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Posted by ajadhind on December 5, 2010



Press Release

November 23, 2010



Dear comrades and friends,

Fulfilling the cherished dreams of Comrades Charu Mazumdar and Kanhai Chatterji, the fore-founders of our Party – Communist Party of India (Maoist), on the day 2nd December 2000, the first anniversary of the martyrdom of comrades Shyam, Mahesh and Murali, for the first time in our country an Army, the Army of downtrodden people, came into existence. The name of this army is People’s Liberation Guerilla Army (PLGA) which fights under the leadership of CPI (Maoist). Since ages in our country, various communities and sections of people fought many a rebellions, against colonialists first and after 1947, against feudal and comprador bourgeoisie ruling classes. Thousands of brave fighters laid down their lives. This People’s Army of ours took birth in the process of continuation of the legacy of all those struggles. Now it’s the 10th anniversary of this Army.

In Dandakaranya, the revolutionary movement in the leadership of our Party has also completed 30 years by this year. Prior to the formation of PLGA, guerilla squads and organizers used to fulfill both organizational and military tasks here. After the formation of PLGA, many a commissions, commands and guerilla formations have been formed. By developing the Revolutionary People’s War in a systematic way and by taking up numerous tactical counter-offensive campaigns, many suppressive campaigns of the enemy were beaten back. After 2000, in the pace with which the Maoist People’s war in Dandakaranya advanced and in the development of the People’s Political Power in the form of Janatana Sarkar, the PLGA’s role was crucial.

It’s the Army of those people, who despite of producing entire wealth from the food grains to all other things with their sweat and blood, won’t get bread, proper clothing and shelter to live. When this Army is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary, certainly, it would be the moment of great pleasure for the toiling people and their well-wishers who consist 90% of our population. What’s the reasonability of this Army of workers and peasants? To find answer for this question, one needs to look into the history of at least past 63 years. Our beloved motherland India was subjected to ruthless plunder during the British rule for nearly 200 years, which is now masked with an absurd and fake democracy for the past 63 years. In the name of independence, as Bhagat Singh had warned us long ago, power was transferred from the hands of British exploiters to those of our own country. Congress party, which represents the comprador bourgeoisies like Tatas and Birlas, and feudal classes, in collaboration with imperialism, came to the power. No change brought in exploitation, oppression, atrocities and injustice. Only the form was changed. The direct rule of imperialism ended, but indirect rule, exploitation and control reached to high levels. In politics, economy, social life, agriculture, culture and Jal-Jungle-Zameen, in every aspect of our country the role of imperialism increased. The landlord and comprador bourgeois rulers of our country, dancing to the tunes of imperialism, pushed the vast majority of the population into the sea of endless problems like poverty, destitution, hunger, malnutrition, disease, unemployment, price rise, discrimination, corruption, oppression, so on. During the past 63 years, these rulers, who used to boast the `development’ with high figures, are only responsible for the situation of 77% population forced to live with the minimal earning of 20 rupees per day. On the other hand the assets of 100 top billionaires like Tatas, Jindals, Essars, Ambanis, have accumulated so much wealth which is equivalent to the 25% of the GDP. In the name of development, big dams, mines, big industries and sanctuaries displaced more than 40 million people from their habitats. More than 40% of such people are adivasis who constitute only 8 percent of the total population. Thus, the brunt of the so-called `development’ is being faced by adivasis, dalits and other poor sections. The condition of the working class in urban areas is worse. They are forced to work in 18th century-like-conditions today. Toiling for 10 to 16 hours per day is becoming more and more common now. Minimum wages act is being kept only in the papers. Because of continuous attacks of Hindu fascists’ on Muslims and Christians, latter are forced to live with insecurity. In Kashmir and North-East regions, armed forces of the Indian expansionist rulers have been suppressing the people in most inhuman ways. Where ever a protest is registered to this situation or whenever a voice of opposition is raised, state always countered with its brute force of bullets and guns. Entire repressive tools of the state, i.e. police, paramilitary and army dealt this opposition with violence, terror and barbarity. In this backdrop, the famous Maoist saying – `people have nothing without a people’s army’, converted into reality, not only in words but in practice too. In the process of continuation of the New Democratic Revolution of India which was initiated with the First Struggle of Independence in 1857, and particularly the ongoing Agrarian Revolutionary Guerilla War which was initiated along with the Great Naxalbari Armed Peasant Uprising, this People’s Army – People’s Liberation Guerilla Army was formed which is now celebrating its 10 years. Smashing feudalism, comprador bureaucratic bourgeoisie and imperialism; and establishing the rule of the United Front which consists of worker-peasant unity as its basis and small and middle bourgeoisie as its allied forces, is the political aim of this People’s Army.

