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From Italy to London – Red block Maoist Communist Party-Italy’s youth organization

Posted by ajadhind on December 2, 2010

The wind of rebellion from Greece to France comes to London
Red block Maoist Communist Party-Italy’s youth organization has learned with enthusiasm the news of the student revolt in London, and looks at it with great respect and spreading among the Italian students as a way forward.
The Government of Cameroon as well as all governments of the imperialist bourgeoisie, attacked the social status of workers’ rights of students and young people, faced a crisis created by the same capitalist system, governments choose to cut resources and the political and economic elites as political banks, corporations and owners revel in gold on the backs of workers.Faced with these anti-people measures that affect these different subjects, the teen angst of college students was the only flag of opposition against the government.
The British students have launched the loud and clear signal to government that they refuse to pay for the crisis of capital at the expense of the sacred right to education.The students even before the British workers and proletarians have had the courage to violate the prohibitions of the police and as one man were thrown against the symbols of political power and economic measures that have caused these anti-people: Westminster and the party headquarters of Tories, a member of the coalition government.
Legitimately students stormed the party headquarters of the head of the government sweeping powers of ruthless servants in uniform that could have nothing to stop the momentum of the student rebellion.At the moment Europe is like a huge prairie fire risk day after day to us is to trigger the spark: the revolt of the young rebels in Greece, the student revolts of 2008 in Italy and Spain, the recent general strikes in France threatened to cripple the country for a long time and now the great rebellion of British students bring a fresh wave of rebellion and a great example for young students and workers of all Europe and the world.we are engaged in the student movement in Italy for advancing now, after the great wave of the 2008 student movement, as well as quantity and quality especially radical. In front of the Gelmini reform that cut to 8 million with the immediate effect of layoffs of thousands of teachers and school workers, the risk of closure of many aetenei as well as the growing number of inefficiencies and inconvenience to students as overcrowding of classes and courses and so on.Italian students have much to learn from the students English, French and Greek and go straight to the goal: the Berlusconi government and the governments of all bosses.That is from Italy salute with enthusiasm the student protests of British students, which in Europe is raised against the piano students of Bologna and the governments of the masters.
Long live the rebellion of young workers and rebels
Long live the rebellion of students
To rebel is rightr
ed block italy
youth maoist organisation
directeb by PCm-Italynovember 2010

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Solidarity of the people of Greece to the People of India

Posted by ajadhind on July 12, 2010

Statement 1:

Press Statement
Stop the mass crimes in India!

The Communist Party of Greece (marxist-lennist) condemns the ongoing murderous crusade of the Indian repressive forces, both official and paramilitary, against millions of peasants and Adivasi (tribal people) in central India. The so-called “operation Green Hunt” that was jointly launched by the Central Government in Delhi governments of Indian states like Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh etc, have turned into a bloodbath with killings, mass arrests, tortures and displacements, moving populations and whole villages is nothing short of a genocide. It aims to eliminate the armed revolutionary movement and to serve the plans of the multinational conglomerates.
Meanwhile with this escalation of the political violence and terrorism against the cadres and the members of the revolutionary movement of the country as well as the harassment and intimidation of every progressive person that attempts to denounce these mass crimes continue to extend the reign of fascist terror across the country. The last and characteristic incident was the extrajudicial cold-blooded murder, of two cadres of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), following their arrest and torture by the Intelligence Service of Andhra Pradesh.
The CPG(m-l) conveys its revolutionary greetings to the militant communists in India and expresses it’s rage to the Indian government for the murder of com. Azad. We call on all revolutionary and democratic forces in Greece to support the struggle of the popular masses in India and to take part in the mobilization organised for today to condemn these crimes and atrocities against the people of India, outside the Indian Embassy in Athens.
Communist Party of Greece(marxist-leninist)
Athens, 06/07/2010

Statement 2:




