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Thank God! I am an atheist!!

Posted by ajadhind on July 22, 2010

If there is god- whether ram, allah, jesus, parvathi etc etc- they might have already hanged themself to death after seeing various incidences that takes place in day to day life in their names.

Every religion has been created by those who dreamed of uplifting the psychological status and morality of people. Education which was considered as a tool to liberate people from the small mindedness,
unfortunately is working in a opposite way

Fundamentalists of all religion are targetting the educated section. Even people are accepting those views. ‘violence of our religion is a response to violence perpetuated by other religion’, ‘ they killed us,
we will kill them’, ‘ they made wrong statement about our god’ you can read lot of articles like this in newspapers. Everyone is for the blame game.

Main success of fundamentalists is they have succeeded in marginalising the people into different groups based on religion. In a single religion marginalisation based on caste.

In an attempt to oppose the terrorism by pseudo islamists many are ready to accept the terrorism by pseudo hindus. The burning example of pakistan should open our eyes.

Supporting any religious fundamentalism might ultimately lead to nations with single religion. But one should remember that fundamentalists ultimate aim is to see their religious tags in front of everyone’s name and their aim and agenda ends there. They are least bothered about other
socioeconomic aspects of a person or a society as a whole.

Though an atheist i sincerely pray to gods of all religion to give his/her followers litte amount of intelligence to think, in a rightful way.

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