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Revolutionary Women’s (MLM) Movement Formed in Bangladesh

Posted by ajadhind on March 22, 2011

March 8, 2011
Call of international Women’s Day
New Democracy-Socialism-Communism is the path to women’s liberation

March 8 is the International Women’s Day. In this day in 1908, women workers in Chicago city in USA finally came up to the street in demand of reducing working hour, women’s right to vote, develop factory environment, maternity leave etc,.
What is the real condition of our women?
Regardless of rural or urban area, women of workers, peasants and middle class are bound to give birth of children, bring them up and all sorts of house hold work. In Garment prison [It’s like a prison] they use to work hard. Neither there is minimum wage nor working environment. In every step, calling names and discrimination. Many times, workers are burnt to death by being locked the main gate by the authority. They are working with less wage than a male worker socially get only because they are women.
What is this outlook?
This is male chauvinist outlook. This is a special method of exploitation of human by human in exploitative society. Its origin lies in imperialist world system and semi-feudal semi-colonial society. This outlook lies in each and every arteries of this society. Male domination over women started since the origin of class. When there was no class in primitive communist society, women were equal to men. Agriculture was women’s invention. Its work availability was more than hunting. On the other side, continuing human generation by giving birth to children was an honorable task. Later, when a few people who were clan chiefs, they, by exploiting the different opportunities, seized ownership of property and riches, then they made the mass majority people slave, class society emerged since then. After the invention of plough, men captured agriculture. Men started to keep male chauvinist system by establishing ownership over children. As consequence, women went under men all the way. This male chauvinist system was sustained in slave society, feudal society and present capitalist stage. Karl Marx and Frederick Engels first showed that the exploited class of society the proletariat will destroy this capitalist society and construct socialist and communist society. In Russia, under Lenin’s leadership, first socialist society was established what continued under Stalin’s leadership. In China, the systematic trend of new democracy-socialism-communism was initiated by overthrowing feudalism and imperialism. The trend of women’s liberation is closely linked with that trend of Great Marx, Lenin and Mao. There will be no exploitation in communist society, so male chauvinism too will be wiped out.
In Bangladesh, the imperialist collaborator bureaucrat bourgeoisie is dragging women to factories and confining them in over working to get maximum profit by giving fewer wages. Major portion of profit goes to imperialist buying house, shopping mall and big shops. In those garment industries, women workers don’t have any fixed working hour. They are bound to work overtime, sometimes whole night. Many times, those extra working hours have no payment or if they have that are very little while they are the one who are giving the country the major part of foreign currency.
On the other side, religious fascism is carrying absolute feudal repression over women. Still many women in rural area and smaller towns are subjected to repressive veil system. Every now and then women are being murdered by Fotwabaji [Fotwa is a so called Islamic rule in which the Mullah give the verdict]. Recently in South Bengal, a minor girl, Hena was killed by being target of Fotwa. The killing of Felani named handicapped minor girl by Indian BSF is an example of imperialist oppression over women.
A lot of women are working as housemaid with negligible wage. That work neither has any respect nor fixed wage. Actually, they are subjected to unpaid labor with very little return. Many times, they die by torture of house members. Many women work as cooker in hotel. A lot of women work in brick breaking (for building construction), soil digging (for road construction) and that types of various work.
Despite carrying great responsibility as nurse and maid in hospitals, women are being brutally discriminated.
Men use to take dowry for marrying women. Innumerable women are subjected to dowry system.
Apart from that, many women lead a discriminated life as divorced.
A lot of women, driven by poverty, or are forced to take the profession of a prostitute. There too, the owners grab the major portion of income.
Bourgeoisie is using women in Television, Cinema, and Theatre as commodity.
In cottage industry, in long days, women make very special commodities only to give big profit to capitalists and big markets while they themselves hardly can survive in daily life by too little payment.
Grameen bank, brac etc NGOs are exploiting and cheating rural women by taking compound interest. Many women commit suicide when they can’t pay back debt.
In the nineteenth century, Begum Rokeya dreamed of emancipation of women. She wanted to break the then restriction over women.
Priti Lata, Kalpana Dutt, erstwhile Ila Mitra and Shikha (of Payarabagan) are pride for Bengalee women.
Taslima Nasrin is a rebel but not useful for women because of her surrender to imperialism. Bourgeoisie feminists don’t want to join revolutionary movement as they don’t want revolutionary transformation of society. On the other hand, bourgeoisie reformists of women movement despite saying about some reform like female education and job are nothing useful to women because they want to protect the rotten semi feudal semi colonial society. But progressive part of these two trends should be convinced or swept to revolutionary women movement.
This is why, we have to commemorate Great women leader Klara Zetkin, Rosa Luxemburg and Chian Ching who said about communist society where there will be no exploitation. There will be no capitalist upon our head. So, male chauvinism will vanish.

So, struggling women,
Let us unite to break the chain.
Let us unite under the banner of Revolutionary Women’s Movement to overthrow the semi feudal semi colonial society with goal of a communist society.

