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Naxal Movement In Karnataka

Posted by ajadhind on June 28, 2010

It is often said these days that the Naxal movement in karnataka has reached its end. The main reason cited is the arrest of two top maoist leaders Nandakumar and Chandru Gorabal. Former was thought to be relieved from Karnataka duty and posted to other state. The latter as per police statements was a Member of South Zone committee and also a member of central committee. Will the arrest of these two top leaders will end the maoist movement in karnataka?
Ofcourse it should be accepted that arrest of many cadres is  certainly a set back for the movement. At present the movement is facing difficulties because of small number of full time party workers. But this is not the end of the movement. Though for few days there will be decreased armed movement and the parties aim should be in organising the mass movements for which the conditions in the state and pattern of ruling by the government are perfect.
One should remember that the armed movement is a part of the naxal revolution and it is not the only way. The people of Karnataka has seen the success of Naxals though smal, in the agrarian movement in which they were actively involved. It was because of Naxals the conditions in the Malnad was improved a bit. People have seen that democratic people movements are being crushed by the government. Recent example is of S.K. Kantha who was fighting against the land acquisition near Gulbarga for thermal power plant. He was also leading the struggle of Poura Kaarmika’s. He was arrested regarding the latter struggle and was also granted bail recently, but the government arrested him with a fear that the land acquisition may become difficult if he is out. Now the government forcefully made the farmers to accept its conditions, if they fail they will get least compensation.
When more land is being marked for all MNC’s who will develop Karnataka, the people who have seen the democratic movements getting crushed from the government with an iron hand will join and lead the movement with naxal ideology.

6 Responses to “Naxal Movement In Karnataka”

  1. sourav banerjee said

    all the best.long live the revolution

  2. kiran said

    Hello Ajad,
    Again I am concerned with the Nexal ideology here. I am from Karnataka and I know very well that there is huge power crunch in the state. Leave apart industries, even farmers are not getting 4 hours per day electricity to irrigate their lands.
    In such a scenario protest against erecting a power plant will be an out-rightly senseless argument. OK you may argue that the Govt should not occupy fertile land. But look at the requirements of a power plant. It has to be close to a water source such as reviver or a dam or a canal. There will be fertile lands in the vicinity of such water sources. So where will Govt go now? Or else the nexals should suggest an alternative. Wherever the Govt. does in this case it has cause discomfort to few. But in the interest of 5-6 corer people these few have to compromise. Think about it…

  3. kiran said

    Hello Ajad,
    Why you have not replied to my previous posting.?
    Isn’t it true? It is certainly not good of Naxals if they oppose a nobel cause.
    Big projects like errecting powerplant require few people to relocate somewhere else.
    But in the general intreset of the humanity one should be ready for that.
    Now you may come back to me and ask.. if I was asked to relocate from my house for the betterment of my locality (leave apart country or state) will I be ready?
    Yes! Certainly! I am ready to do so. Only thing I request to the govt is to rehabilitate me at a suitable place…
    Blind opposition or opposition for ones own profit is not in the national interest…
    Hope you respond to this…

  4. ajadhind said

    sorry for delay. You yourself have answered the questions. If there was proper rehabilitation we will not see this much opposition. You can read the full article about Gulbarga power plant in this site –

  5. Better to have amicable talks… working towards development is a long term solution for all these problems

  6. naveen said

    how to joi naxal movement

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