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Tata sponsored ‘Green Hunt’ in Kalinga Nagar to destroy democratic tribal movement

Posted by ajadhind on April 9, 2010

Yesterday the Collector of Jajpur district assured Dabar Kalundia, a tribal leader of Bisthapan Birodhi Jan Manch (BBJM) that he would come to Baligotha village on 28 March for a meeting with the dissenting villagers and find a solution to the prevailing conflict. But within a day the Collector has broken his word as today about 24 platoons of armed policemen have been deployed in Kalinga Nagar to suppress the democratic & non-violent movement of the BBJM. It is feared that there will be bloodshed at a larger scale than 2 Jan 06 when 14 tribal men, women & children were killed in a police shootout. The villagers fear the police will attack tomorrow morning.

For more than 3 months now the resistance villages of Kalinga Nagar have been besieged by police forces who have randomly arrested dozens of villagers who stepped out of their village. People have been framed under false charges. There has been repeated midnight attacks by policemen and Tata goons to annihilate key activists of the BBJM. Hired assassins have also tried to eliminate the tribal leaders of the movement and one such attempt caused the death of Amin Banara of Baligotha village. Recently large number of police forces had been deployed on the pretext of building a road through the villages. Every attempt of the police and administration to quell the dissent of the people has been countered in democratic and non-violent ways by the BBJM.

The BBJM has clarified several times that it is not a Maoist backed organisation and does not want violence. The BBJM has made it clear that it will not accept displacement and mindless industrialisation that is already causing massive pollution in the area leading to widespread disease, crop failure, air, water & sound pollution. The Collector also agreed to the meeting only after the BBJM wrote several letters to him demanding that their concerns be addressed first as the Collector had been announcing in some meetings in the area that the Common Corridor Road would be built at any cost.

Surprisingly the print and electronic media have so far ignored developments in Kalinganagar which itself is a threat to democracy. Mainstream political parties also have reached a consensus with the ruling party which creates concerns among all citizens who understand the implications of mobilization of armed police in kalinganagar villages resisting Tata induced displacement.

We demand that the Govt should stop acting like a hired mercenary of Tata Steel company and withdraw all police forces from the area immediately. If there is any bloodshed the sole responsibility will lie on the Govt. The Govt should also give up the Common Corridor Road project as it will be built on fertile farm land and the community land of the tribals. The Govt should respect the sacrifice of the 14 tribals killed by the police and scrap the Tata project immediately. There should be no further displacement & dispossession of tribal people from their land. The Govt should immediately start working towards restoring peace in the area by assuring the tribals that there will be no attacks on them by the police or Tata goons. A medical team should be sent to the villages immediately as people have not been able to visit doctors for days in fear of arrest.

We appeal to all concerned citizens, progressive groups & media persons to raise their voice against the Fascist tendencies of the Govt and express solidarity with the tribals of Kalinga Nagar.

Prafulla Samnatara, (Lok Shakti Abhijan)
Lingaraj, (Samajbadi Jan Parishad)
Radhakant Sethi, (CPI-ML Liberation)
Prashanta Paikrai, (PPSS)
Bhalachandra Sadangi, (CPI-ML New Democracy)
Lingaraj Azad, (NSS)

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  1. Mahi Pritam said

    “At Kalinganagar Tata Steel ensures that every member of the Tata Steel Parivar gets the opportunity to assume leadership in generic issues. For women in particular, self-help groups are a means of beneficial involvement in economic activities that keep them away from social marginalisation. Little encouragement, support and belief that ‘things are going to be much better’ seems to have done a miracle in shaping the confidence of the tribal women at Kalinganagar rehabilitation colonies of the Tata Steel Project.

    As women plays a greater role in the construction of a family, Tata Steel pays special attention to women empowerment initiatives. The life story of Sabita Jamuda of Kalinganagar proves it.

    Earlier Sabita Jamuda was the teacher in an Anganwadi centre in the Chandia village at Kalinganagar. She was strongly against displacement and was even the leader of Women Group opposing displacement at Kalinganagar.Slowly she learnt about Tata Steel Parivar R&R package. She and her family got displaced from Chandia village of Kalinganagar.

    Sabita Jamuda with the help of Tata Steel officials became self sufficient and started helping other displaced tribal women to be self sufficient. Due to her many other tribal women have taken training in tailoring and are earning a substantial amount. These women have become well-known faces of the Tata Steel Parivar Women Empowerment Programme taken up for the displaced families of Kalinganagar.