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News from Bangladesh

Posted by ajadhind on October 28, 2008

Dear comrades

Our 7 comrades have been arrested by the police on 25 October 27, 2008 at 10 pm at begrhat, the south west area of Bangladesh. Police said to the media they were illegal activating at the morelgong, district of bagerhat.

7 comrade including a female comrade was arrested by the brutal Bangladeshi police. Very famous female comrade is known as didi moni ( mam) was also arrested on this night. Didmoni have been developing a child school on the morelgong, district of bagherhat. This school is very famous to the poor working and peasant classes.

Bangladeshi police never act as a political prisoner to the Maoist revolutionary group and same matter have happened for our great 7 comrade. They have been very much tortured since 25 October to yet. Because police did not hand over the matter to the court to surrender to the political prisoner. Bangladeshi state never knows how to go legal frame work but they every time says about law and duty.

Scholl have been leading our peasant organization.

All revolutionary party and individual man of Bangladesh as well as all over the revolutionary power to help to us.

Thanks to all


Sonkingkretir noya shetu

(it’s a party formation movement )


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Message for Comrade Tutul, leader of Purba Bangla Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) Lal Pataka (Red Flag)

Posted by ajadhind on August 19, 2008

To Purba Bangla Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) Lal Pataka

From Maoist Communist Party of Italy

Dear comrades,

With great sadness we have read about comrade Tutul’s assassination. The revolutionary work of this important maoist leader meant surely danger for the ruling classes, the comprador bourgeoisie, and its imperialist master, that once again, and through its notorious horrific way, need to attack the best combatants of the proletariat hoping this will stop the fight of the masses. And this naturally in vane. Because the kind of combatants, like Comrade Tutul, are an example for all of us and for the masses in respect of the urgent necessity to change the world system of oppression.

We are sure the forces of the party and the proletariat will overcome these hard times and keep going forward in the completion of its tasks.

We want to express our closeness in this sorrow moment to the comrades of the party and to the familiars.

[Maoist Communist Party of Italy]


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Martyrdom of Com. Tutal and the forward march of Bangladesh Peoples War

Posted by ajadhind on August 17, 2008

recieved via mail.

It is with great shock and deep sorrow that we heard the news of the brutal and savage murder of our dear beloved comrade Mizanur Rahman Tutul, Secretary of the Purba Bangla Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) Lal Pataka and member of CCOMPOSA. He no doubt has become another victim of state terrorism of the Feudal – Capitalist – Neo Colonial state of Bangladesh .


Today the world over through the very nature of the development of the capitalist and imperialist Socio Economic system deep contradictions have arisen within this system itself leading to severe economic, social and political crisis within all these countries resulting in more poverty and degradation of ordinary people’s living conditions. This has resulted in revolutionary situation in all these countries. The oppressed peoples, workers, peasants and other oppressed classes and peoples are rising up in revolutionary struggles against the ruling classes. The capitalist rulers unable to solve this situation are resorting to more and more violent methods to suppress these revolutionary movements of the people. The leaders of these revolutionary movements are the main targets of these rulers. Leaders of the revolutionary movements are killed in the most savage and barbaric ways. In this context the fact that capitalist democracy is a big fraud perpetrated on the people by the rulers is amply demonstrated. Faced with the opposition of the oppressed classes (workers, peasants, other oppressed classes and oppressed nationalities) and a threat to their existence in revolutionary situations the capitalist and imperialist rulers will use the most brutal and barbaric forms of violence to crush these revolutionary movements exposing the hollowness of capitalist democracy by denying the people of their basic human and democratic rights. The armed forces of the state will be unleashed against the people to kill and terrorize them to submission.


The fact that there had been even earlier incidents of this nature when another leader and several cadres of the Purba Bangla Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) Lal Pataka had been killed by the armed forces of the Bangladesh state, shows that the revolutionary movements of peoples of Bangladesh is been lead by the ideologically and organizationally strong Purba Bangla Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) Lal Pataka and that this party is capable of overcoming all obstacles in its path to lead the New Democratic Revolution of Bangladesh to victory and thus support the world revolution in its forward march to a final victory leading to a Communist World.


While we dip the red flag in honour and deep respect for our departed comrade Mizanur Rahman Tutul, we wish you all success in your People’s War for New Democratic State of Bangladesh.


  • Glory to Purba Bangla Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) Lal Pataka
  • Glory to the New Democratic Revolution
  • Glory to the CCOMPOSA
  • Glory to the RIM.

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Leader of Purbo Banglar Communist Party (PBCP Marxist-Leninist) executed

Posted by ajadhind on July 31, 2008

One of Bangladesh’s top daily put the news as follows:
Another killed in similar ‘shootout’

Leader of outlawed Purbo Banglar Communist Party (PBCP Marxist-Leninist) Lal Pataka faction Dr Tutul was killed in “crossfire” between police and his accomplices before dawn yesterday in Naogaon.

In a separate incident in Natore the same day, an outlawed party member and a suspect in the Bamihal police killing and arms looting case was killed in a similar fashion.

A former physician, Tutul is believed to have masterminded the killings of political figures in Rajshahi, Natore and Naogaon as well as the police killings and arms lootings at Bamihal in Shingra, Taherpur in Rajshahi, Randhunibari in Sirajganj and Chowbaria in Naogaon.