A repressive, murderous operation has been launched by the Indian state, with the deployment of hundreds of thousands of police and paramilitary forces, with the participation of criminal paramilitary organizations. It aims to break the resistance of poor peasants in vast areas of India. It is about a mass and militant resistance that involves vast areas dwelled by over 100 millions of poor Adivasi (tribal people) peasants.
The main reason for this military raid is to grab the land of the poor people and pass it to the corporations both multinationals and local for the looting exploitation of natural sources in these vast areas. It should be noted that the West Bengal state is under informal “emergency” situation.
Despite the mass murderous raids of the reactionary Indian state the peasants’ movement is growing and resists the murderous assaults.
In order to suppress the solidarity movement that has emerged for the struggle of the peasants, the Indian authorities have launched a fierce repressive and intimidating campaign against intellectuals who support the resistance like – for example – the well-known author Arundhati Roy.
Left and democratic organizations of Greece denounce the criminal raid of the Indian state and support the struggles and the movement of the poor peasants, expressing their unreserved solidarity and call to a protest rally outside the Indian Embassy in Athens.

Communist Organization of Greece
Communist Party of Greece(marxist-leninist)
Cultural Club “Bridge of the people of the East”
Leftist Reconstruction
Leftist Anticapitalist Convergence
New Left Current
Organization of Communists Internationalists of Greece – Spartacus
“Partizan” Magazine
Revolutionary Communist Movement of Greece
Sosialist Workers’ Party

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Press Statement of the Communist Organization of Greece(KOE), Greece

Posted by ajadhind on May 8, 2010

Press Statement of the Communist
Organization of Greece(KOE)
On todays huge demonstrations and the death of three bank employees

The Communist Organization of Greece
condemns the IMF-EUs government for its policy of annihilation of the society
and the orgy of repression unleashed against the people. The death of the three
bank employees because of fully condemnable acts provokes sorrow and anger,
which are added to the wrath felt by the whole society against the government
of the Quisling Papandreou.
This cynical government, assisted by
the mainstream Media that remind us of the dictatorships TV, has the
cheekiness to put the responsibility for the death of the three employees on
the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators, on the mass movement and more
concretely on the Left. It is Papandreou himself who is igniting the tension
and the violence because of the measures adopted by his government. No matter
how many excuses he will invent in the Parliament, no matter how many appeals
for social consent he will make, Papandreou will remain in history as the would-be
gravedigger of the Greek people.
Athensand the whole country lived the
biggest demonstrations of the last 30 years, with half million marching for six
hours in Athensalone. The people demands that Papandreou and those MPs who intend to
vote in favor of transforming the society into a human waste bank, account for
their crimes. Those who handed over the country and the people to the hyenas of
the capital and of the markets, those who attempt to condemn the workers and
the youth to extermination, will account to the people.
The police attacked brutally the
biggest demonstrations of the last 30 years; it transformed Athensinto a huge gas chamber, and also
attacked brutally the marches in Thessalonikiand Patras. The Minister of
Repression shall account for this!
We hold accountable as well the
owner of Marfin Bank, this unsolicited “savior of the Nation” who obliged his
employees to remain inside the concrete branch, despite the fact that he knew the
danger was imminent. Obviously, human life is cheaper for the capital than the
daily profits of a bank branch.
The coordinated effort of the
government, of the right-wing opposition and of the extreme right-wing to
exploit the death of the three employees in order to stop the torrent of the
popular anger, will not go unanswered. The wrath and the despair that coexist
in society will send to hell Papandreou and any MP who will vote in favor of
the Greek people’s annihilation.

Athens, 5 May 2010
Communist Organization of Greece

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‘The oppressed use violence only as a last option’

Posted by ajadhind on December 7, 2009


Like Kobad Gandhy, Vernon Gonsalves traded a comfortable existence and well-paid corporate job for political activism post the Emergency.