  2. Neil Rohit said

    Tata Steel Paribars – the rehabilitated families in Kalinganagar in Jajpur district of Orissa have achieved two Millennium Development Goals of United Nations well before the timelines of 2015 AD. While the first Millennium Development has set a time line of 2015 to ensure Universal Primary Education, the second millennium development goal stresses upon removal of gender disparity in primary and secondary education by 2015 AD.
    Tata Steel which has given a guarantee to improve the quality of life substantially within five years for the rehabilitated families of Tata Steel Paribar at Kalinganagar, have already achieved this in the field of education within first four years of rehabilitation at Kalinganagar. The Rehabilitation and Resettlement team of Tata Steel ensures and motivates all the children above the age of 3 to attend a school starting from Balwadis operating in the rehabilitation townships and monitors & tracks the performance of each child. This has ensured Zero School dropout amongst the children of rehabilitated families. It may be noted that while the country’s elementary school dropout rate is around 23% and that of Orissa is around 26%.
    Further constant persuasion with the parents and facilitating in creating opportunities in boarding schools including that in KISS have ensured 100% education for the girl child of Tata Steel Paribar starting from primary levels to secondary level and higher professional levels like that of Engineering, Business Management etc.
    Another impressive achievement for Tata Steel Paribars at kalingangar is the drastic jump of the literacy levels from 45% ( in 2005) to 65% in 2010 amongst its members. Computer Based Functional Literacy (CBFL) through 6 Adult literacy centers has been giving participants the opportunity to acquire literacy skills
    Education in Tata Steel Parivar is being handled through 12 education centers currently running at five locations catering to 105 children in the age group of 3 to 5 years and 122 children in 6 to 14 years age group. A thorough monitoring system on monthly basis is in place to track performance of children in acquiring language and arithmetic skills through these centers. Children are also provided with novel opportunities to expose themselves into various extra curricular activities to foster the spirit of creativity, inquisitiveness, self motivation and discipline for a harmonious well being of mental and physical health. In the past years series of workshops were held on creative writing, painting, dramatics etc and children came out with flying colors displaying their latent talents and got awarded in different creative pursuits on the occasion of Sishu Mela. Since last year an annual children’s magazine viz. Ama Prathama Lekha is being published capturing children’s expectations, aspirations, whims and fancies in their writing.
    In order to ensure quality education for Tata Steel Parivar children, the capacities of the teachers are being built through specific training programs conducted by the experts from ‘Prathama Orissa’. The programs update teachers’ teaching techniques and hone their skills in innovative teaching and learning methods.
    As many as 159 tribal children have been enrolled in the residential schools in the district and 50 children have got the opportunity of studying in one of the premier schools in Orissa viz. Kalinga Institute of Social Science (KISS). In addition to the residential schools, as many as 213 children are in schools as day scholars.
    While education gives the ability to comprehend information, Sports inculcates the sense of discipline, develops the spirit of competition and the ability to thrive in adverse situations without compromising on the values.

  3. Babulal Jamuda said

    The local people were never against the idea of an Industrial Complex at Kalinganagar and accepted the land compensation willingly. But when it came to the actual process of displacement and relocation, they were led astray by activists who took every measure to create unfounded doubts in their minds, leading to a general feeling of hostility towards industrialisation. Be it the anti-Vedanta movement in Puri and Lanjigarh, the anti-POSCO movement in Erasama, the movement against Bhusan Steel and Sterlite industries or the agitations against Tata Steel’s project in Kalinganagar – it has been a connived resistance that has ruthlessly used innocent people as mere tools.
    Though at the moment the agitations against Tata Steel in Kalinganagar are most concentrated, the air is tense in Kalahandi and Dhinkia too. Everywhere, the underlining story is that of the local people’s misfortune, created and carried on by miscreants in their own interest.

  4. Sukanta Goswami said

    At Kalinganagar Tata Steel ensures that every member of the Tata Steel Parivar gets the opportunity to assume leadership in generic issues. For women in particular, self-help groups are a means of beneficial involvement in economic activities that keep them away from social marginalisation. Little encouragement, support and belief that ‘things are going to be much better’ seems to have done a miracle in shaping the confidence of the tribal women at Kalinganagar rehabilitation colonies of the Tata Steel Project. As women plays a greater role in the construction of a family, Tata Steel pays special attention to women empowerment initiatives. The life story of Sabita Jamuda of Kalinganagar proves it. ( Kalinga nagar – Tata Steel Parivar Tejaswinis

  5. Prachi Dash said

    At Kalinganagar, Tata Steel ensures that every member of the Tata Steel Parivar gets the opportunity to assume leadership in generic issues.
    For women in particular, self-help groups are a means of beneficial involvement in economic activities that keep them away from social marginalisation. Little encouragement, support and belief that ‘things are going to be much better’ seems to have done a miracle in shaping the confidence of the tribal women at Kalinganagar rehabilitation colonies of the Tata Steel Project.
    As women play a greater role in the construction of a family, Tata Steel pays special attention to women empowerment initiatives. The life story of Sabita Jamuda of Kalinganagar proves it. Kalinga nagar – Tata Steel Parivar Tejaswinis

  6. Basab Bange said

    The commitment of Tata Steel towards the rehabilitated Tata Steel Parivar families of Kalinganagar is further emphasized through achievement of Zero infant mortality rate amongst the said families since last five years, which even majority of the developed countries across the globe has not achieved.

    Tata Steel has been focusing on providing proper antenatal, natal; post natal care, new born care and immunization to achieve Zero Infant Mortality rate for the members of Tata Steel Paribar in Kalingangar.

    In India approximately 1.72 million children die before reaching their first birth day. At present the Infant Mortality rate is 69 per thousand live births in Orissa comparison to 53 in India

    The health status of a community is best evident from the health status of children. Continuing its stress on the UN Global Compact vision and renewing its commitment to the initiative and its principles Tata Steel is now stressing upon the zero Infant mortality rate in and around Kalinga Nagar. Infant mortality rate and under five mortality rate are the key indicators which reflects upon the health status of the children. Keeping this in mind an intense effort is being made among the displaced families of Kalinganagar project to avoid any death among the under five children.

    In Kalinganagar, amongst Tata Steel Parivars, it is important to note that among 92 child births last year only 2 child were delivered with low birth weight i.e., <2.5kg. One had birth weight of 2.4kg and the other 2.0kg. No death was reported. Amongst more than 300 babies delivered in last five years only one death occurred due to congenital anomaly.

    During the antenatal period a minimum of three antenatal checkups are done by O&G specialist with additional one checkup during the last 15 days of EDD is ensured in most of the cases. Two doses of TT, 100 tablets of IFA tablets and calcium tablets each are given. Hemoglobin levels, blood grouping and typing are done on a routine basis. In case of detection of anemia additional IFA tablets and nutritional advices are given. In case of any anticipation of complication ultra sonography is carried out with the advice of O&G specialist. As most of the displaced families belong to the tribal communities and literacy levels are low additional care is taken to remind them about their EDD (expected date of delivery) 15 days before the EDD to facilitate institutional delivery in time.

