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From Italy to London – Red block Maoist Communist Party-Italy’s youth organization

Posted by ajadhind on December 2, 2010

The wind of rebellion from Greece to France comes to London
Red block Maoist Communist Party-Italy’s youth organization has learned with enthusiasm the news of the student revolt in London, and looks at it with great respect and spreading among the Italian students as a way forward.
The Government of Cameroon as well as all governments of the imperialist bourgeoisie, attacked the social status of workers’ rights of students and young people, faced a crisis created by the same capitalist system, governments choose to cut resources and the political and economic elites as political banks, corporations and owners revel in gold on the backs of workers.Faced with these anti-people measures that affect these different subjects, the teen angst of college students was the only flag of opposition against the government.
The British students have launched the loud and clear signal to government that they refuse to pay for the crisis of capital at the expense of the sacred right to education.The students even before the British workers and proletarians have had the courage to violate the prohibitions of the police and as one man were thrown against the symbols of political power and economic measures that have caused these anti-people: Westminster and the party headquarters of Tories, a member of the coalition government.
Legitimately students stormed the party headquarters of the head of the government sweeping powers of ruthless servants in uniform that could have nothing to stop the momentum of the student rebellion.At the moment Europe is like a huge prairie fire risk day after day to us is to trigger the spark: the revolt of the young rebels in Greece, the student revolts of 2008 in Italy and Spain, the recent general strikes in France threatened to cripple the country for a long time and now the great rebellion of British students bring a fresh wave of rebellion and a great example for young students and workers of all Europe and the world.we are engaged in the student movement in Italy for advancing now, after the great wave of the 2008 student movement, as well as quantity and quality especially radical. In front of the Gelmini reform that cut to 8 million with the immediate effect of layoffs of thousands of teachers and school workers, the risk of closure of many aetenei as well as the growing number of inefficiencies and inconvenience to students as overcrowding of classes and courses and so on.Italian students have much to learn from the students English, French and Greek and go straight to the goal: the Berlusconi government and the governments of all bosses.That is from Italy salute with enthusiasm the student protests of British students, which in Europe is raised against the piano students of Bologna and the governments of the masters.
Long live the rebellion of young workers and rebels
Long live the rebellion of students
To rebel is rightr
ed block italy
youth maoist organisation
directeb by PCm-Italynovember 2010


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