Italy for publishing interviews on Italian national newspapers.

It invites parties and organizations of the International Communist Movement to join the campaign. Particularly we invite to join it MLPD and KOE, which representatives participated in the meeting we held on the end of November 2007 in London, where many exponents of the international communist movement defined the lines of development of the campaign that there your organization Democracy and Class Struggle launched.

It proposes the coordination with the many initiatives already developing about the matter on European level. Firstly, we propose to contact ILPS that already launched an initiative of protest at La Hague, and plan to organize another one on March.

It proposes to invite an exponent of the movement of defense of human, political and civil rights of Indian people for a tour in many European nations.

It plans to deal with the matter in the international aggregations it participates in.

It plans to organize initiatives in coordination with other forces concerned or already operating here in Italy. First of all, the Proletarian Solidarity Association participates in the initiatives planned or to be planned, as it is particularly interested in the matter of repression and of political prisoners, as the repressive action of the Indian State is one of the cruelest and most barbaric of the whole world.

We also inform that the Anti-Imperialist Camp, whose Italian section we are in touch with, will send a delegation in India in the first days of February, as in next summer it plans to organize an intervention that gathers many people from our countries and sends them to India for some weeks in the areas the Indian Union government wants to attack.

This is a first draft of work plan s regards our Party on national and international level. We shall be glad to know as soon as possible what you think about our proposals.

With comradely greetings,

Paolo Babini

CARC Party – International Relations Department

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