    It is ensured that all the deliveries are institutional. After the delivery at least two post natal checkups are done. The mother is counseled about proper new born care and exclusive breast feeding for six months is propagated. Hundred percent immunization coverage is done among the children and growth monitoring is done till the age of six years. Early detection and treatment of respiratory illness, diarrhea diseases etc are done.

  7. Kanta Babu said

    It is utterly deplorable how members of the ‘Bishtapan Birodhi Jan Manch’ are carrying on atrocities against the innocent people of Orissa and trying to blame industrialists for all their wrongdoings. BBJM has plundered and looted even the simple-most belongings that these people have. As somebody who is honestly hopeful about the future of Orissa wish that people would see behind the plottings of BBJM and stand against their selfish objectives.
    Shocking Truth about Rabi Jarika – information of ALL
    After Chakradhar Haibri (Sr), the President of VVJM along with senior leaders accepted the state government compensation and rehabilitation package along with 850 families (out of a total of 1200 families), the general tribals in Kalinganagar want peaceful and sustainable industrialisation.
    But why the balance 3 to 4 leaders of VVJM are not allowing it happen?
    THE REASONS ARE SHOCKING AND STRICTLY PERSONAL IN NATURE. Let us analyse the reasons of Rabi Jarika of Chandia for continuing the agitation
    1. Dabar Kalundia has Rs 5 LAKH per Month contract in nearby industries in Jindals, Visa Steel, Rohit Ferro Alloys in Kalinganagar and he earns a neat amount of Rs 100,000 per month from the contract. Recently Jindals gave him Rs 20 lakh CHANDA to re-install a EHT Electric Tower, which is passing though his village in Chandia.
    2. Orissa High Court has passed orders against him for molesting Basanti Badra – a tribal women in Open Market in Duburi.
    3. Orissa High Court has directed action against Rabi Jarika in case of death of Sanjoy Soi due to 18 months NH 200 blockade by Rabi Jarika and his other friends.
    4. Orissa High Court has passed orders against Rabi Jarika in case of Jagabandhu Tamsay and his aged mother for dacoity, molestation attempt and attempt to murder.
    5. Rabi Jarika is also a conspirator in the muder case of Sridhar Soy of Gobarghati
    6. Rabi Jarika and his late brother have swindled about Rs 50 lakhs of tribal money through a Chit Fund Company during 1992-98. This is period when Kalinganagar tribals first recieved compensation for their land in Kalinganagar.

    The above are only some of the reasons for which Rabi Jarika wants the agitation at Kalinganagar to continue even if the general tribals are in favour of progress.

  8. Shelly Rai said

    We do not want any more agitation. We only want Kalinganagar to be a developed city. This is an appeal from the local people. For details please check

  9. Lingaraj Munda said

    As a source of information, I came across this link which is an appeal from the tribals of Kalinga Nagar, Jajpur, Orissa to the Human Rights Commission, pleading for intervention to stop the arranged agitations in Kalinganagar. This might show you the other side of the coin.

    Click to access from-the-tribals-of-kalinganagar-jajpur-orissa.pdf

  10. gargi das said

    This story is worth sharing – Tata Steel at Kalinganagar sets new benchmark in R&R ––news-kgvbOugcdbi.html

  11. Shalini Jaiswal said

    Let me show this appeal to everybody – “Please do not make Orissa further down at all, its already featuring in the bottom – “What are Odiyas afraid of losing? We are the poorest of the poor. Yet we are against big industries, big universities, big projects. It is totally unfortunate. Look at the the report below. Districts in Orissa feature at the bottom. In a country like India if you feature at the bottom of list then things must be really bad.

  12. Bidarva Dash said

    Had the Tata Steel project in Kalinganagar been so wrong, then why is news of Tata Steel doing well for the Odisha development getting circulated over the net? Check this link

  13. Sisihir Bage said

    Tribals from Kalinganagar have long been backward in the Indian society. Just because they are tribals, does not mean they cannot progress. Tata Steel is helping these under privileged people of Odisha to emerge as developed citizens of India. Their education initiatives and setting up of the Trijanga rehabilitation colony are evidences of the quality of life the Kalinganagar people are actually going to lead, after resettlement. Supporting this Indian corporate to complete their Greenfield project will be a stern step against the local agitations held in the mask of benefiting Odisha people.

  14. Pamela Rohatgi said

    Democracy does not mean opposing the development of any area. Democracy is actually for the overall development of any country. Unfortunately, such is not the case with India as there are still some under developed regions. And for these regions to be developed, industrialization is needed. Through industrialization, the state flourishes, people progresses with an improvised lifestyle & overall face of the country changes.

