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Revolutionaries do not kill policemen. The Maoists have to come up with a policy on this

Posted by ajadhind on September 16, 2010

One year after the launch of Operation Green Hunt, peace remains elusive as before

source – tehelka

GN Saibaba Vice-President, Revolutionary Democratic Front of India
GN Saibaba
Vice-President, Revolutionary Democratic Front of India

WHEN YOU hear about the killing of a policeman deployed in anti-Maoist operations, you are expected to condemn it in the strongest words possible. Otherwise you will be labelled an anti-national. If you have expressed an opinion that is perceived to be contrary to the Prime Minister’s beliefs that “Naxalism is the largest internal security threat,” you should make it a point to condemn the killing. Or else, you could end up being charged under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA).

One could feel a sense of déjà vu in the public domain after the Maoists killed Lucas Tete, one of the four hostages captured in the Maoist ambush on a Bihar Military Police camp in Lakhisarai. This is the biggest incident of its kind in Bihar after ‘Operation Green Hunt’ was launched in 2009. Ironically, the first anniversary of what civil society rightly terms a war against the people is being celebrated in a most bizarre manner in a state where the operation has been supposedly implemented reluctantly by its government.

Whose martyr? Lucas Tete, the Adivasi cop killed by the Maoists
Whose martyr? Lucas Tete, the Adivasi cop killed by the Maoists

The release of three policemen by the Maoists coincided with the announcement of the Bihar Assembly election. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar never uttered a word all through the show to indicate that he would consider releasing the eight Maoists in exchange for the four men. Neither did he ever reject the Maoists’ demand. A perfect statesman. Why did the Maoists demand the swap when they knew that ordinary policemen have no importance for the government? Why did they kill Lucas Tete, a Jharkhandi Adivasi, and not the Yadav, Sinha or Khan among the four abducted men?

In the Lakhisarai case, the hostages were prisoners of war (POW). In a similar incident in 2009, Maoist leader Kishenji said that the policeman in their custody was a POW and they would do him no harm. As announced, he was released in exchange for Adivasi prisoners.

But in Lakhisarai, Tete was killed. The remaining three were released under pressure from civil society, if we are to believe what a Maoist spokesman told the media. In this case, the Union and Bihar governments didn’t feel any pressure to release the Maoists in exchange for the abducted men, as their social status was not weighty enough for that. There is no other reason. Because we know from a number of such cases in Andhra Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Northeast and West Bengal that hostages were swapped for prisoners as demanded by abductors. Why didn’t it happen in the Lakhisarai case?

INDIA DOESN’T have a clear policy in this regard. The Home Minister supported the West Bengal government for the release of Adivasi prisoners in exchange for Atindranath Dutta, the office-in-charge of Sankrail police station in 2009. The government justified this act by claiming the prisoners were not involved in serious crimes. If so, why were they not out on bail?

Tete’s killing is regrettable. It is a pattern followed by the Indian State, as in the case of Azad and Hemchandra Pandey, but is uncharacteristic of revolutionaries. The Maoists have to come up with a clear policy on the issue. Such issues should not be left to be decided in the circumstances in which they happen. India has rejected instituting a judicial inquiry, though evidence indicates it was cold-blooded murder. Ever since, the government has evaded questions related to Azad’s peace proposals.

The peace process shouldn’t be derailed. The government alone cannot decide on war and peace. It has been a year now since the war on people was launched. The situation has to change. It is through a strong people’s movement that India will be made to understand the need for peace in the place of its war on people.


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Bihar: 7 policemen killed in 14-hr-long maoist encounter

Posted by ajadhind on August 30, 2010

Lakhisarai, Bihar:  A night-long encounter between security forces and Naxals in Poona-Dih village of Bihar’s Lakhisarai district has finally ended after 14 hours. According to reports, seven policemen have been killed in the encounter.

11 security personnel were injured in the attack and 11 others are missing. The injured were taken to the Sadar Hospital in Lakhisarai.

The encounter began on Sunday evening when the Naxals attacked a police party searching the area. The search party included personnel from the Bihar Military Police, State Auxiliary Police (SAP) and the CRPF.

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Bihar hunger deaths: lower level bureaucracy apathetic

Posted by ajadhind on August 27, 2009


Jehanabad/Patna: Investigations into five hunger deaths in Jehanabad and Nalanda last week paint a disturbing picture of the lower-level bureaucracy in Bihar.

Since June 2008, not a single family at Rattu Bigha, a Maha Dalit hamlet, has received regular supply of foodgrains on its yellow (Antyodaya Anna Yojana) card which entitles it to 25 kg of rice or wheat at Rs. 2 (for 10 kg rice) and Rs. 3 (for 15 kg wheat). The coupons are lying with the villagers, as the dealer is claiming “shortage of foodgrains” and keeping the shop closed for most of the time.

Among the 75 households at Rattu Bigha are 51 families of Maha Dalits and 10 Dalit families. According to records obtained from the Block Development Office, the hamlet has 20 Antyodaya, 53 red and 2 Annapurna Yojana cards.

