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India shining – Poverty rate decreases.

Posted by ajadhind on March 6, 2010

Atleast 63 people were died [ killed ] in a stampede in Uttar Pradesh. More than 10,000 people gathered in a ashram at kunda in pratapgarh district for a religious fest.

More number of people gathered for recieving free food, clothes, utensils which was announced by Baba Kripaluji, who runs the ashram, to mark his wife’s death anniversary. Not to mention that they were the poor people most from the backward community.

I think the Prime Minister will be happy to see that poverty has been reduced by death of 63 people.

One Response to “India shining – Poverty rate decreases.”

  1. its our dalit. vanchit,poor, deprived people fate in this pseudodemocratic country. not new the leader like rajnathsingh provide certificate to these criminals that they had no faults, yes he is eight because there were no dead body of his family. sambedanhinata ki bhi hd hoti hai , these leaders have crossed it.
    our obc deaders did not educate these people to ignore these bloody bastrd babas. kya karenge GARIBI SE BADA KOI ROG NAHI HOTA. MANMOHAN SINGH india ko 21th century me le ja rahe hai na? ab bhi log chet jaye to kuchh ho sakta hai. the people like us have hope in only sri kishanji…….who is fighting for these peope.

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