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Press-Release from Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) on Pashupatinath Priest Case

Posted by ajadhind on September 6, 2009

dear comrades,

please go through the press release and disseminate the same to as many
people/media as possible.

laxman pant

———— ——— ——— ——— —-

Press –Communiqué

Our attention has been seriously drawn into yesterday’s incident inside Pashupatinath area as well as into today’s propaganda in some of the media, domestic and foreign, showing involvement of our party therein. It is publicly well known fact that over a long period of time Nepali people have been demanding that Nepali citizen should be appointed as a priest in Pashupatinath temple. It is also clear that due to disagreement with the decisions taken by the government regarding the appointment of the priest, the common people have floated People’s Movement Committee and this committee is spearheading series of struggles. Our Party believes in religious freedom for the people and respects the feelings of people to freely register protest on or give support to any matter. We also want to clarify that we are against the policy of disrupting religious harmony and interfering in religious matter. We also appeal to all not to divert towards our party the issue of common people’s freedom for struggle with unwarranted prejudice.

Krishna Bahadur Mahara

Incharge, International Department

One Response to “Press-Release from Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) on Pashupatinath Priest Case”

  1. vinod said

    If the residents of a nation are struggling for the economic, social, cultural, political and religious freedom they must get it.The persons,organisations, and institutions who opposes such type of struggles are the enemy of strugglers and nation.

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