He spent over 10 years in ‘union politics’ organising labour in the harsh environs of rural Maharashtra. In August 2007 he was arrested by the Anti-Terrorism Squad in Mumbai and charged with planning a naxal attack on the city. He and his wife Susan Abraham strongly deny he has anything to do with the CPI (Maoist) group. The writ petition challenging his arrest has been placed for final arguments before the Bombay high court on Dec 12. Now lodged in Nagpur central prison, Gonsalves responded to this interview with Devika Sequeira of Deccan Herald through his family. Excerpts:

You moved out of Mumbai in the early 80s to organise contract labour and peasants in Chandrapur. How close were you to Kobad Gandhy?
Moving out of Mumbai wasn’t that rare a phenomenon those days. Through the 70s and early 80s individuals and groups made similar moves to Nanded, Dhule, etc. Anuradha and Kobad Gandhy, my wife Susan and I were some of those who brought up the tail end. After moving we were regularly in touch. When Anu and Kobad too took up union work, we worked together a lot. After I moved to Mumbai we haven’t maintained contact. Ideologically we were all Marxists, quite convinced that the Indian situation calls for revolutionary change.

Your defence says the charge that you are a member of the banned CPI (Maoist) group is trumped up, so is the claim that you were planning to plant explosives in Mumbai?
All the cases against me, including the charge that I’m a CPI (Maoist) leader are known to the police to be totally false. After being watched and followed for months, I was kidnapped and bundled into a car on August 19, 2007, by Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra police just a short distance from our house in Andheri, Mumbai. The charge of planning blasts in Mumbai is patently absurd to anyone knowing the history of the naxalite movement of the last 42 years. There hasn’t been a single offence registered in Mumbai against any person or organisation with naxalite sympathies for over two decades. They therefore created this absurd story and prepared false papers of recovery of country arms and explosives.

The Gandhy and Binayak Sen cases have stirred media interest in the ‘educated rebels’, but there’s been little interest in the issues they’re fighting for…
Individuals have their place and importance and can sometimes come to even symbolise a movement or cause. But the media’s need to lionize or demonise, and thus often trivialise, can take away from the big picture. Mere lingering over the lives and images of a few can make one imagine that all the resistance is the project of a few heroes (or villains) while forgetting that these few are only representative of issues with a few millions already involved and many more millions waiting to step in.

After all these years of playing the rebel do you still think there is a cause worth fighting for?
Your question seems to suggest that people like me have been backing a lost enterprise. But I honestly think that it is reasonable to be optimistic of the winnability of projects for change — revolutionary change. As for the need for change, even years of five per cent plus growth rates have only accentuated rather than subdued the contradictions.
And as long as the system continues to sustain and engender wrongs, there will be those who think and need that they be set right. These are the agents of change. Just think of the millions that have and are being wrenched from their homes and histories by the so-called ‘development’ of our growth model. Isn’t theirs a cause worth fighting for?
Is violence in a struggle for social equality justifiable?
Violence in movements is hardly ever about ends justifying the means. I’ve yet to hear of an oppressed and weaker people choosing violence as a first option against those who govern. It’s only when their very survival is at stake or their plea for justice is violently put down that they are forced to defend themselves with whatever means available to them.

Almost all those who’ve taken to arms have reached there via the route of petitions and pleas and non-violent agitation that was brutally suppressed. When reports appear more frequently of activities in non-violent movements like Narmada Bachao shifting to other means I’m not surprised. They’ve faced tremendous violence from the state without even getting near what is constitutionally guaranteed.
Actually it’s the approach of the ones in power that’s decisive on the question of violence. If they are ready to abjure their violent protection of injustices in society, I don’t think there would be anyone who would use or advocate violence for social justice and equality. But when will that be? Kalinganagar, Singur, Nandigram and Lalgarh tell their own story.


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Solidarity Message from the Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist) ‘protest rally-picket on’ Tuesday, July 7th, in front of the Indian embassy, Athens.

Posted by ajadhind on July 7, 2009

Call for a protest rally-picket on Tuesday, July 7th, in front of the Indian Embassy, Athens.
Solidarity to the just struggle of the Adivasi in Lalgarh!

The Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist) stands by the side of the people in Lalgarh and supports their just struggle, condemns the atrocities conducted by the police and paramilitary forces, denounces the stance of the pseudo-communists that lead the government in Kalkota and calls upon parties, organizations, entities and independent activists to a protest rally-picket on Tuesday, July 7th, in front of the Indian embassy, Athens.

Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist)
Athens 2/7/2009

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Solidarity Message from the Communist Party of Greece (Marxist-Leninist) to the Communist Party of India (Maoist

Posted by ajadhind on July 2, 2009


The Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist) strongly denounces the mass criminal offensive conducted by the security forces and the paramilitary gangs ordered by the West Bengal government against the fighting peasants and adivasis in Lalgarh, West Midnapor. The administration in Kolkata, in collaboration with the federal state and police forces have surrounded villages and rural areas, exercising brutal violence and have launched a huge tide of state terror along with prohibiting journalists, NGOs, and fact finding committees to visit Lalgarh aiming to wear down the resistance of poor peasants and adivasis in order to implement the land-grabbing policy of their lands by the multinational corporations. They have the impertinence to characterize as terrorists the revolutionaries, who under the leadership of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), fight in the forefront of this just struggle against the fierce capitalist assault of the Kalkota and New Delhi governments.
The Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist) strongly denounces the decision of the New Delhi and Kalkota government to ban the Communist Party of India (Maoist), terming it a terrorist organization.
The Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist) calls all the progressive people across the world to express their solidarity to the just struggle of poor peasants and adivasis in West Bengal and demand to stop the military assault that has been launched in the most brutal way.

Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist)
International Bureau
Athens 24/6/2009

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A big debate within the Greek Left

Posted by ajadhind on February 28, 2009

After the revolt of December in Greece, a big debate develops within the Greek Left concerning the attitude of the communists in front of the bourgeois governments. This heated discussion is part of a greater debate about the tasks, the strategy and the tactics of the left and communist forces in Greece. The polemical character of the debate is owed to the fact that, during December 2008, the split within the Greek Left became more wide: One part (KOE, the Radical Left Coalition/SYRIZA and the extra-parliamentari an left groups) supported the Revolt. Another part (mostly the Communist Party of Greece/KKE, as well as the right-wingers of the former “euro-communist” current) condemned the movement and labeled it as “violent acts of masked rioters of suspicious origin and of reactionary character”. Thus, indirectly but objectively, aligned themselves with the bourgeois-governmen tal block of “law and order”. Since January 2009 the debate became very acute, as the KKE leadership attacked repeatedly KOE and SYRIZA with statements and publications in its Press, slandering us as “supporters of the social-democratic PASOK” because of our slogan “Down with this government of murderers!”.

Despite the fact that this debate is unavoidably marked by the ongoing “civil war” within the Greek Left, we consider that it is of interest outside the boundaries of Greece as well. In reality, the issue is whether those claiming to be communists will use as an excuse the “ultimate goal” (the seizing of power by the working class) in order to limit their “action” in exercises of revolutionary verbalism – while at the same time they let the bourgeois governments undisturbed and present themselves as “responsible” force. We are of the opinion that the reasoning used by the leaders of KKE (“we do not fight for the fall of the right-wing government because if it falls it will be replaced by the equally bad social-democratic PASOK”) is in reality attempting to hide their alignment with the camp of “law and order”, their fear of a mass movement that they do not control, and their refusal to struggle for the building of a popular front that will victoriously oppose the bourgeoisie and its political parties, the right-wing Nea Dimokratia and the social-democratic PASOK.

The leaders of KKE are feeling much safer as long as they remain self-isolated in their virtual world, receiving the congratulations and the grateful recognition by the government, the bourgeois Media and even the extreme right-wing party LAOS for their “responsible attitude” . Today they spend all their energy in the “left civil war”, attacking viciously the Radical Left, sparing the government and even justifying the murderous attacks against the revolted youth. Their actual tactics comes in high contrast with their distant and recent past, for which they have not proceeded to the slightest self-criticism: (a) in the ’70s and early ’80s they were the staunchest allies of the “socialist” PASOK, accusing the revolutionaries who struggled against social-democracy as “covert agents of the right-wing and of the secret services”; (b) in the late ’80s they participated in the government formed by the right-wing party Nea Dimokratia, and immediately after in a “national unity government” together with both Nea Dimokratia and PASOK; (c) in the late ’90s they were calling for the resignation of PASOK’s government – and this was correct, but then also the “realistic” alternative would be the other bourgeois party, the right-wing Nea Dimokratia…