  15. Arundhuti Sinha said

    The peace-loving, simple-minded local people of Kalinganagar in Odisha, have always wanted to progress with the rest of the society to bring an end to their wretched life. They have always supported growth of industries as industrialization always brings in development. But unfortunately, there is a specific group that is strongly up to opposing such industrialization to fulfill their vested interests. They are continuously creating agitations and provoking the local mass against the industrial corporates. Is it a sort of corporate blackmailing? Is there any national level third party involved behind the agitations? What is the motif of that group – simply not to let Odisha develop? This link tells you how the Kalinganagar local people have appealed for peace:

  16. Shelly Rai said

    I have collected this information from a blog & just thought of sharing it so that everybody can actually have a better idea of what the Kalinganagar picture actually is.
    “The proposed plant is located at Duburi, Jajpur district of Orissa, about 120 kms from the state capital, Bhubaneswar. The site is situated by the side of National Highway 200 and is 17 kms from the nearest railway station, Jajpur Road.The proposed plant site land of 3260 acres is a part of six revenue villages, namely, Gobaraghati, Chandia, Gadapur, Nuagaon, Khurunti & Baragadia, of the Sukinda Tehesil, District Jajpur. 82% of the allotted plant site lands belong to private owners and 18% is government land. The entire private land was acquired through the L.A. Act in the year 1992 and the payment for the same was disbursed during 1992-95. Almost 60% of the government land is encroached by the SC / ST population. In addition to the land compensation as per the LA Act, the house & other structure assessments, an exgratia amount of Rs. 15,000 per Acre has also been disbursed during 1996-97. Subsequently in May’06, as the land owners were agitating for increase in the land compensations the government has increased the exgratia amount, to Rs. 50,000 per acre, with a view that the land owners get a value of at least Rs. 1 Lakh per acre. The land price paid by Tatas is not Rs 60,000 per acre but Rs 4 lakhs per acre over and above Rs 1 Lakh per acre by the govt. Even Tatas are paying for the government land that is under the physical possession of local tribal populace. The land for the Kalinganagar Industrial Complex was acquired long time back in 1994-1996 and almost hundred percent of landowners had taken compensation for their land at that time.”

  17. Sisihir Bage said

    I have found this video that tells that the Jamuda family, even after being displaced from Chandia village, has become self-sufficient. The elder son Ramchandra Jamuda got training in ITES at Bangalore and is now working in a voice based BPO at Hyderabad. Listen to what the video says:

  18. Ravi Bage said

    “Manasi Mahanta has set a benchmark in micro-enterprise entrepreneurship by establishing the brand ‘Maa Pickles’ in Jajpur. Manasi, a member of Tata Steel Parivar, is the secretary of ‘Dibyajyoti’, an SHG group that has made ‘Maa Pickle’ a household name in the region. Having started as ‘Dibyajyoti Griha Udyog’ in 2008 with a loan of RS 1, 070, 00 from a nationalised bank the enterprise’s annual sales turnover has reached Rs 2, 306, 67 and the bank loan has also been repaid. This success has come through the entrepreneurial skills and initiative shown by 12 members of the SHG, including Manasi Mahanta.

    A rural tribal housewife from Kalamatia village, Manasi used to be busy in domestic chores all day with practically no social life. Though literate, she was never encouraged to earn independently though her family was entirely dependent on the meagre yield of paddy that they reaped. With this they could not afford even the basic necessities of life. At this juncture Tata Steel’s R&R package brought a new ray of hope as Manasi and many others like her relocated with the assurance of a better future.

    Tata Steel Resettlement & Rehabilitation (R&R) officials motivated the women to start an SHG group and also provided them training for day-to-day management of the SHG. Thus, the 12-member Dibyajyoti SHG was formed as group members showed interest in starting a small business venture independently. Manasi and majority of the others wanted to be trained in modern techniques of pickle making. Today Manasi is not only a secretary of this SHG but she has also become a teacher in Sri Ganesh Siksha Mandir. Her husband Akhila Mahanta too is getting mechanical training at CTDC, Bhubaneswar. “

  19. Priyatama behera said

    The local down trodden tribal people of Kalinganagar were engaged into agriculture for livelihood, but the reducing land sizes due to increasing family members and increase in cost inputs made agriculture non-remunerative. At this critical junction of life, industrialization began as a blessing in disguise. The entire area gave lots of employment to people from the locality. Notwithstanding, the contentious issue of engagement of non-tribal into industry in place of tribal, the industry has not only given livelihood but also opened window of opportunity to the local people especially youth. More details is available here:

  20. Lakshmi Jamuda said

    See what repot says. Who are the real agitators?

    Aggrieved tribals in Kalinga Nagar seek Orissa HRC intervention,

    Tribal families of Kalinga Nagar have urged the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) for intervention on the allegedly severe human rights violation.

    Petitioning the SHRC chairman on April 5, the members of more than 800 tribal families, already displaced from the acquired villages, and 2,500 families of the nearby 25 tribal villages of Kalinga Nagar area have alleged severe torture by the miscreants operating under the banner of the VVJM. It is alleged that the VVJM activists are continuously harassing the villagers and forcibly roping them into its so-called agitation with a view to grind own axe.
    As per their allegations, Sanjay Soy of Gobarghati died due to lack of medical treatment as the VVJM leaders did not allow him to go to hospital. Bira Hesa of Chandia could fortunately survive from the fatal assault. Parbati Rana of Bhuban lost her eye in Gobarghati due to pelting of stones by the VVJM miscreants on general public. Basant Badra of Gadapur was molested at the Duburi haat in front of more than 1000 people.
    While, VVJM leaders are enriching themselves by getting contracts and employments in the nearby industries, we are being deprived as we stand in support of the on-going industrialisation and development of the area. The double standards of these leaders are leading our families into deprivation, the petition further alleged.

