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Posted by ajadhind on January 30, 2009


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Bhutanese reporter is imprisoned

Posted by ajadhind on January 28, 2009

By Subir Bhaumik BBC News,

Calcutta It is argued that Mr Acharya did not have fair legal representation A Bhutanese journalist has been jailed for seven years for alleged links to a Maoist group, officials say. Officials confirmed reports from an exiled Bhutanese media group that Shantiram Acharya, 20, was sentenced after returning to the country. Mr Acharya worked for the monthly Bhutan Reporter and had been living in exile in Nepal before his return. The Bhutanese High court found him “guilty of involvement in subversive activities” against Bhutan. It said that police had furnished evidence of Mr Acharya participating in a military training course organised by the outlawed Communist Party of Bhutan (Marxist-Leninist- Maoist). This group is largely made up of Bhutanese refugees of Nepali origin who have been living in camps in Nepal for two decades. Bhutan has blamed it for a series of explosions in the southern districts of the country in recent months. The party is banned in Bhutan. Photographs According to the Association of Press Freedom Activists (APFA) Bhutan, an exiled Bhutanese media group based in Kathmandu, Mr Acharya was arrested in 2007 when he visited Bhutan to meet his relatives after a long stay in Nepal. The APFA alleged that he was kept in secret detention for almost two months and tortured by police to extract a confession. Bhutanese police are believed to have found photographs of army outposts in Mr Acharya’s possession, which they think were taken to plan attacks. The APFA says that Mr Acharya was only convicted because he could not hire a lawyer to defend himself as he had no money and there are few independent lawyers in Bhutan. It says the case must be reviewed and Mr Acharya defended by independent lawyers in a fresh trial if Bhutan wants to convince the world it is a genuine democracy. The Communist Party of Bhutan (Marxist-Leninist- Maoist) has however denied any link with Mr Acharya, saying in a press release this week that the jailed reporter was never a member of the party. Bhutan held parliamentary elections last year and officially became a constitutional monarchy, although many believe the king still has substantial powers.

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Bhutan: Journalist sentenced for seven and a half years – accused of supporting Maoists

Posted by ajadhind on January 24, 2009

Kathmandu, Jan 21st 2009 A 20-year-old exiled journalist of Nepali origin has been sentenced to jail for seven and a half years for terrorist activities by the royal government of Bhutan even as the party in question denied having any links with him.


Shantiram Acharya, who used to work for the Bhutan Reporter, a monthly newspaper brought out amidst great hardship by Bhutanese refugees living in Nepal, received the sentencing by Bhutan’s high court for being allegedly involved in subversive activities against the Druk kingdom, including participating in military training conducted by the Communist Party of Bhutan (Marxist Leninist Maoist)  in Nepal, an armed underground organisation that is banned in Bhutan and believed to be operating from Nepal and India to end Bhutan’s hereditary monarchy.

According to the Association of Press Freedom Activists (APFA) Bhutan, an exiled Bhutanese media group based in Kathmandu, Acharya, a Bhutanese of Nepali origin who was living in the refugee camps in eastern Nepal, was arrested in 2007 when he visited Bhutan to meet his relatives.

Acharya was kept in secret detention for almost two months and tortured by police to extract a confession, APFA said. According to the exiled media group, the Bhutan police charge sheet said he was arrested for taking photographs of an outpost of the Royal Bhutan Army.

APFA also said it believed Acharya was convicted because he could not hire an attorney to defend him as Bhutan does not have any independent attorney. Also, he had no money since he was produced in the court without the knowledge of his family members.

Though the Communist Party of Bhutan (Marxist Leninist Maoist), from whom Bhutan police said Acharya had received arms training, said it had no association with the exiled reporter, the denial was not heeded by the Bhutanese court.

Condemning the charges and the verdict by court, which APFA said was controlled by the state, the media group is asking the Bhutan government to open the case for review and let the 20-year-old hire an independent attorney.

It is also asking for the jailed journalist’s whereabouts to be made public.

In November 2008, Bhutan was catapulted into world attention as it celebrated the crowning of its fifth king, the 28-year-old Oxford-educated Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk.

The crowning was projected as another step towards democracy by the isolated Druk kingdom as the previous king, Jigme Singye Wangchuk, abdicated in favour of his son.

The change of guard is viewed with mixed feelings by over 100,000 Bhutanese of Nepali origin who have been languishing in Nepal for nearly two decades since their expulsion from Bhutan during a crackdown on ethnic communities.

While some of the refugees hope the new king will show a human face and re-open talks with Nepal for their repatriation, others however feel that the old king still continues to wield power and the abdication and drafting of the first-ever constitution are a facade to placate foreign donors who want Bhutan to respect human rights.

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Posted by ajadhind on January 21, 2009


Press Release :

A two days joint meeting was held between the Communist Party Of  India (Maoist) and the Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF) at the Council Head Quarters of the Revolutionary People’s Front on 21-22 October 2008. At that meeting, both sides have unanimously condemned the hegemonic capitalist design of the Indian regime and have agreed to consolidate the mutual understanding and friendship, further more agreed firmly to stand hand in hand to overthrow the common enemy, the present Indian reactionary regime and to gain political goals of the respective two Parties.