He was wanted in over 200 cases filed with different police stations in greater Rajshahi, Pabna, Sirajganj and a number of other northern districts.

The 42-year-old group leader, son of Daud Hossain Biswas from Kotchandpur in Jhenidah, was known under several aliases including Dr Mizanur Rahman, Rafikul Islam, Masud, Milon and Dada Bhai.

Earlier on Saturday night, hours before Dr Tutul was killed, his 80-year-old mother Novera Khatun through a press conference at Jhenidah Press Club pleaded the government to save her son from “crossfire”.

The police describing his arrest said near about 80 police personnel from Atrai, Raninagar and Sadar police stations cordoned off Kaligram Eidgah field at around 4:00am after receiving a tip-off regarding a secret meeting of 50 to 60 armed members of an outlawed party.

Aminul Islam, additional superintendent of police in Naogaon and the commanding officer of the raid, said soon after the criminals sensed their presence, they opened fire on the police. The police also retaliated and fired at least 100 rounds, he added.

They fled the scene leaving behind one of their bullet-hit accomplices, who was later identified as Dr Tutul, claimed the police adding that after he was taken to Raninagar Health Complex, the doctors declared him dead.

Police seized two locally made firearms, 17 bullets, 7 gun cartridges, a rifle magazine, two knives, two machetes and a few sharp weapons from the scene.

Our correspondent from Jhenidah reports: At around 8.30pm on Saturday, Tutul’s mother Novera Khatun told journalists at Jhenidah Press Club that the Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) members had arrested Tutul from Uttara in the capital on Friday night.

In an appeal to the government she pleaded for the safety of her son claiming that although Tutul was involved with an underground party, he did not participate in any killing or extortion. Tutul dedicated his life to provide medical treatment to the underprivileged and he had even sold pieces of ancestral land for the cause, the mother said.

Instead of killing Tutul in crossfire, she urged the government to put him on trial under the laws of the land if he committed any crime.

Earlier in the afternoon, the elderly woman went to the office of Jhenidah deputy commissioner to submit her plea to the government, but since the office had closed by then, she had to rush to the press club and make her request through the press, she told journalists.

A Bangla national daily (Jugantor) on Saturday in a report said the Rab has arrested Tutul from Uttara. However, the Rab did not confirm the arrest.

Born in 1959, Tutul completed his higher secondary education from Kotchandpur in 1977. He obtained MBBS degree from Rajshahi Medical College (RMC) in 1985.

He practised medicine at Sabaihat of Manda in Naogaon and in Rajshahi town for a year alongside his government job at RMC Hospital.

Tutul, a former member of Chhatra Moitree (student wing of Workers Party), became active in PBCP activities during his studies at RMC after he made his acquaintance with PBCP leader Mofakkhar Chowdhury who was subsequently killed.

He went underground in 1986 and became a fulltime activist of PBCP.

In 1997, Tutul and Quamrul Islam Mastar, two dissident followers of Mofakkhar-led PBCP, formed a faction named PBCP Lal Pataka (red flag).

Mofakkhar’s faction was called PBCP Janojuddho and he led the faction until his death in crossfire in December 2004. Abdur Rashid Malitha Tapan, who took over Janojuddho, was also killed in crossfire recently.

Quamrul, the co-founder of Lal Pataka, was also killed in crossfire in August 2006 and Tutul had been leading the faction ever since.

A correspondent from Natore adds: Ansar Ali, activist of an outlawed party and a suspect in the Bamihal police killing and arms looting case, was killed in a shootout between police and his accomplices at Kankian village in Singra upazila early yesterday.

Earlier on Thursday, police arrested Ansar from Bamihal area and following his confessional statement, the law enforcers took him along to the scene to capture his accomplices and retrieve arms.

As soon as the police reached the scene, Ansar’s cohorts started to shoot at the law enforcers, triggering the gunfight. At one stage Ansar attempted to flee and sustained bullet injuries, claimed the police adding that he died on the spot.

A pipe gun, four bullets and a sharp weapon were retrieved from the scene, the police said.

Human rights group Odhikar yesterday demanded independent judicial inquiry into the killing of Dr Mizanur Rahman Tutul, a top leader of Purbo Banglar Communist Party (ML-Lal Pataka).

Police claimed that Dr Tutul died after receiving bullet shots during a ‘shootout’ between outlaws and the police at Kaligram Eidgah field in Raninagar upazila of Naogaon at around 4:00am yesterday.

Expressing concern over Tutul’s killing, Odhikar said, “… the victim was reportedly not involved in any violent means to propagate his political believes… If this trend continues, those with ‘different’ views could now risk being targeted.”

Condemning the killings in ‘shootouts’, the rights watchdog said 197 persons were killed in the so-called crossfire, shootout, gunfight or encounters by Rab, police and other law enforcement agencies since January 11, 2007 till date under the state of emergency.

“Extra judicial killings are the worst form of rights violation … A persons’ life cannot be taken away without due legal process, which is the foundation of a civilized society. Continued extra judicial killings are eroding the foundation of Bangladesh’s polity,” reads a press statement of Odhikar.

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