  21. Bauria Nayak said

    Tata Steel Parivar is helping the local tribal people for better life. Following is one of the stories, which tells us about their positive approach towards the betterment of Kalinganagar people.
    Naguri Jamuda and her family became a part of Tata Steel Parivar after being displaced from Gadpur village and they now live in their own house in Trijanga-2 Colony. Tata Steel provided them with 10 decimals land and Rs. 1.5 lakh for house construction along with a monthly stipend and all other civic facilities necessary for complete well-being.
    Naguri has also joined ‘Sarjam Sakam’ SHG started with the help of Tata Steel and is now its Secretary. She and others like her are making a decent living by working in the Group. Under her leaedership, ‘Sarjam Sakam’ SHG has also been honoured by Chief Minister Naveen Pattnaik. Naguri Jamuda has also visited various places like Ranchi, Keonjhar, Bhubaneswar, Puri, Berhampur and Baripada for trainings organised by Tata Steel on SHG management, leadership and accounting.
    She is also teaching children in ‘Balbari’ opened by Tata Steel. Naguri’s husband Somu had received training under the ‘Prerana’ programme and is now working in Tata Steel Fabrication Yard as a welder. Naguri admits that she had never thought that life had so much to offer and thanks Tata Steel for providing her family a secure future.

  22. Balavadra sethi said

    With the help of Tata Steel they are experiencing new life with new hope and better lifestyle, better education for their children. Life has changed for Laxmi Hesa and her family. Like many other villagers, Laxmi Hesa and her husband Damodar used to do work hard all the year, mostly as daily agricultural labourers, trying to make both ends meet. In the rehabilitation process at Tata Steel’s Kalinganagar project, the displaced family was brought to the Danagadi temporary rehabilitation colony.

    Laxmi is today a self-sufficient woman running a shop successfully at the colony itself. Her husband Damodar Hesa is also employed and has been working with a construction partner of Tata Steel after getting necessary technical training that was provided by the Company.

    Laxmi has become independent economically and has also planned her savings well. By managing to meet all household requirements with the earnings from the shop, she deposits her husband’s entire income in the bank for the family’s future requirements. The free supply of grocery items by Tata Steel for her family is also a great help to them.

    “Life has become easy now. I run the shop and my sister-in-law helps in the business as well as in the domestic works. We are a happy family and have been realising a big difference in our life at the village and here in the rehabilitation colony,” Laxmi beams while expressing her gratitude to Tata Steel.

    Laxmi’s journey to self-sufficiency is expected to motivate many more women of her community to march ahead in the process of development.

  23. Basudev Danga said


    The Kalinganagar Industrial Complex is in news and burning since 2005. Although many outside organisations and individuals are coming to Kalinganagar and giving statements, as responsible Civil Society organisations of Jajpur district we have decided to clarify the facts on a regular basis to the general public. In order to make our voices heard we have resorted to the media for circulation of factual inputs from the grass root level and the real views of the local population on the Kalinganagar issue.
    We are extremely troubled by the way innocent people are being led astray by the misrepresentation of facts. Our dream is to see Orissa firmly set on the path of progress. Meaningless agitation, spurred on by the selfish motives of a handful of people is only creating handicaps on the path of this progress. Therefore, the future of our children is threatened by the way the so-called activists are blocking the development that industries will bring to the area. In this context we would like to draw the attention of the public to certain facts
    · The Kalinganagar Industrial Complex is not a fresh land acquisition, but the land for the same was acquired way back in 1994-96. wherein 99.95% landowners have taken compensation for their land value. The compensation money for the land has also been taken by the families of anti-industry brigade during the said period. Why do they protest now?
    · It is true that rehabilitation for the first batch of tribals displaced in Kalinganagar did not happen properly during the setting up of Nialchal Ispat Nigam Limited but since that time the government has formulated a fresh R & R policy that is one of the best of its kind in the country.
    · It is a fact that there is extreme left wing elements are regularly supporting and facilitating the land movement at Kalinganagar under Bistapana Birodhi Jan Mancha. This was proved with the arrest of many naxal leaders and supporters from the villages under control of the BBJM.
    · It is also fact that Bistapana Birodhi Jana Manch (BBJM) leadership have been troubling and attacking the displaced tribals and even looted their household items.

    · Poor tribals like Bira Hesa, Narayana Tiu and Sanjay Soy were seriously injured due to the torture of BBJM and a local woman -Basanti Badra – was molested in Duburi Haat.
    · It is a proven fact that BBJM leadership killed poor tribal Sridhar Soy for going for work in nearby rehabilitation colony. Surrendered BBJM leadership has confessed to this. Are they then really fighting for the interest of the Tribals?
    · BBJM leaders like Dabar Kalundia, Rajendra Kalundia and Rabi Jarika have annual business deals with local industries like Rohit Ferro Alloys Maithan Alloys, Visa Steel. We often wonder who are providing the funds for this agitation on a regular basis?

    The organisations that are supporting the agitation never tell the public about the benefits they have received following industrialization. The lifestyle of these tribals is far better today than it was earlier. There are better facilities of healthcare, education, communication and income generation for the common populace? Isn’t it a fact that they are much better off now than they had been earlier? So who can oppose industrialization? Obviously only those who are against advancement of the rural people in order to reserve their own profits.
    These supporters of agitation, the so-called leaders of the people, do not want these tribals to develop and be part of mainstream development. Because then their source of income will dry up. The money that these few NGOs are receiving in the name of Tribal cause will stop flowing in. Bistapana Birodhi Jana Manch leaders are famous for their false allegations, so beware of their actual intentions.

