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Karkare: An officer and a gentleman

Posted by ajadhind on November 29, 2008

Hemant Karkare, Chief, Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad

Hemant Karkare, Chief, Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad

When Mumbai’s former police commissioner Julio Rebeiro hailed Anti-Terrorism Squad chief Hemant Karkare as one of the finest officers in the country, he was not exaggerating.

A 1982 batch IPS officer, Karkare was a Bachelor of Engineering from Vishveshvarayya Regional Engineering College in Nagpur. He worked for the National Productivity Council and Hindustan Lever before leaving the high-paying jobs for the glamour of the uniform. Hindustan Lever’s loss was the country’s gain as Karkare showed bright sparks in the very first year of his training – topping the batch in 1983.

Karkare’s first assignment was in Bhusawal as assistant superintendent of police in 1984. He was then posted as additional superintendent of police in Nanded 1986. His next posting came in 1987 in Thane. It is this posting that explains why the Shiv Sena targeted Karkare when terror suspect Pragya Singh Thakur was arrested.

In 1998, Karkare took the bold step of arresting Shiv Sena leader Anand Dighe from Thane. The Shiv Sena was trying to foment communal tensions at Haji Malang in Kalyan, where both Hindus and Muslims went to pray. Dighe was to Thane what Bal Thackeray is to Mumbai, and his arrest frustrated the terror tactics of Shiv Sena.

Karkare took over the investigation of the multi-crore shoe scandal and was also in charge of the narcotics division in Mumbai. He was one of the few Maharashtra cadre IPS officers who remained untouched by corruption scandals and controversies during the Telgi case. That could have helped him get a prestigious posting in the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). Karkare was posted in Austria for almost seven years in his nine years with RAW. She became the head of ATS in January this year after his return to the state cadre.

Karkare solved the serial bomb blasts in Thane, Vashi and Panvel. He also handled the July 2006 Mumbai local train blasts case. Most recently, he was credited for the stunning revelations in the investigation of the September 29 Malegaon blast. During his posting as superintendent of police in Vidarbha’s Chandrapur district, people saw a different side of his personality. He created 150 beautiful wood sculptures in the forested area.

Only a few days ago, his batch-mate and one of his close friends, joint commissioner of police K.L. Prasad described him as an “officer who always took a principled stand whatever the consequences”. ATS officials fear that his death will clearly derail investigations, as he was the only one who calmly took all the pressure and let his men do the job.

Courtesy: Krishna Kumar / Mail Today

4 Responses to “Karkare: An officer and a gentleman”

  1. zindadilbaaz said

    no only will it derail the investigations but it will promote corrupt officers who will turn a deaf ear to it and will go all the way to say that these police officers were wrong in their investigations. Heroes are not found everywhere, they are rare and these rare Jewels of Mumbai were killed all at once.
    Were they targeted by creating this chaos? The terrorists were clueless when it came to demands. Maharashtra times wrote these terrorists spoke Marathi. By killing a few innocent Jews, the blame would simply go to the Muslims. The underworld type of killing is the pattern over here. BJP wanted to prove Pragya to be innocent (the three police officers received death threats just before this mayhem). The underworld was sick and tired of these police officers as they took no prisoners and the underworld business was on a brink of collapse. So the bad parties join hands and what happens? you can now think and relate.

  2. Anupum singh said

    In response to zindadilbaaz.
    Your indication shows the normal insensitive , antinationalism thinking of most of the muslim Broth. yor are indcating that these terrorist were marathi underworld menmbers, inspite of arrested one from pakistan, nos of person killed of hindu & other religions.
    such type of thinking of people like you is doing the polarziation in the society. Not only india, but most of the other countries are suffering from islamic terrorism.
    This is the high time for interospection of muslim brothers for their narrow thinking.

  3. zindadilbaaz said

    Politics as it is is a dirty game and has evolved successfully since human beings came into existence. Yes agreed that Muslim terrorism is known and wide spread, agreed that the world is getting hurt by them.
    But Mumbai far from Kashmir, Gujarat and the borders from Pakistan has been a target. It is hard to comprehend by simple minded people as the planning was thorough and this time the underworld joined hands with the BJP and other satellite organizations of the RSS.
    Underworld had grudges against the ATS for being encountered and mopped up.
    RSS was very uncomfortable with which the investigations were going on and hence had to silence someone. Pragya and her associates were breaking down one by one and many a people from the RSS and it’s satellite org’s were being arrested day in and day out. Mind you that any Muslim terrorist succumbs to the Indian armed forces in just minutes, this time the resistance shown by these terrorists was for three days.
    The Jews were targeted to make sure that the attention stays on the Muslim terrorists. I dont think that a Muslim terrorist would randomly kill as there were many Muslims killed in that mayhem. Paki authorities are also involved as the big wigs on top help out one another to be in power.
    Hemant Karkare’s wife refusing the charity money From the Grand vazir Modi itself is a proof of what happened. Hemant Karkare had received death threats and well one of our best and only hero succumbed to this. Three police officers died at once. It’s a mystery.
    Maharashtra Times clearly stated that these Militants spoke Marathi.

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