The villagers also alleged that they had to pay Rs. 25 extra whenever they went to collect their allotted rice/wheat. So, they end up paying Rs. 90 per 25 kg instead of Rs. 65.One of the victims, Charittar Dom starved for 15 days before his death. His food cards — coupon no. 15938 for the period from June 2008 till May 2009 and no. 16133 from June 2009 till May 2010 — continue to remain with his kin as a sordid souvenir of his desperate condition.

Speaking to The Hindu over telephone, the newly appointed District Magistrate Palka Sahni said stern action would be taken against middlemen.

“It has been brought to my notice that the dealer had been absconding and I have already instructed the SDM to camp in the village,” said Ms. Sahni. Beneficiaries of the deceased were already identified, she said.

The DM said that as the foodgrains allotment last year was inadequate, many villagers were still left with their food coupons. Efforts were being made to identify the gaps and villagers were now being given foodgrains on priority.

Another problem. No entries have been made in job cards issued under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA).

Charittar Dom’s job card reads: card no. 0079, issued 2.02.2006, workday entries: 0. Dom died jobless though he was given the card in February, more than three winters ago. While Dom was fortunate enough to get a job card, Kunti Devi (who died on August 11) and Janardhan Mahto (entered as Singh in his voter ID card), who died on August 13, were without one.

The villagers complained that Rs. 30 was taken from every Maha Dalit family at Rattu Bigha to get photos of its members taken.

This is again a violation by officials, as it is the Government of India which is supposed to bear the expenses for photos of NREGA cardholders.

Apart from Charittar Dom, none of the deceased ever utilised the benefits under the Indira Awas Yojana.

According to Dom’s wife, the BDO gave only Rs. 10,000 under the scheme, instead of Rs. 35,000. As a result, the bricks are still lying in Dom’s hut.

However, there is no entry in his passbook (no.4290), issued by a local Punjab National Bank branch of his having ever received the amount, as it was directly handed over to him.

Under the Kabir Antyeshti Yojana, family members of the deceased are entitled to Rs. 1,500 for performing last rites. Block officials are supposed to hand over this amount to the kin of the deceased immediately after the death.

But at Rattu Bigha, officials had not done so until a hunger monitoring committee comprising representatives of NGOs reached the village and brought the matter to their notice. Speaking to The Hindu on Saturday, the BDO gave the assurance that the benefits would be given to the family of the deceased.hunger death

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Maoists attack court premises, free ‘commander’

Posted by ajadhind on June 23, 2009

source- timesLAKHISARAI (BIHAR): A senior government official and two security personnel were injured when armed Maoists attacked the civil court premises and
freed their ‘commander’ Babulal Besra here during their two-day bandh called to protest police action in Lalgarh.

Over 50 ultras, armed with sophisticated weapons, raided the court premises, broke open the lock-up and freed Besra, who hails from Giridih in Jharkhand, district magistrate P K Jha said.

They later attacked a police posse that tried to block their way and looted a carbine and two rifles from the policemen, who were outnumbered by the Maoist guerrillas, before escaping, he said.

Deputy development commissioner (Lakhisarai) Rajiv Ranjan sustained minor injuries when chunks of wood flying from the smashed window of his room hit him, the DM said.

Two constables, who suffered splinter injuries, were rushed to the government hospital here for treatment, Jha said.

Meanwhile, the Maoists also blasted a tower of a private telephone service provider in Gaya and a community centre in Aurangabad.

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Maoists kill 5 policemen in Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Posted by ajadhind on April 28, 2009

Five policemen were killed and a civilian driver of their vehicle was critically injured on Thursday when Maoist guerillas set off a landmine in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur district as the polling for 13 LS seats ended.

The Maoists, who had called for a boycott of the elections, detonated a landmine in the evening at a culvert near Karpoori Chowk at Mohabbatpur village near here, killing five policemen, including a sub-inspector. The naxalites triggered the blast when the policemen were escorting a vehicle laden with electronic voting machines after the polls.

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Naxals hold ‘Jan Adalat’ in Bihar

Posted by ajadhind on February 28, 2009

Just 145 kms from Bihar’s capital Patna,armed naxals from the People’s War Group are regularly holding a people’s court to dispense justice.

TIMES NOW travelled to Bihar and found about fifty armed naxals from the People’s War Group, holding a Jan Adalat (people’s court) in Banke Bazar of Gaya district. The naxals held this court to convey to the villagers about their fight against the atrocities of the police and the rich capitalists.

More shockingly, the Jan Adalat was being held in the presence of the heads of five village panchayats, who hailed the ‘effort’ for the naxals, raising pro-naxal slogans ‘lal salam, lal salam’.

Around 2000 villagers participated in the Jan Adalad. Visibly pleased by the ‘justice’ dispensed by the naxals, the villagers say that the naxals are a big help to them as the state government is crushing their rights.

”The capitalist and feudal landlords have suppressed us. And now these naxals have shown us the way to progress and development.” said Sukhdev Prasad, a villager from Banke Bazar.

