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Revolutionary Women’s (MLM) Movement Formed in Bangladesh

Posted by ajadhind on March 22, 2011

March 8, 2011
Call of international Women’s Day
New Democracy-Socialism-Communism is the path to women’s liberation

March 8 is the International Women’s Day. In this day in 1908, women workers in Chicago city in USA finally came up to the street in demand of reducing working hour, women’s right to vote, develop factory environment, maternity leave etc,.
What is the real condition of our women?
Regardless of rural or urban area, women of workers, peasants and middle class are bound to give birth of children, bring them up and all sorts of house hold work. In Garment prison [It’s like a prison] they use to work hard. Neither there is minimum wage nor working environment. In every step, calling names and discrimination. Many times, workers are burnt to death by being locked the main gate by the authority. They are working with less wage than a male worker socially get only because they are women.
What is this outlook?
This is male chauvinist outlook. This is a special method of exploitation of human by human in exploitative society. Its origin lies in imperialist world system and semi-feudal semi-colonial society. This outlook lies in each and every arteries of this society. Male domination over women started since the origin of class. When there was no class in primitive communist society, women were equal to men. Agriculture was women’s invention. Its work availability was more than hunting. On the other side, continuing human generation by giving birth to children was an honorable task. Later, when a few people who were clan chiefs, they, by exploiting the different opportunities, seized ownership of property and riches, then they made the mass majority people slave, class society emerged since then. After the invention of plough, men captured agriculture. Men started to keep male chauvinist system by establishing ownership over children. As consequence, women went under men all the way. This male chauvinist system was sustained in slave society, feudal society and present capitalist stage. Karl Marx and Frederick Engels first showed that the exploited class of society the proletariat will destroy this capitalist society and construct socialist and communist society. In Russia, under Lenin’s leadership, first socialist society was established what continued under Stalin’s leadership. In China, the systematic trend of new democracy-socialism-communism was initiated by overthrowing feudalism and imperialism. The trend of women’s liberation is closely linked with that trend of Great Marx, Lenin and Mao. There will be no exploitation in communist society, so male chauvinism too will be wiped out.
In Bangladesh, the imperialist collaborator bureaucrat bourgeoisie is dragging women to factories and confining them in over working to get maximum profit by giving fewer wages. Major portion of profit goes to imperialist buying house, shopping mall and big shops. In those garment industries, women workers don’t have any fixed working hour. They are bound to work overtime, sometimes whole night. Many times, those extra working hours have no payment or if they have that are very little while they are the one who are giving the country the major part of foreign currency.
On the other side, religious fascism is carrying absolute feudal repression over women. Still many women in rural area and smaller towns are subjected to repressive veil system. Every now and then women are being murdered by Fotwabaji [Fotwa is a so called Islamic rule in which the Mullah give the verdict]. Recently in South Bengal, a minor girl, Hena was killed by being target of Fotwa. The killing of Felani named handicapped minor girl by Indian BSF is an example of imperialist oppression over women.
A lot of women are working as housemaid with negligible wage. That work neither has any respect nor fixed wage. Actually, they are subjected to unpaid labor with very little return. Many times, they die by torture of house members. Many women work as cooker in hotel. A lot of women work in brick breaking (for building construction), soil digging (for road construction) and that types of various work.
Despite carrying great responsibility as nurse and maid in hospitals, women are being brutally discriminated.
Men use to take dowry for marrying women. Innumerable women are subjected to dowry system.
Apart from that, many women lead a discriminated life as divorced.
A lot of women, driven by poverty, or are forced to take the profession of a prostitute. There too, the owners grab the major portion of income.
Bourgeoisie is using women in Television, Cinema, and Theatre as commodity.
In cottage industry, in long days, women make very special commodities only to give big profit to capitalists and big markets while they themselves hardly can survive in daily life by too little payment.
Grameen bank, brac etc NGOs are exploiting and cheating rural women by taking compound interest. Many women commit suicide when they can’t pay back debt.
In the nineteenth century, Begum Rokeya dreamed of emancipation of women. She wanted to break the then restriction over women.
Priti Lata, Kalpana Dutt, erstwhile Ila Mitra and Shikha (of Payarabagan) are pride for Bengalee women.
Taslima Nasrin is a rebel but not useful for women because of her surrender to imperialism. Bourgeoisie feminists don’t want to join revolutionary movement as they don’t want revolutionary transformation of society. On the other hand, bourgeoisie reformists of women movement despite saying about some reform like female education and job are nothing useful to women because they want to protect the rotten semi feudal semi colonial society. But progressive part of these two trends should be convinced or swept to revolutionary women movement.
This is why, we have to commemorate Great women leader Klara Zetkin, Rosa Luxemburg and Chian Ching who said about communist society where there will be no exploitation. There will be no capitalist upon our head. So, male chauvinism will vanish.

So, struggling women,
Let us unite to break the chain.
Let us unite under the banner of Revolutionary Women’s Movement to overthrow the semi feudal semi colonial society with goal of a communist society.

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