The CPI (Maoist) strongly condemned the annexation of Manipur by the Dominion of India, which was done under the instigation of reactionary Indian Congress led by Gandhi, Nehru and Sardar Patel and their hegemonic and colonial designed. The so-called Merger Agreement of Manipur with the Dominion of India was, indeed, illegal and unconstitutional.

The very verdict was given by the two days convention on Manipur Merger Agreement held at GM Hall, Imphal, on 22-29 October 1993. Now it becomes the voice of the people of Manipur.

A revolutionary movement was born under the leadership of Comrade Hijam Irabot to liberate Manipur from the yoke of the British remnant India style Black Raj. As a continuation of liberation struggle and a total revolution, the Revolutionary People’s Front has been struggling for their political rights to self-determination. Therefore, the CPI (Maoist) upholds the true nature of the revolutionary movement in Manipur and support the liberation struggle recognizing the sovereignty of Manipur.

Moreover, the Revolutionary People’s Front stands and supports the revolutionary movement of the CPI (Maoist) as well. The downtrodden proletariat Peoples of all over India are facing the suppression and subjugation of the reactionary regime of India since the departure of the British Raj from the Indian soil. Under the new leadership of Comrade Charu Majumdar and Comrade Kanhai Chatterjee two streams of revolutionary movement was founded in 1969 to give the Indian people the rights to political emancipation. Comrade Charu Majumdar was assassinated by the repressive Indian regime in the police custody and Comrade Kanhai Chatterjee embraced martyrdom in 1982 suffering from kidney failure.

In 2004, the two revolutionary streams, CPIML (People’s War) and MCC (Maoist Communist Centre) merged and formed one new Party – The Communist Party of India (Maoist). Following the footsteps of the two founder leaders, the CPI (Maoist) is still struggling arms in hand to overthrow the Indian reactionary regime and to bring the victory of the Indian people.

The Revolutionary People’s Front firmly believes that the general Indian peoples are not our enemy. In fact, they are under privileged and downtrodden people who are gravely suffering under the semi-feudal, semi-colonial regime of India.

Joint Declaration:

Today, the 22



days of October 2008, after having a thorough discussion, session for two consecutive days, in every aspect of the two organizations the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and the Revolutionary People’s Front, unanimously declare the following agreement:

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India People’s War News – Jan 17th 2009

Posted by ajadhind on January 21, 2009

Ranchi, Jan 17th 2009 Maoists today blew up a jeep killing five policemen in Jharkhand’s Lathehar district. The policemen were returning from a court when their jeep drove over the landmine planted by Maoists between Patki and Maneka and was tossed 30 feet in the air under the impact of the blast. Officer-in-Charge of Maneka police station K C Prasad and four policemen were killed on the spot. The driver of the jeep succumbed to injuries at the hospital, they said, adding another injured policeman was also hospitalised. After the explosion, a group of 150 Maoists looted six sophisticated weapons from the personnel, sources said. When reinforcements arrived on the scene they were fired upon by the Maoists leading to an encounter which stretched for two hours.

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Naxals attack control room of mobile tower

Posted by ajadhind on January 17, 2009


Hajipur (PTI): Armed maoists attacked the control room of a mobile tower with bombs at village Anwarpur under Sarai police station in Bihar’s Vaishali district early Thursday morning to enforce their 24-hour bandh in North Bihar to protest against alleged atrocities on their top leaders lodged in Central Jail in Bhagalpur.

Superintendent of Police (Vaishali) Parasnath said over 100 ultras threw bombs at the control room of a private mobile company and partially damaged it.

One live bomb and some naxal papers were recovered by police from the spot, Parasnath said.

The outlawed CPI (Maoist) has called the bandh to protest against alleged atrocities perpetrated by the authorities on its top leaders lodged in Bhagalpur Central Jail.

According to reports, a senior leader of the maoists Rampravesh Baitha alias Satish Ji alias Rakesh Ji was allegedly assaulted by the jail authorities and policemen. It was also being alleged that the naxalite leader was not being treated properly in the jail hospital.

Baitha, secretary of Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Uttar Bihar area committee of the ultra-left outfit, was arrested from Patna on May 9 last year.

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Posted by ajadhind on January 8, 2009

“Buddhism helps one in self development and self purification. It has nothing to do with belief, prayer, worship or ceremony[ from the book ‘teachings of buddha’]”

On Jan 7, 2009 President Prathibha patil inaugurated the Buddha vihar in Gulbarga, Karnataka. It’s really a beautiful place, white marbles, golden idol, black stone idol in cellar and to watch it in night is a delight to eyes. Crores of rupees have been spent on that. When i heard its builders name all my joy disappeared. It was built by Siddartha trust owned by Mr.Mallikarjun Kharge, MLA, Karnataka

His name will remain until the idol remains. His intentions behind that megastructure may be good, but what hurts is if you come to Gulbarga from Buddhavihar after crossing the ring road, after half a mile from ring road to your left you will see a building which appears to be of Nizam’s time construction and you will come to a conclusion that it may fall at any time. WELCOME TO GULBARGA DISTRICT GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL.!! A place which people visit more frequently.

Ofcourse Kharge is not a MLA of this constituency but he is elected from a constituency which belongs to Gulbarga district form past 9 elections!!. He has enjoyed all top posts except CM post. If he had shown 5% interest towards Hospital, Basic ameneties in Gulbarga then……………………..

Even we citizens are like this. We donate generously for temples, mosques, churches…………………… RELIGION IS A STRONG OPIUM.

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