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Posted by ajadhind on August 17, 2008


On behalf of CLASS MARCH of workers, MILITANT MOVEMENTS of teachers, MILITANT MOVEMENTS of students, and PEOPLE’S MILITANT MOVEMENTS from Greece, we condemn the arrest and detention of the activists Dave Pugh, Protima Das, Pradeep and Amin Maharana.
We demand their immediate and unconditional release from the police of Orissa, India.
The attempt to intimidate and stop the anti-displacement movement is in vain. The anti-displacement movement is becoming stronger and stronger while solidarity is growing all the more, across the world.
Violence, intimidation, arrests, killings, torture are the last resort for the enemies of the people. People’s struggle is the only legitimate right for a better life in dignity.

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Greek Solidarity

Posted by ajadhind on June 28, 2008

Greek Solidarity
– Dipak Sapkota
A large group from the Communist Organisation of Greece (KOE); including the General Secretary of KOE, Rudi Rinaldi, members of the secretariat, members and supporters of the KOE that included engineers, workers, company employees, students, teachers, and anthropologists came in the second week of June to show solidarity with and learn from the Nepalese revolution.
General Secretary Rudi said that after the Maoist victory in CA election, Nepal and the Maoist movement started getting media attention in the West: “Before the election, the Western Media didn’t even mention Nepal, but when the Maoist won the election, they were obliged to state something.”
The Greek delegation went to the Chitwan cantonment of the People’s Liberation Army. All the visitors were very proud and happy to meet the PLA. The group were given a tour of the cantonment and had an interaction with members of the PLA. The PLA were also much enthused to meet Greek Communists, and the PLA soldiers were very happy to know that even as far away as Greece people respected their stuggle. The KOE delegation presented some gifts from Greece, including a disc of Greek revolutionary songs. For the General Secretary it was very emotional and he thinks that the `Nepali people have a very strong weapon in the struggle against reactionaries, expansionist and imperialist. ‘
Before returning back to Greece, the Greek group met with Chairman Prachanda and other party central leaders. On the occasion, General Secretary Rudi presented a gift to Chairman Prachanda that symbolises the Greek civilisation. Expressing his happiness at meeting with the Maoist leadership, Rudi said it was an honour to meet the leaders of one of the successful revolutions in the world. Maoist Chairman Prachanda said the Nepali revolution had developed a new model after studying the experience of revolutions in 21st century.
Nikos Taviris was impressed in his first hour in Kathmandu. He saw Maoist posters and slogans on the walls. He found the Nepali people smiling and optimistic about the future, which he thinks is the result of Maoist revolution: “After the republic, people think they have a way out. If people think there is a future, they can do a lot of things.”
Yannis Triantafillou, a computer programmer, was impressed at the unity and the relation between the Maoist party and the masses.
Yiota Tzani saw a Red Army for the first time in her life, which she found very impressive. She was also delighted to see red flags, posters, slogans on the wall everywhere in the city. She also found out that Nepali people had a strong connection with the party. Axhikkeas Stavtou, a student, was impressed that the CPN-M had done a great job to expand its work to the every level of the society. As the KOE is trying to organise people in Greece, the experiences of Nepal, the tactics of the party, are worth learning.
Merina Bresta, who works in a company in Greece, thinks that when she will go back she will tell the people of Greece and Europe that the first revolution in the 21st century is happening in Nepal. She said: “This is the best example how things can be changed for a better world. She also hopes that Nepali revolution will win soon.
Nepal and Greece are very different in terms many aspect. Giorgos Papathanasiou, who is studying civil engineering, spoke on the differences between the two countries. He thinks that Communists in Greece need to fight against capitalism, whereas Nepali Communists have to fight against feudalism. Many Nepali people, especially youth, look towards the West. They think the solution to their problems lies there. Many youth have a dream to go to Europe and the US. But many people in the West are looking towards the East and towards the Himalayas. Isn’t it strange? Why are the people who are aspiring for a better world looking towards the Himalayas? The student organization secretary of the KOE, Costas Costopoulos, thinks: `the revolution of Nepal is very important for all the people all around the world.’ He further said: `I think it’s a lot for us to see and hope from the struggle of Nepal.”
The journalist Stelios is impressed with friendliness of the Nepali people. He found Nepali people very tolerant. Chris Katsoulas, a member of the KOE secretariat, said that although Nepal is far behind Greece economically, they had a desire to see the revolution of Nepal, and they were pleased to be in Nepal. He thinks that despite the differences between two countries, the international language of struggle is same.
After meeting the Greek delegation, a question came to my mind again and again. What do the people of developed countries like Greece have to learn from a very poor and backward country like Nepal? The Greek communists, after their second conference, are `concentrating all their strength to create a Communist movement’. How does the Nepali revolution can help their movement; all the members of the delegation had the same feeling: “The Nepali revolution has not only given hope to Nepali people but to all the peoples of the world.”

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Posted by ajadhind on April 16, 2008

The Leading Committee of the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE)
To Comrade Chairman Prachanda
and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
There are times that the formal messages are unable to express the enthusiasm and inspiration of the communists and of the progressive popular masses. Your great victory, which unfolds in all its extend day by day as the results of the CA polls become known all over the world, created such unique moments these days among the communists and left people in Greece and all over the world. Against enemies and fake “friends”, repulsing the reactionary provocations and the plots of the old, rotten world, the popular masses of Nepal stood up once more and vigorously made their aspiration for a new Nepal heard: a Federal Democratic Republic, where the people will be the master of its own fate!
The electoral triumph of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) provokes an ever-growing explosion of joy and pride all over the world, as it heralds the future revolutionary victories of the 21st century. It became possible thanks to the theoretical and political elaborations, the correct strategy and the ingenious tactics of the CPN-M under the leadership of Chairman Prachanda. The concrete analysis of the concrete situation and the exemplary struggle of your Party, through the heroic People’s War, the popular uprising of 2006 and the subsequent agreements for the transitional government and parliament, opened up wide the path towards the building of a new Nepal.
We know that we must control our enthusiasm, as the battle is not yet over. We are aware that the local reactionaries together with their imperialist masters will try to obstruct the democratic process and to prevent the realization of the popular aspirations. At the same time, we are confident that the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) shall once more cut short these attempts and impose the popular will, which was again confirmed in the CA polls. As far as we are concerned, we will fulfill our internationalist duty through the intensification of the efforts to build a broad, effective movement of solidarity with the Nepalese People and its vanguard, the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist).
Long live the Nepalese People!
Long live the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)!
Athens, 14 April 2008
The Leading Committee of KOE

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Press Statement of CPG (m-l).

Posted by ajadhind on March 2, 2008

Murderers of the People out of the Balkans!

The Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist) condemns the creation of the American-NATO protectorate of Kosovo. We believe that this act is the continuation of the attempt to conquer the Balkans by the American and European imperialists. It is an expression of the assault of imperialist capital in order to re-conquer and re-colonize the world. This was realized by the hacking into pieces of Yugoslavia, the bombardment with uranium bombs, and the bloodshed of its people.

It has the objective of the formation of a political-military base for the American and European domination in the Balkans. The creation of yet another military base, yet another foothold of American imperialism in European ground.

At the same time this act exacerbates the contradictions between American, European and Russian imperialists.

Against these grindstones of the imperialist contradictions, that threaten to squash them, the people of the Balkans have one and only choice:

To seek those things that can unite them.

To organize a unified front of struggle against their common enemies, the imperialists and their local puppets.

To be the masters of their own lives and future.

Athens, February 2007.

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