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Lessons from Arab world.

Posted by ajadhind on February 12, 2011

First it was Tunisia and now Egypt. People of these 2 nations have left their strong footprint in the pages of history of liberation. As said by Mao it is the people who decide the fate and path of the revolution. Uprising in Tunisia and Egypt, though motivated by many factors which were directly or indirectly caused by the neoliberal and neoimperial policies there are many lessons for the “RULERS” and “BUREAUCRATS” of the whole world. There is no face for the teacher here. Teacher is common man.

The present uprising cannot be brushed away as a protest against long standing dictatorship. Democrats, republicans, communists, socialists, fundamentalists and dictators all around the world should learn from this uprising that the tolerance of the people have a limited period of warranty and once the warranty period expires the revolt of the people cannot be stopped even if their army and their security personelle are mightiest in the world.

If the uprising of these people had only one intention of upthrowing the dictator then they will suffer again in the hands of armed forces/ religious fundamentalists/ one more dictator. But whoever comes to the leading position should be aware that their people are capable to revolt if a just and equal administration is not given.

Herewith we congratulate the people of Tunisia and Egypt for inspiring millions of oppressed of the world. They will be the example in future revolutions. At same time we would like to remind these brave people that their work is not over. It has just begun.

With regards,
Ajadhind Team.

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