peoples march

from the people against injustice in the society


Posted by ajadhind on November 3, 2008

A kilo rice which used to be 18rs now costs Rs30/-. Only few months back farmers throwed tons of tomatoes on the road as they were getting only 50ps to 1 rupee/kilo. Now the same tomato is costing 20-40rs / kilo[ how much the farmer gets in that is a matter of debate]. suicides in vidharbha has not yet stopped. Hundreds of people died and lakhs displaced because of floods in Bihar.
These all things are happening in India and what our politicians are doing? When there was floods our politicians were busy with N-POWER[ The power that may end India’s power]. Whenthe prices are so high t even a lower middle class is finding difficult to lead life and save earnings for future problems our great politicians are busy with vote bank politics. Some busy with destroying christian missionaries, some so called christians busy in converting . Islamic fundamentalists busy in planting bombs all over the nation, pseudosecular and communal parties busy in encashing these matters and thinking how much of it will get converted into votes.
Parties like MNS are busy with creating hatred between people of different regions. Ofcourse the initiation for this hatred is from Railway ministers who failing to create jobs for biharis in Bihar are sending them to different regions of country which has created hatred towards all north indians not only in Maharashtra but also in Karnataka and other states of south India. We pat our back calling us as emerging super power but on the other face we are seeing unemployed youth used by politicians in totally wrong way.
And last but not the least the Tamilnadu MLA’s and MP’s are concerned with the life of Srilankan TAmilians which is again to create emotions in Indian Tamilians and get them as votes.
There is no doubt that India will be shattered into pieces if the present Democratic status continues.

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