  24. Sidheswar Ghadai said

    Supporters Vistapana Virodhi Jana Mancha (VVJM) on Thursday drove away workers at Tata steel project site at the Kalinga Nagar industrial area on Thursday. Sources say nearly eight workers, who reached the site to begin work to level the ground when they were confronted by about 50 supporters of the Vistapana Virodhi Jana Mancha

    Please check the following

  25. Rashmi Ghadai said

    Supporters Vistapana Virodhi Jana Mancha (VVJM) on Thursday drove away workers at Tata steel project site at the Kalinga Nagar industrial area on Thursday. Sources say nearly eight workers, who reached the site to begin work to level the ground when they were confronted by about 50 supporters of the Vistapana Virodhi Jana Mancha

    Please check the following

  26. Dilip Parida said

    It is surprising as to how far the members of BBJM can actually go. Even when their double standards are being exposed in different happenings almost daily, BBJM leaders are trying to put up a charade of honesty. It is a fact known to everybody that these people had taken compensation for their land a long fifteen years back. And yet they have just made pretexts for not leaving the land and continued to stay on without giving any heed to either law or reason. Tata Steel has been very lenient in this matter and the Company has always tried to look at people’s interests first. Therefore, they agreed to pay an additional sum of Rs 4 lakh per acre of land to be acquired. Surprisingly again, supporters of BBJM have accepted this money while at the same time they are carrying out anti-land acquisition agitation. Almost 90% people from Chandia, the so-called BBJM stronghold have accepted 5 lakh Rs for every acre of land. So this can only be seen and interpreted as an act of hypocrisy and selfishness. Isn’t it clear that if BBJM supporters had really been against industrial development, they would not have taken the money in the first place?

  27. Janata tiria said

    It is true that Bisthapana Birodhi Jan Manch is creating agitation where the Tata industry is coming up in Kalinganagr even after taking the money from the company for the land. They have also taken money from the government earlier. So this is double standard. If you want know more about this read this link People like us do not want BBJM to act like this. If they have taken the money, they should now go away.

  28. All the comments above speak only the side of Tata steel. Best of luck for their endeavor to hide the truth. In Orissa there is huge chaos and confusions only for three companies namely, Tata, Posco and Vedanta. Can all of you describe why there is no political support for the Kalinganagar Displaced Tribals, Why Rahul Gandhi not spoken a word for them, Why media is silent. As a media person having 16 years experience exclusively on the peoples revolution and development particularly in Orissa , I can vehemently oppose what you said about The Tata. They got the support from the local police to suppress the atrocities done by the political goondas, They got political support to highlight the socalled dream of development of Tata. All of you are accessed to Internet because you have money, any tribal form Kalinganagar done on behalf of tata????? I can ask one thing form your kindness- kindly donot advertise the Development done over the bloods and bones of the people, like Tata.

  29. Tusar Mishra said

    The people who have relocated to rehabilitation colonies on account of the industrial developments in Kalinganagar have all found better living conditions and more opportunities for earning a decent living. So however much the BBJM and other groups like it may try to mislead the people, the truth will come out at one point of time. BBJM members not only torture the local tribals and terrorise them to not cooperate with the progress that is happening but they also harass other travelers and visitors to the region. It has been seen that they have only allowed those people to visit the most tense areas who have agreed to oppose industries without paying attention to the real facts. The people who are most affected by the doings of BBJM are now slowly losing their patience and protesting against them. The interest of common people will surely defeat selfish interest of groups.

  30. MR Tusar Mishra rightly observed one side of the truth. the other side is whenever there is protest from the Tata supporters one can find the same rule of Britishers ” DIVIDE AND RULE”. In all these activities there are two politicians from ruling BJD party one is finance minister prafulla Gahdei and another one is debasish samntra. They transporting rehabilitated tribals to fight with their own brothers and sisters. They instigated by tata men to shed the blood of own community.

  31. Mayank Joshi said

    The Resettlement & Rehaibilitation programme of Tata Steel is guaranteed and assessed by not only the Company’s own rigorously conducted internal audits but also by a processs of fair and unbiased grievance redressal carried out by well known and respected people. Recently, Padmashree Smt. Tulasi Munda, a personality respected throughout Orissa visited the Rehabilitation colonies in order to talk to the dwellers personally. She was accompanied by retired Director General of Police (DGP), Mr. Amiya Bhusan Tripathy and many others. Smt. Munda was distictly pleased with the positive initiatives taken and praised Tata Steel for its efforts in the peripheral villages as well. The Grievance Redressal Team visited the Balwadis and soura paintaing and stone carving classes, the nursery plantation and many other things. To know more about the visit details, you can click on this link

  32. Blah Blah blah…Every body knows that tatas industrial career on social responsibility is good than other company, but after all it is a business class. It only cherish when the poor suffer. Can TATA give the 1000yrs economic guarantee to the landholders(displaced) who might have got it through agriculture lands and forests. Never! You are saying about Tulasi Munda she is betrayer of tribals, who turned supporter of Industrial houses. Have you ever heard, she cries for the poor tribals like Mahasewata Devi of Westbengal. until the fact is not heard and seen.

  33. Kishore samal said

    It is always a happy feeling when faith in good effort is vindicated through definitive positive results that are measurable. Such has been the case with Tata Steel’s concerted Resettlement and Rehabilitation programme in Kalinganagar. The relocated people have not only enjoyed better conditions of living with proper medical and education facilities, but it has been established as a fact that income level too have recorded remarkable increase. It is a story of success for the people of Orissa, written in partnership with Tata Steel. You may visit this link to know more about the Company’s R&R initiatives.

