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Interview with Comrade Azad, CPI – Maoist

Posted by ajadhind on May 6, 2010


One Response to “Interview with Comrade Azad, CPI – Maoist”

  1. iam president of kriyasheela jathigala okkuta(r)tiptur tumkur district karnataka.our organization is a based on democracy,capitalism,and social justice.schedule tribes and backward caste people can become members of our organization. your party ideology his only misguiding our sc,st,bc people maoist party leaders are mainly bramhins and upper castes your game is coming to end from 1992 sc,st,bc communities are going with there own community leaders social justice movement gaining ground your anti sc,st,bc stand as been exposed again and again you cant divert attention from real problems brahmins and upper caste change your attitude or or get ready to be destroyed.

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