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Posted by ajadhind on December 5, 2010



Press Release


November 27, 2010 

Unified Action Plan To ‘Develop’ Maoist Stronghold Districts

Is Not Aimed To Solve Any Basic Problems Of The People,

But To Crush The Revolutionary Movement!

Punish Traitors Severely, Who Are Involved In

Scams Of Billions Of Rupees Of Hard Earned People’s Money!!

Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, yesterday on 26th November, has approved Central Planning Commission’s Rs 137.42 billion ‘Unified Action Plan’ to ‘develop’ naxal affected areas. Two year long, Rs. 33 billion package of the first phase announced by Home Minister is to spend Rs 250 millions in each of the districts of the 9 naxal affected states in the year 2010-11 and Rs. 300 millions for each of the districts in the year 2011-12. He said cabinet committee will review it after 2 years. These rulers claim that, by providing basic amenities in these poor tribal districts, where more than 50% of the population live below poverty line, want to achieve ‘development’ and thus aim to solve naxal ‘problem’. As per them, basic ‘amenities’ include primarily roads, later panchayat buildings, electricity, school buildings, education and health. On the one hand, since one year these rulers, in the name of Operation Green Hunt, have deployed more than 200 thousands of paramilitary forces and massacred hundreds of tribal people, now on the other hand, in these same areas want to spend millions of rupees. Is it for the benefit of people? Or is it to further its repression on the people? It is easy to understand. While making this announcement, Home Minister P. Chidambaram insisted to spend all the money by end of the March next and show ‘development’. Involving police department in the programme and placing district superintendents of police in these committees is nothing but an effort to put a ‘developmental’ mask to their fascist repressive measures. Is construction of roads and buildings for ‘people living below poverty line’? Or is it to facilitate state’s armed forces, which are carrying out killings at will and crushing their right to live. Any adivasi living in these areas can answer this question. Hiding the fact that, by occupying the buildings of educational institutions, armed forces have themselves become a great hindrance to the very education, want to spend billions of rupees to improve educational facilities is an outright deceit. These rulers never bothered, at the loss of lives of adivasis every year for minor diseases like diarrhea and fevers can not be trusted, when want to improve medical facilities under these packages.

In fact, since the last two months not a single day passed without the news of scams. People are witnessing, how tens of billions of people’s money is being whacked away by corrupt political leaders, ministers, big bureaucrats, corporate bosses and noted media barons. These rulers, who shout on top of their voice that Maoists are the biggest internal security threat and their bankrupt intellectuals who beat the drums in unison are the real big dacoits. This can be easily realised without referring history. Commonwealth Games scam (nearly one billion rupees), 2G spectrum scam (above one billion rupees), Adarsh housing society scandal, Karnataka land scams etc. are enough of evidence. Congress, BJP, DMK, Janata Dal like exploitative ruling class parties are all, without exception, part of this outright plunder. All these scams are more nakedly and blatantly getting exposed before the people. Maoist understanding that the only way out is to smash this deep-rooted, corrupt, exploitative system completely is day by day getting more people’s acceptance. This is what is threatening these exploitative ruling classes.

By all these scams, which are visible to naked eye, one can easily guess to where and in whose pockets millions of rupees of money by these economic packages would end up. It’s worth noting that these rulers are not afraid of the people that they will mock at them, when they say that ‘development’ will take place by these economic packages. If we note the fact that Montek Singh Ahluwalia, vice-chairperson of the planning commission, who, designed this economic package, Chidambaram, who approved it, both of them have sincerely and reliably served in imperialist financial institutions and imperialist corporate houses and the leader of this ruling clique, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who himself spent most of his life in the service of imperialist financial and monetary institutions, then it is easy to understand who will be the end beneficiary. On the one hand, signing hundreds of billions of rupees of MOUs with corporations, facilitating the plunder of country’s resources in tribal areas, threatening the very existence of tribal populations, turning a deaf ear to the demand by the people and democratic forces to make all MOUs public and cancel them all, on the other hand, talking of ‘Development’ is a big joke.

We, the Central Committee of CPI (Maoist) severely oppose this anti-people ‘Unified Action Plan’. Our CC feels that this is a part of the fascist repressive campaign by the centre and state government-sponsored Operation Green Hunt and facilitate it further. The claim that, backward areas will be developed is a farce, a deceit. The governments, if at all sincere, should first give all rights over Jal-Jungle-Jameen to adivasis and poor people; cancel all MOUs signed with MNCs and big corporate companies; stop all those projects of big dams, mines, sanctuaries, big steel plants and SEZs which would displace hundreds of thousands of people; and stop Operation Green Hunt immediately under which adivasis are being massacred.

On this occasion, our Central Committee demand to arrest and punish severely all those political leaders, ministers and corporate houses’ heads involved in Commonwealth Games scam, Adarsh housing society scam, Karnataka land scams etc.; and all those saffron terrorist leaders involved in Malegaon, Ajmer Sharif, Mecca Masjid etc. bomb explosions.





Central Committee,

CPI (Maoist)




  1. anil said

    why not all these through democratic and non violent ways

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