  34. Mahes said

    Innocent tribals are being tortured by BBJM at Kalinganagar, in the name of tribal protection. Sanjay Soy of Gobarghati died because BBJM leaders did not allow him to go to hospital while he was in urgent need of treatment. The miscreants of BBJM murdered Sridhor Soy of Gobarghati. Some supporters of BBJM have surrendered to the police with regard to the same murder. Murder, molestation and torturing innocent tribal are regular activities of BBJM.
    Can this be called “Tribal protection”?? You will be shocked to see what BBJM is actually doing. Have a look yourself

  35. Smita bose said

    Tata steel is always recognized for contributing towards the global effort in fighting against HIV Aids. Epidemic. Tata Steel,which has an HIV/AIDS workplace policy in place to ensure protection and promotion of human rights and non-discrimination towards HIV positives. Tata Steel is taking measures to actively disseminate the information and education regarding HIV/AIDS within the workplace and surrounding, with an objective to reduce its transmission. Tata Steel is providing appropriate medical management for all affected employees and their families. Tata Steel Rural Development Society (TSRDS), Gopalpur and Orissa State AIDS Control Society (OSACS), Bhubaneswar jointly started the first Community Care Center in Orissa, to provide better Health Care facility & Support to the HIV affected people.

  36. Smita bose said

    Tata Steel’s Resettlement & Rehabilitation programme has set unprecedented examples in improving the lives of the displaced people in Kalinganagar, Orissa. The most significant advancement perhaps has been the economic empowerment of the Tata Steel Parivar members to the extent that they have now found not only better living conditions but a new confidence in their own abilities. A survey conducted by RSMS, a unit of Orissa based NGO, Harsha Trust has revealed that the average asset value of the families displaced in the first batch, increased from Rs 1.39 lakh in 2006 to Rs 5.47 lakh in 2010. The annual income has been almost doubled, witnessing a growth of 96%. In addition, the Company has helped more than 5000 families in the region through the formation of Self Help Groups in Orissa. To know more about Tata Steel’s dedicated initiatives you may visit the link

  37. Janata said

    BBJM and their supporters are exposed with regard to land pricing in Kalinganagar. The members of BBJM who are not leaving land to Tata Steel even after taking compensation money for their land 15 years back.

    When tribals of Kalinganagar are agitating for land value land payment from other industries, the members of BBJM is not supporting their fellow tribals for additional land payment by other industries. The members and supporters of BBJM have been taking huge amounts of money from other industries in Kalingananagar for their self-centered movement.

  38. Subham said

    Tata Steel at Kalinganagar has made an appreciable improvement in the standards of living of the displaced persons in the past five years through its Rehabilitation and Resettlement process. Through “Tata Steel Parivar” scheme Tata Steel is providing appropriate Education and healthcare facilities & as committed Tata Steel is trying to improve the quality of life of the displaced families. ‘Tata Steel Parivar’ has been conceived by the Company as a tool to improve the facilities for the relocated families, sometimes going even beyond the provisions stipulated in the R&R Policy of the Odisha government. Please check this video

  39. Rashmi said

    Tata Steel Parivar women community of Kalinganagar rehabilitated families for Tata Steel’s upcoming Steel Plant has created a benchmark of development for them. Please check the video

  40. Priyanka said

    Tata Steel has over the years build an unmatched reputation of caring for people and the environment through various and continuing initiatives in different areas that positively impact development. Apart from carrying out improvement programmes in its operational areas, the Company has also taken great care to ensure that people who are affected by its greenfield projects, are able to relocate to a better living environment and adopt a better lifestyle in general. Such is the case for Tata Steel Parivar members at Kalinganagar in Orissa, where the rehabilitation colonies are provided with all necessary amenities and much more. Tata Steel has made sure that people displaced are given every kind of opportunity to not only earn a decent living but increase their income as well. This is empowerment in the true sense. I strongly feel that Tata Steel has been a prime contributor to our country’s economic development. It is definitely a Company that looks beyond business to bring about comprehensive progress for the Country.

  41. Adikanta said

    Birendra Jamuda is one of the beneficiaries of Tata Steel Parivar Scholarship, who is currently studying for an M.B.B.S. degree in Hi-Tech Medical College, Bhubaneswar. Tata Steel provides for the tuition fees and hostel charges for the entire duration of the course. Birendra Jamuda has shown a lot of promise and it is only a matter of time before he embarks on a successful career in the medical profession. Please visit to get more info.

  42. Pramod nayak said

    Tata Steel is providing the benefits beyond the Resettlement and Rehabilitation policy of the State Govt. With a view to improve the benefits further for those families, an independent body called “Grievance Redressal Group” has been formed. Various project have been taken by the company to upgrade the skills of both men & women members of the displaced families. You can get more idea from the given video –

  43. Pradip Mohanty said

    Tata Steel has always stood by the people in their times of distress. So whether it is a condition of poverty that has been continuing for generations or a natural calamity that has changed the destiny of people overnight, the Company has tried to help through effective initiatives. Tata Steel Relief Committee volunteers support and caters to the long-term needs of people . It has been a true friend for the cyclone affected people in Orissa in 1999 and to the flood victims in later years. The Company’s project team in the State too has always been active in relief activities. When a sudden fire devasted families in Ranipada, Tata Steel immediately sent its team to the rescue with the necessary items and medical help. For more details you can check this link –

  44. Dilip Parida said

    It is indeed sad that Tata Steel has to face resistance from various people and groups in spite of the fact that the Company has been continuously doing good work in the Kalinganagar area. Those who have been instrumental in spreading rumours about Tata Steel should get their facts correct. Tata Steel Rural Development Society (TSRDS), in association with ‘Ama Odisha’ distributed books and notebooks among students in the Kalinganagar area. Tata Steel took this initiative with the aim of promoting Oriya language. This programme would benefit about 700 students from 14 schools under Sukinda and Danagadi blocks in Jaipur district. There are more things to come from Tata Steel. Thus it would be better to watch out for the Company’s next initiative rather than being judgemental. For more information on the above programme, take a look at

  45. Basanti ojha said

    It is now proved beyond doubt that BBJM is just a terorist group hiding behind the garb of pro-tribal and pro-rural interests. Their real interest is just the acquisition of power and money. Therefore, the blast that rocked a house at the Gobarghati Colony in Kalinganagar, is not only an assault on industrialisation but a direct assault on humanity as well. Investigations are on but the local people already know that BBJM is responsible for this gruesome act. Surely it is time that stronger action is taken against such a group. As it is, they have continued their mindless agitation for a long time, only for their own benefits and to the detriment of the entire state.