Another villager from Warheta, Ramanuj Rai said, “We don’t get our right that is why we have come here. These naxals are showing us the way to fight for our rights. The Maoist and naxals have found the way to redress our problems. The government hasn’t helped us much as the Maoists. If the Maoists weren’t here we wouldn’t be respected by the rich and the capitalists”

The naxals, on there part, have taken their fight for justice to a new level. They are telling the villagers that that 90 % of the poor people were the victims of the police atrocities.

A naxal leader said the gathering, “More than 90% of people face police attrocities. They frame false charges against people – accusing them of being terrorists and criminals. The common man keeps fighting for their rights, while the capitalist and the rich keep suppressing us. But no matter how much we will continue our fight.”

The naxals also called for a boycott of the Lok Sabha polls and even paid tribute to around 14,000 naxals who were killed in parts of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Uttaranchal, Nepal and Bihar.

Ironically, the police are not even aware of this Jan Adalat that was held in broad daylight. Twenty-two out of Bihar’s 38 districts are facing the naxal menace. Despite the spate of brutal Naxal attacks in recent time, no one seems to have learnt the lesson yet – neither the cops nor the authorities.

By Prakash Singh, Patna


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Maoists blast wall of jail under construction in Bihar

Posted by ajadhind on February 20, 2009

February 16th, 2009 –
Patna, Feb 16 About 150 Maoists have blown up a wall of a jail under construction in Bihar’s Sheohar district on Monday. No casualties were reported.

Maoists attacked the under-construction prison in Sheohar late Sunday night and triggered the blast after forcing the workers out of the building.

Though no casualties were reported, the incident has created panic among workers engaged in building the prison.

The Maoists fled after causing the blast, but left behind pamphlets that warned of more such attacks.

Two days ago, Maoists set ablaze vehicles engaged in construction of roads in the district.

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Maoists kill 10 policemen, wound dozens in east India

Posted by ajadhind on February 10, 2009

Mon Feb 9, 2009


The rebels fired on policemen watching a cultural show in the region’s Bihar state witness’ said.


“We have undertaken a massive combing operation in the area to trace the Maoists involved in the attack,” a ‘senior’ police officer was supposed to have said.


The Maoists fire killed the policemen and left on motorcycles with their weapons.


Last week, Maoists killed 15 policemen in the western state of Maharashtra, in one of the biggest attacks in the state.


Maoist are fighting for the rights of poor farmers and landless labourers, and have  carried out thousands of actions since the start of the armed movement in the late 1960s.


Reactionary Indian state so called ‘experts’ even themselves say that Maoist influence is growing. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has described the insurgency as one of the gravest threats to India’s internal security.




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Naxals attack control room of mobile tower

Posted by ajadhind on January 17, 2009


Hajipur (PTI): Armed maoists attacked the control room of a mobile tower with bombs at village Anwarpur under Sarai police station in Bihar’s Vaishali district early Thursday morning to enforce their 24-hour bandh in North Bihar to protest against alleged atrocities on their top leaders lodged in Central Jail in Bhagalpur.

Superintendent of Police (Vaishali) Parasnath said over 100 ultras threw bombs at the control room of a private mobile company and partially damaged it.

One live bomb and some naxal papers were recovered by police from the spot, Parasnath said.

The outlawed CPI (Maoist) has called the bandh to protest against alleged atrocities perpetrated by the authorities on its top leaders lodged in Bhagalpur Central Jail.

According to reports, a senior leader of the maoists Rampravesh Baitha alias Satish Ji alias Rakesh Ji was allegedly assaulted by the jail authorities and policemen. It was also being alleged that the naxalite leader was not being treated properly in the jail hospital.

Baitha, secretary of Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Uttar Bihar area committee of the ultra-left outfit, was arrested from Patna on May 9 last year.

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India hit by two Maoist attacks

Posted by ajadhind on April 14, 2008



Maoist rebels in the Indian state of Bihar have attacked a railway station, killing five policemen and a porter, officials say.

Police say that the rebels surrounded a police railway outpost at Jhajha railway station in Jamui district.

The rebels also looted arms and ammunition in the attack, police say.

Meanwhile police in the state of West Bengal say that three members of the ruling Marxist party have been shot dead by Maoists in a remote region.

The three leaders were killed in broad daylight in the state’s remote Salboni region bordering the state of Jharkhand on Sunday.

Police said that a squad of 10 to 12 Maoists kidnapped seven political activists from Garmal village and took them to nearby jungle.

Three of those captured escaped, one was severely beaten up and the others – including a Communist Party of India (Marxist) branch secretary – were shot dead.

The CPI(M) has called for a day-long strike in the Salboni area to protest against the incident.

‘Combing operation’

Police in Bihar told the BBC that Maoists attacked the railway police post on Sunday evening.

They say extra personnel have been rushed to the area and a “massive combing operation” is now underway.

Maoists have a presence in about 22 districts of Bihar as well as in the neighbouring state of Jharkhand.

Analysts say that they operate in 182 districts in India, mainly in the states of Jharkhand, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and West Bengal.

The rebels say they are fighting for the rights of poor peasants and landless workers.


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