peoples march

from the people against injustice in the society

Italy against berlusconi government in the world (Maoist Communist Party Of Italy

Posted by ajadhind on December 7, 2009

Which is the political situation in our country and which our task now
particularly against Berlusconi’s government?
The owners and government unload the crisis on the workers and throughout
the country they announce sackings and closed factories.
The government helps banks, financiers and big industrialists, while they
further cut the social expenses for education, health care, fund for the
The government supports unproductive public projects, like the hi-speed
railway, nuclear power etc., while for the people the transportations,
environment and territories go to the ruin.
Wages are further reduced, workers are more and more poor, unemployed, and
precarious, the retired people fall in the indigence.
Rich people do not pay the crisis, they safeguard luxury and waste.
The owners and government are supported by the false parliamentary
opposition and the unions leaderships.
Let’s struggle and organize to defend our life and working conditions.
Let’s build a classist union in the hands of the workers.
Let’s develop the people’s struggle in the neighbourhoods and the streets.
However, the defence struggle is not enough, nor it can achieve a real
change and improvement.
We need a political and social battle against the government of the owners
and the parliament without opposition, to build the conditions for a
proletarian political revolution that will overthrow the power of the
bourgeoisie and establish the proletarian power.
The Berlusconi’s government marches toward a modern fascism, a police State,
an open dictatorship of the exploiting minority on the working and people’s
majority. They carry forward en electoral reform to absorb the fake
opposition and wipe out any true one. The media and the culture are
monopolized and enslaved to the propaganda and the interests of the ruling
class, its government and parties.
The law is changed to safeguard the bourgeois, the rulers, the corrupted
elements, first of all Berlusconi.
The cops who exercised the State violence in Genoa, Naples and elsewhere are
acquitted while the vanguards and the communists are repressed and
They want to change and cancel the democracy and the Constitution brought by
the antifascist Resistance. They want to forbid the demonstrations, to
restrict the right of strike and the freedom of thought, organization and
They propel the racism and the fascist organizations, they hide the police
brutality and illegalities and even the murders, or the judicial made up
charges against the genuine opposition.
We need to respond to all this, in every front and camp, developing the
united and mass organization, essentially from below.
More important, we need to re-build ideologically, politically and
organizationally the vanguard force of the proletariat and the people’s
masses, the communist party of new type, the highest form of organization
that the masses can realize, the necessary leadership to unite, struggle and
transform the current movement, producing, in the defence, the conditions
for the attack, able to stop the march of the modern fascism, the police
State, the open dictatorship and to build the conditions for a new
resistance, for a power and a society in the hands of the proletarians and
the masses, for a socialist society, toward the communism.
Let’s support and join all the initiatives of struggle and oppositions.


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