The leaders of KKE pretend today that they do not understand the dynamics that could be created by a united and radical popular movement, able to overthrow a reactionary government. They pretend to ignore the very realistic scenario (if the Left would act as a combative front and thus gain even bigger popular support) of the bourgeoisie been obliged to form a “big coalition” government by both Nea Dimokratia and PASOK – and the possibilities that such a development would create for the communists and the popular movement. Instead, they continue the revolutionary verbalism while at the same time they put their forces in the service of the government (as they did in December, when, among other… heroic feats, they attempted to block the entrance of the universities in order to prevent the students to hold general assemblies and to continue the occupations…).

And the icing on the cake – just to confirm that sometimes even the formalities are very revealing: No organization of the Radical Left was invited in the opening ceremony of KKE’s 18th Congress. At the same time there were present and addressed the Congress two top-level delegations from the parties of Nea Dimokratia and of PASOK, as well as the (right-wing) president of the Greek Parliament. Apparently, the Radical Left deserves to be treated as main enemy, and not the bourgeois parties… The presence of the top-level bourgeois delegations and the… curfew on the Radical Left is indeed another marvelous result of the appeal to “wage war against the opinions supporting ‘the unity or the common action of the Left’, put forward by several intellectuals who, consciously or not, are selling the causes of the ‘progressive’ bourgeoisie and of opportunism” [KKE’s daily organ “Rizospastis”, 18/1/2009]…

As the global capitalist crisis develops and deepens, the big bourgeoisie attempts to “answer” it by transferring its burden on the already extremely exploited, barbarously oppressed and increasingly impoverished popular masses. However, the peoples of the world are developing and radicalizing their resistance, as shown by the mass protests in Italy or France, for example, and by the revolts that break out from Greece to the Baltic countries and from Iceland to the French colonies in the Caribbean. Our peoples desperately need a Communist Left willing and able to orientate, lead and develop the new and increasingly radical revolts and resistances that are urgently necessary. Our peoples desperately need a Communist Left willing and able to organize victorious struggles, which will bring us more near to the overthrow of the imperialist- capitalist system. What they do not need, is a force that claims to be communist but does not believe in the possibility of popular victories, and instead prefers to patiently and “responsibly” wait for the Second Advent (which will bring socialism also in Greece, all the more without “riots” and “without breaking even one glass”, as Mrs Aleka Papariga, Secretary General of KKE, recently declared in the Greek Parliament – only to be enthusiastically applauded by the government supporters…).

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On Monday 15 December thousands of secondary education pupils demonstrated for hours in front of the Athens’ Police General Headquarters their anger for the murder of Alexis and for the government’s attempts to “balance” it with the “destruction” provoked during the ongoing revolt. The youth offered flowers to the Special Forces; when the police “responded” with globs and then chemicals, the youth threw plastic water bottles and bags full of flour and paint against them.

Posted by ajadhind on December 19, 2008

On Monday 15 December thousands of secondary education pupils demonstrated for hours in front of the Athens’ Police General Headquarters their anger for the murder of Alexis and for the government’s attempts to “balance” it with the “destruction” provoked during the ongoing revolt. The youth offered flowers to the Special Forces; when the police “responded” with globs and then chemicals, the youth threw plastic water bottles and bags full of flour and paint against them. 


Actually all over Greece 600 secondary education schools (350 in Athens) and 150 university faculties and technical colleges are under occupation, following resolutions of the Students’ General Assemblies. The students organize daily protests outside police stations and public buildings in dozens of cities, often with the participation of teachers, parents and of members of the Left organizations. They also block roads and highways, as well as train and tramway stations. New clashes broke out with the police on Tuesday 16 December when the Special Forces attacked a peaceful music and dance happening in the centre of Athens.