Now, let us have a glance at the achievements of the Dandakaranya people with the help of this Army –

In village and area levels, the power of the exploiting classes has been smashed and the People’s Power has been established.

Organs of the Janatana Sarkar, though in primary level, are working taking initiative with the aim of achieving all-round development of the people. O

ver three lakh acres of land has been confiscated from the government forest department and landlord classes.

Thus there is no landless peasant in the areas of struggle, here in Dandakaranya.

All kinds of atrocities, exploitation and sexual exploitation of women by police, forest department, revenue department, mining maphiya, timber smugglers, usurers, tendu leaves contractors, paper mills management have been stopped.

The attempts of plundering the huge natural wealth of Dandakaranya by both `indigenous’ and foreign corporate companies like Tatas, Essars, Jindals, Mittals, Texas Power Generation, Vedanta etc. have been thwarted.

The bogus policies of the government under the garb of `development’ which would have been displaced adivasis in big numbers were opposed and resisted.

Hence the mining maphiya has been forced to flee from various places from Pallamad to Surjagarh.

The suppressive and rapist police and paramilitary forces that were deployed to ensure the exploitation of people and plunder of resources were wiped out in big numbers. O

ver 575 modern weapons were seized from them by the people and people’s forces to arm themselves. Murkinar, Urpalmetta, Ranibodili, Korkotti, Laheri, Kongera, and particularly the historic Tadimetla ambush, all these attacks show the development process of the guerilla war.

Many a brave daughters and sons of the people attained an important place in the history with their martyrdom.

In 2005, with directives of the central government, BJP government of Chhattisgarh had launched a brutal counter-revolutionary campaign with the name of Salwa Judum. During that campaign police, paramilitary forces and SPOs had killed more than one thousand adivasis and raped hundreds of women. More than 600 villages were burnt down and thousands of people were forced to live in so-called `relief’ camps. In spite of this, entire people stood straight and firmly. Raising the flag of resistance everywhere, the people of Bastar defeated Salwa Judum in the leadership of this Army and thus added a new chapter in the annals of history.

 But the challenges are there…

With the aim of wiping out the Maoist movement, which has become a big hindrance in the road of indiscriminate corporate plunder of natural wealth, with the guidance of imperialists, exploitative ruling classes have launched an inhuman, massive and countrywide onslaught in the name of Operation Green Hunt, which is, in fact, `war against the people’. This must be fight back. For this, PLGA should become strong in all aspects. Refuting all illusionary and fake developmental schemes firmly, People’s Economy has to be developed basing on the principle of `self-reliance’. To defend this and to ensure its smooth conduct, youth should join PLGA in big numbers. Big and foreign corporate companies are itching to plunder the mineral and other natural wealth of Dandakaranya. This would lead to the displacement of entire local populace. In the struggle of resistance to this, PLGA should lead from the front so as to protect the existence of the people. On the occasion of 10th anniversary of PLGA, we appeal to all democratic intellectuals, writers, journalists, mediapersons, students, youth, teachers, workers and peasants to stand firmly in support of the just struggle of the people of Dandakaranya and to oppose the fascist onslaught of exploiters – Operation Green Hunt. PLGA 10th anniversary celebrations would start from 2nd December and continue till the end of the month. During this period, revolutionary propaganda, processions, meetings, rallies would be conducted in every village and everywhere. We also want to make one point clear that there would be no bandh or shutdown on this occasion. We are in no way responsible for the rumors that there is going to be a shutdown for three weeks.

(Sudhakar) (Gudsa Usendi)

 In charge Spokesperson

DKSZ Military Commission

DKSZ Committee CPI (Maoist)

CPI (Maoist)

(This was translated from Hindi Original)


  1. Vande Maataram Comrades, When the voice of the poor remained unheard then it is obivious that the ruler can hear the roraing of the mass, in the form of firce bullets. When the suppression crossed the limit then the oppressed raises, from the bottom of the society. What i mean, this is revolution. And every scarifice, every drop of blood and sweat of the revolutionary, which sustained the revolution (perpetuated war againest suppressers) will be remained in the eternal bliss.
    Long leave revolution against supression, poverty, corruption, hunger. VANDE MAATARAM

  2. Long live the revolution.Long live PLGA.

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