  46. Neha said

    The surest way to help people is to lead them to the path of both economic and social empowerment. Therefore, Tata Steel does not only take care of the material benefits of Tata Steel Parivar members but also enables them to find sustainable means of income generation. In Orissa, the company has paid special attention to the empowerment of women by setting up and supporting Self Help Groups in various fields. So, rural and tribal women can actually choose the vocation that best suits individual capabilities and Tata Steel also helps them to get special training to optimise benefits. You may get an idea about the range of activities by visiting the following link –

  47. Nandita said

    Tata Steel’s endeavor to provide the tribal villagers with a better life has not ended with just a few projects. But what amazes me is that in spite of all its initiatives, certain groups and people still continue to blame the Company. TSRDS Joda Unit has given the tribal villagers of Bichakundi several other earning opportunities. The two SHGs named Tulsi SHG and Sri Ganesh SHG have been started with the aim of bringing socio-economic development in the Village. It has given a lot of technical and material support to the villagers so that they can pursue papad making, bodi making, mushroom cultivation and other such activities. This is just one of the innumerable efforts that Tata Steel has taken for the under-privileged people. Tata Steel is truly a company for which social responsibility holds the most importance. To know more about this initiative of Tata Steel, please click on the given link

  48. Puja Dixit said

    Tata Steel, time and again, has kept on proving that its sole aim is to improve the quality of life of the rehabilitated families of Kalinganagar in every possible aspect. If the biased refuters of Tata Steel refuse to believe my words, then I would like to say that these are not my words. It is a fact that the rehabilitated families in Kalinganagar in Jajpur district of Orissa have achieved two Millennium Development Goals of United Nations well before the timelines of 2015. Education in Tata Steel Parivar is being handled through 12 education centres which are running at five locations catering to 105 children in the age group of 3 to 5 years and 122 children in 6 to 14 years age group. Tata Steel is giving special importance to education as it believes that education is highly needed for the overall development of a community. And even after all this, there are several groups that keep on defaming Tata Steel and many common people like us end up believing them. It is our responsibility to know about the reality. This was just a small part of this initiative of Tata Steel. To know the detailed information of this initiative, please visit

  49. Sumati Nayak said

    Tata Steel has taken numerous measures to ensure the well-being of the displaced people at Kalinganagar. It may be said that among the various healthcare initiatives, one of the most significant is the Lifeline Express, rightly called by many ‘the hospital on rails’. It has been a joint endeavour of Tata Steel and Impact India Foundation, Government of Odisha, Rajiv Gandhi Foundation and Indian Railways. We can well understand how this has helped the people living in remote villages and brought to them various healthcare facilities that had been beyond their reach. You may get more details in this link –

  50. Kiran said

    The most essential and ethical part of journalism (my definition of journalism is dissemination of information for the beneficial awareness of the masses) is to be impartial. But look at your report. You are meticulous in highlighting the adversities of TATA’s projects but never even mention the benefits of the same to the society. There is not even a single mention of the welfare projects taken up by the TATAs. Since past 2 years I am regularly following the articles on this portal. With this experience of mine I can say that there is no difference between the State and the Maoist machineries. Both make propagandas which suite their own agenda ! A great irony indeed!!

  51. Narahari said

    Tata Steel at Kalinganagar constantly putting his effort to promote the sprit of adventure and passion for sports by its visionary leaders. Tata Steel has taken numbers of steps for promotion of sports in the state of Odisha and also in the tribal communities. Visit the given link to know more about the efforts taken by Tata Steel in Odisha –

  52. Golap Bindani said

    Women are an integral part of any society. Hence, no society can progress if the condition of them is ignored. This is exactly the issue that Tata Steel has taken special care of. Tata Steel Rural Development Society (TSRDS) has been making conscious efforts to look after the aspect of women empowerment. I think Tata Steel is one of those few industrial houses that take care of every minute aspect of a community. It is this attitude of Tata Steel towards the Kalinganagar villagers that has led to the area’s development. All those who maligned Tata Steel for its 6 million tonne per annum steel plant project at Duburi, Kalinganagar should know about these initiatives of Tata Steel. It has made sure that the women get income generation training so that the financial condition of the society can improve. Nagari Jamuda is one of those innumerable women who have been benefited by Tata Steel. She has joined an SHG and gets stipends and all the necessary facilities that are required for daily sustenance. Not only this, because of Tata Steel she could get training from various places. She even teaches children at Balbari. There are many other women who have been equally benefited through Tata Steel. Tata Steel Parivar is indeed a ray of hope for all these families. And even after all this if Tata Steel is blamed, then I guess there is some serious problem with people’s understanding. To know more about their initiatives visit

  53. Sridhar said

    Tata Steel truly knows the issues that need special importance for the development of a community. It has proved the fact that sports palys an important role through the Tata Sports Feeder Centre (SFC). Sk. Salem Ahmed and Rajesh Ray have earned laurels in their respective fields after sharpening their skills at the SFC. Not only them, SFC has trained about 300 athletes, of which many have shined nationwide. National and international level coaches have been providing training have also been provided to many players. This initiative of Tata Steel showcases the concern of the Company for the rural community of Odisha. It is our duty to know all these aspects of Tata Steel rather than getting carried away by the rumours that various groups and people have been spreading. To know more about this visit

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