The government tries to terrorize the youth with fierce repression, including hundreds of arrested pupils, often physically abused during arrest and in police stations. Many of them are accused on the basis of the “anti-terrorist” legislation and thus threatened with heavy sentences without possibility of appeal. For this reason on Tuesday evening dozens of activists managed to enter the studios of the state television, while it was showing a speech of Prime-minister K. Karamanlis; for more than 1 minute the state TV showed the youth raising banners in favor of the immediate liberation of the arrested militants and students.


While we are writing these lines (morning of Wednesday 17 December) hundreds of students gather already in front of the Court of Justice in Athens, in solidarity with their arrested comrades. Also, a large group of precarious workers have now peacefully occupied the headquarters of the Labor Confederation, protesting the refusal of the trade-union bureaucrats to declare a General Strike for tomorrow (day of action and new central demonstrations called by the students and the teachers). Simultaneously, dozens of local actions are taking place in many neighborhoods and cities, with the participation of thousands of youth.


The Communist Organization of Greece campaigns intensively all over the country, calling the youth and the people to participate en masse in the combative mobilizations until we chase away this government. For this reason a new, second national leaflet of KOE is distributed again in dozens of thousands of copies in 35 cities. All the forces of the Coalition of Radical Left resist resolutely the coordinated calumniating attacks of the “block of law and order” composed by the extreme right-wing, the government, the mainstream Media, the “socialist” opposition and the KKE. The Radical Left supports the occupations and calls for General Strike and new popular demonstrations.


Down with this government of thieves and murderers!

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5th Statement of the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) – We shall not yield to the criminal government!

Posted by ajadhind on December 15, 2008

Friday, December 12,

5th Statement of the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE)

11 December 2008


We shall not yield to the criminal government!

The “unholy alliance” of “law and order” cannot stop the protest!


1. On Thursday 11 December 2008 dozens of thousands of youth got again out in the streets and demonstrated their rage, marching against the police stations all over Greece. In Athens only, 21 police stations have been besieged by the youth, who replied to the police attacks with stones, turned upside down many police vehicles and burned them. These are not “rioters with masks”, but school students who protest the murder of Alexis and the government policies, which kill their future. Thousands of people stand by their side: their parents, their teachers, the militants of the Left. In many cases, the people raise and stand in front of the Special Forces, protecting the youth, resisting the police attacks, even liberating from the hands of the police the arrested demonstrators.


2. Hundreds of schools, technical colleges and universities all over the country are already under occupation. The “Communist Party of Greece” (KKE), which now became openly the right hand of the criminal government, failed to stop the General Assemblies of students. The shameful and pitiful attempt of these “uncompromised communists” to forbid, during the morning of Thursday, the entrance of students in the universities, met with the anger of the youth and within hours they were obliged to retreat in panic. The youth decided to organize new central demonstrations all over Greece this Friday 12 December, rejecting the “responsible” attitude of KKE and of the “socialist” PASOK, who also made an official appeal “for calm and dignity (!), against occupations and uncontrolled demonstrations” .


3. In these critical moments, the “unholy alliance” of “law and order” takes shape, the composition of the two opposite camps gets clear. On the side of the “order” stand the big bourgeoisie and the government of Karamanlis, with their employees: the mainstream Media, the police, the gangs of “angry citizens who protect their property” (composed by extreme right-wing cadres of the government party and by neonazis). Hand in hand with them goes the supposed “opposition”: the “socialists” of PASOK and the “communists” of KKE, with their calls for “responsible attitude” and their open, calumniating attacks against the Radical Left. This “opposition” receives the congratulations of the government and of the establishment, who is only very happy to repeat again and again their accusations against the Coalition of Radical Left. Even the leader of the extreme right-wing party LAOS accused A. Alavanos, head of the Parliamentary Group of SYRIZA, that he “protects the rioters” adding: “It is not me who says that, Mr Alavanos. It is your kindred spirits from the KKE who affirm that”.


