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News from Bangladesh

Posted by ajadhind on October 28, 2008

Dear comrades

Our 7 comrades have been arrested by the police on 25 October 27, 2008 at 10 pm at begrhat, the south west area of Bangladesh. Police said to the media they were illegal activating at the morelgong, district of bagerhat.

7 comrade including a female comrade was arrested by the brutal Bangladeshi police. Very famous female comrade is known as didi moni ( mam) was also arrested on this night. Didmoni have been developing a child school on the morelgong, district of bagherhat. This school is very famous to the poor working and peasant classes.

Bangladeshi police never act as a political prisoner to the Maoist revolutionary group and same matter have happened for our great 7 comrade. They have been very much tortured since 25 October to yet. Because police did not hand over the matter to the court to surrender to the political prisoner. Bangladeshi state never knows how to go legal frame work but they every time says about law and duty.

Scholl have been leading our peasant organization.

All revolutionary party and individual man of Bangladesh as well as all over the revolutionary power to help to us.

Thanks to all


Sonkingkretir noya shetu

(it’s a party formation movement )


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