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Azad killing was murder: Mamata

Posted by ajadhind on August 10, 2010

LALGARH: Trinamool Congress chief and railway minister Mamata Banerjee lived up to her reputation of being a maverick politician at a rally in Lalgarh, West Bengal, on Monday.

Putting herself at odds with her own government’s assessment that Naxalism is India’s biggest internal security threat, Mamata Banerjee on Monday questioned the killing of a Maoist leader and virtually offered them an olive branch. “Give me a date and time for the talks. Let this politics of murder and terror stop. If need be, the joint operations have to stop during the negotiations,” she said.

Referring to the encounter death of Maoist chief spokesman Cherukuri Rajkumar, popularly known as Azad, in Andhra Pradesh on July 2, Mamata described it as ‘khoon (murder)’. “Azad’s killing was not right. Swami Agnivesh has told me they want to talk again.”

Mamata clearly does not mind if her comments raise eyebrows in Delhi. She is ready to bear with the unease — as long as it serves to mobilize people against the ruling CPM in rural West Bengal.

2 Responses to “Azad killing was murder: Mamata”

  1. sourav said

    it sometimes feel great to listen this kind of stuffs which is very much inevitable for an aspiring leader.but comrades be aware of Mamata.she is not with us,not with the proletariat.these are mere dialogues,no action is present.we believe in action not words.
    long live the revolution.we need a classless society not just a few schools or hospitals.can she promise that?

  2. sourav said

    sometimes it feels great to listen these kind of words which is very much tnevitable for an aspiring leader but comrades be aware of Mamata.Watch out!She is not with us,not with the proletariat.she cant give what we need.we need a classless society where there is no exploitation of man by man.we dont need just a few schools or hospitals.can she promise that?

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