4. On the other side, the camp of the movement is composed by the revolted youth and by the forces of the Coalition of Radical Left and other left organizations, those of the extra-parliamentari an Left. The combativity of the youth and the work of the communist current within the Coalition, represented by the Communist Organization of Greece, have until now succeeded to keep this alliance within the protest and armed it with a correct demand: “This government must go!”. The position of our Organization is crystal-clear: We participate to the revolt with all our forces. We learn by the revolt and we try to develop it further and arm it with the necessary perspective.


5. The blocks of KOE in all the demonstrations were combative and did not retreat in front of the police attacks, which in many cases were targeted directly against us. KOE is in many cities the initiator of the struggle and its members play an active role in its organization. In Patra, the contribution of KOE in the uprising of the school students was decisive. In Kavala, the local organization of KOE leads the protest against the repression and the government – to the point that the mayor of this city accused KOE as “instigator of the riots”. All over Creta the organizations of KOE excelled, and especially in Heraklio, where our Organization plays a leading role in the occupation of the Prefecture’s building. The same goes for other cities all over Greece. Also, KOE has produced last Tuesday a 4-pages leaflet under the general slogan “It is right to rebel” and distributed it in dozens of thousands of copies in 35 cities. The Communist Organization of Greece will continue with all its forces to advance towards the escalation of the struggle, aiming at throwing down the government of criminals, the government of the rich, the government of anti-people policy and corruption.


It is right to rebel!

Down with the criminal government of Karamanlis!

Exemplary punishment of the murderers!

Disarm the police – Dissolve the special “anti-riot” forces!


Communist Organization of Greece / Kommounistiki Organosi Elladas (KOE)
International Relations Department

Email: laokratia@yahoo. com * aristera@tellas. com
Web: * In English: international.

Post address: Newspaper “Left!” * Isaia Salonon 6 * 11475 Athens, Greece
Phone: +30 210 6441745 * Fax: +30 210 6430024

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Message to Chairman Prachanda and to the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

Posted by ajadhind on August 19, 2008

Dear Comrades,


The news of the election of Chairman Prachanda by the Constituent Assembly as first Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal expands all over the world and provokes waves of enthusiasm among the revolutionaries and the progressive peoples. For the first time in their long and militant history, the peoples of Nepal have a Prime Minister worthy of their aspirations and sacrifices. The election of Chairman Prachanda is another important victory of the popular masses of Nepal, led by the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). Furthermore, it is once more proving the success of the combination of strategic firmness based on the revolutionary principles and flexible tactics based on the correct and concrete analysis of the concrete situation.


The election of Chairman Prachanda as first Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is an event with international importance. It is a source of encouragement and inspiration for the struggling peoples of the world, who give life to new waves of active resistance and mass struggles of various forms all over the globe. The International Community of the Peoples now acquires a new fortress, gets stronger and has a concrete example of a country where the People imposed its Power through its protracted, resolute and heroic struggle. The vanguard of the Revolution now heads the government of Nepal, despite the combined efforts of imperialism and of local reactionaries to undermine the democratic process and to oppose the popular will.


Dear Comrades,


On behalf of the Communist Organization of Greece, on behalf of the many friends of the Nepalese People and of the Nepalese Revolution in Greece, we enthusiastically salute your new tactical victory and the hopeful developments in your country! We are aware of the new difficulties that you will face in this new phase of the course towards genuine democracy and People’s Power. However we are confident that, under the leadership of Chairman Prachanda and of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), you will open new ways and you will serve in the best ways the interests of the Nepalese People and of the peoples of the world. Be sure that your Greek comrades and friends will fulfil their internationalist duty and will further develop their solidarity with the popular masses and the revolutionary leadership of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal!


Long live the International Community of the Peoples!

Long live the People, the Federal Democratic Republic and the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)!

Imperialism shall be defeated!


Athens, 15 August 2008

For the Leading Committee of the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE)

Rudi Rinaldi, Nikos Galanis, Christos Katsoulas

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