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Press Release on CCOMPOSA conference (Co-ordination Committee of Maoist Parties and Organisations of South Asia)

Posted by ajadhind on April 1, 2011

Press Release of CCOMPOSA

The 5th Conference of the Co-ordination Committee of Maoist Parties and Organisations of South Asia (CCOMPOSA) was successfully completed in early March. The delegates took up analysis of the current political situation in order to identify its main features. They noted the fall out of the global crisis, the devastations it has caused among the masses, the wave of struggles in imperialist citadels triggered of by the crisis and the recent series of popular upsurges in Arab countries, apart from developments in South Asia such as the successful withstanding of Maoists in India of the state’s counter-revolutionary offensive. The Conference observed that “though in an uneven way, the objective situation all over the world, including in the imperialist countries, is developing favourably for revolution. The main trend of revolution is strengthened. In comparison to the favourably developing objective situation and its demands, the subjective strength of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties still lags. Nevertheless, greater attraction of people towards Marxism and socialism all across the world is a very positive sign. ”

As observed in the Political Resolution it adopted, “This Conference is being held when the Indian new democratic revolution continues to confront the serious challenge of “Operation Green Hunt” launched by Indian state. While the initial victories in beating back this ‘war on the people’, politically as well as militarily, give better conditions to the revolutionaries, the gravity of the challenges they face remains. The revolution in Nepal is at the crossroads. The powerful potential of great victory exits along with the serious danger of harsh defeat. Imperialism and Indian expansionism are openly intervening in Nepal to destroy the revolution and is directly instigating the ruling classes for this. People all over the world look up to the Maoists in Nepal to break out of all domestic and external conspiracies and advance determinedly towards the completion of new democratic revolution. Notwithstanding vigorous attempts on the part of revolutionaries, the people’s wars in Bangladesh and Bhutan have yet to cut through enemy repression and develop it to a higher level. Maoist revolutionaries of Afghanistan are engaged in preparation of people’s war amid US occupation. In Sri Lanka the task of reorganising the Maoist party is still on the agenda. All this shows the challenges faced by the Maoists of this region in the present juncture. Guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, the unity among the constituents of CCOMPOSA and their joint activities will surely strengthen the revolutionary struggles and initiatives going on in the different countries of South Asia and be a catalyst in facing up to these challenges and seizing the opportunities. This has a significance going far beyond the boundaries of South Asia.”

It concluded, ” Seize power where it is possible, develop ongoing people’s wars to higher levels, prepare and initiate people’s war where parties exist and build up parties where they don’t – this should be the working orientation of Maoist revolutionaries. It is a declared fact that CCOMPOSA has been formed to unite the Maoist revolutionaries of South Asia and fight Indian expansionist hegemony and imperialism in the region. Apart from accomplishing its responsibility in this region, CCOMPOSA, as a part and parcel of the international communist movement, must discharge its internationalist duties to further the cause of world proletarian revolution. South Asia is ripe for new democratic revolution. Let all of us strive to develop ongoing people’s wars, initiate new ones, accomplish new democratic revolution in our respective countries and establish South Asia as a strong base area of the world proletarian revolution. This and only this is the way the Maoist revolutionaries in South Asia can contribute to the advance to socialism and communism and thereby fulfil their proletarian internationalist duty.”

The Conference called upon all Maoist forces in South Asia to join the CCOMPOSA and strengthen it and thus further advance in the common aim of making South Asia a blazing center of world revolution.

CCOMPOSA condemns the aerial attack of Libyan cities by the US, French and British defence forces in the garb of implementation of “no fly zone” by the United Nations Security Council Resolution no. 1973. The recent history is replete with vivid memories how the attempts to implement of “no fly zone” were escalated into a full war of occupation in Iraq resulting in colossal human tragedy. The war preparations in the name of “Operation Odyssy Dawn” by these blood sucking imperiliasts show that they are determined to do another Iraq in Libya. CCOMPOSA is confident that Libyan as well Arab people understand the designs of these imperiliasts that it is not the Libyan people’s interest  behind the war frenzy, but the precious oil that is driving these plunderers  in toppling Gaddafi’s regime. The compradore Indian government, instead of standing against the Imperiliast attempts of intereference in the ongoing civil war in Libya, by firmly opposing the  Resolution,  played a role of cunning fox, by abstaining in the voting.

Dil Bahadur

Standing Committee,

Co-ordination Committee of Maoist Parties and Organisations of South Asia

23rd March 2011

3 Responses to “Press Release on CCOMPOSA conference (Co-ordination Committee of Maoist Parties and Organisations of South Asia)”

  1. surendra said

    we would like to reestablish direct communication with CCOMPOSA. The Ceylon Communist Party-Maoist was a founding member of CCOMPOSA.

    Com. Surendra.

  2. surendra said

    still no response to us.

    Com. Surendra
    Ceylon Communist Party- Maoist

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