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‘Maoists cannot be hired’

Posted by ajadhind on October 18, 2008


BHUBANESWAR, Oct 17: Maoists are not professional assassins, retorted Mr P Vara Vara Rao of the Revolutionary Writers Association of Andhra Pradesh while reacting to reports that the minority community had hired Maoists to assassinate VHP leader Laxmanananda Saraswati. “Those who dish out such cock and bull stories are ignorant of the history of Naxal movement in this country. Maoists cannot be ‘hired’,” he asserted.
Mr Rao had spent three days in Kandhamal and was replying to questions at a Press conference here today when he made the statement.
Asked why Maoists had killed Laxmanananda Saraswati, Mr Rao said: “The operation was perhaps in line with deliberations at their last party congress wherein fundamentalism was considered the second biggest threat, after globalisation, to the poor of the country…I am not their spokesperson, but I think they wanted to send a clear message across to the fundamentalists and divisive forces.”
Significantly, he recalled that after the December 2007 violence in Kandhamal district, leaders of the Peoples War had denied their involvement and had also said that if they had been involved they would have killed Laxmanananda Saraswati and not poor tribals or dalits.
Now, the Naxals have claimed responsibility of killing Laxmanananda Saraswati, but shockingly, others like political parties and Sangh Parivar and vested interest groups refuse to accept it.
“The entire game plan is to get electoral benefit. The fundamentalist forces want to rid the country of minorities and some political parties feel this suits their vote bank,” he alleged. “Organisations like the SIMI which believe that communism, capitalism and secularism have failed and Islamism is the only option are termed as terrorist outfit and are banned but an outfit like Bajrang Dal or VHP which wants a Hindu Rashtra are not deemed as terrorist organisations,” he observed

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Excellent conditions for revolutionary upsurge in the face of the worsening global capitalist crisis

Posted by ajadhind on October 18, 2008

Communist Party of the Philippines
October 15, 2008

The world capitalist system is undergoing a deepening recession that can only result in the massive destruction of productive forces and further concentration of capital in the hands of a few. This global economic malaise is now causing production slowdowns, massive job losses, worsening impoverishment and intensified exploitation and oppression of the proletariat and ordinary people in the capitalist centers, with even worse consequences for peoples in the Third World.

The bursting of the biggest financial bubble in history and the severest financial crisis since the Great Depression have already caused the collapse and subsumption of many of the largest banks and financial institutions, the sweeping credit crunch, the continuing meltdown of stock markets and near paralyzation of other financial markets.

The financial crisis has become so acute that, aside from several hundred billions already thrown in, the US government has allocated $700 billion and is planning to pour in more funds in a vain attempt to salvage the “toxic assets” of finance giants and buttress the battered capitalist financial system in the US and abroad. More than a trillion dollars is being poured in by the US and other imperialist governments and big finance capitalists to salvage more collapsing banks and financial markets in other capitalist countries.

These measures have, however, only been met with doubt and skepticism over their effectivity in stemming the financial crisis. After a few gasps of apparent resuscitation, financial markets have only continued to plunge. All these massive diversions of taxes and funds to rescue losing finance giants from their own greed have only angered the impoverished masses much divested of social assistance and made more miserable in the face of deprivation and worsening economic hardships.

The current crisis besetting the global capitalist system reaffirms the correctness of the Marxist-Leninist critique of the moribund capitalist system and the need to overthrow it through revolutionary struggle and supplant it with a socialist order.

The rotten capitalist system has become even more absurd and unproductive as the imperialists are engaged in ever greater financial speculation and accumulation of surplus finance capital than in production. Meanwhile, accelerating overproduction of surplus capital leads to cyclical overproduction in the real economy with piles of unsold inventories of houses, cars, computers, food items and other commodities, followed by production slowdowns, underconsumption and stagnation. The result is massive destruction of productive forces and billions of people around the world condemned to unemployment, poverty, hunger and utter desperation.

At the root of the current financial crisis is the concentration and accumulation of capital which has resulted in the ballooning of finance capital detached from production in the real economy. The amount of surplus capital employed in financial speculation has grown several times bigger than productive capital. The current financial crisis, in particular, was triggered by the accumulation by big finance capitalists of trillions of dollars of overblown assets and superprofits from the housing and subprime derivatives bubble.

As a result of the unproductive accumulation of finance capital, industrial production has turned recessive and presently continues to contract. Joblessness in the US is at a five-year high, with the number of unemployed expected to swell by another million by year’s end. This is on top of the 9.5 million already unemployed in the US. Underemployment is soaring to even higher record levels. The consumption crisis, following the burst of the housing bubble, has become protracted and has made a turn for the worse. Previous irrational capitalist overproduction has turned to disastrous stagnation and underconsumption.

In the face of the worsening crisis of the capitalist system, it is the miserably pauperized working class and ordinary people who suffer the most. More than a trillion dollars have been used to salvage losing finance capitalists in the imperialist countries and provide their losing executives with tens of billions in “golden parachutes.” On the other hand, the mass of their working class and ordinary people whose tax payments provided these funds, are left with practically nothing.

The imperialists have been forcing trade and investment liberalization and denationalization policies on their semicolonies as a means of further exporting their surplus capital, dumping their surplus products, plundering natural resources and taking advantage of the cheap labor and raw materials in their semicolonies. This has resulted in the large-scale destruction of productive forces, and mass unemployment, poverty and hunger in these countries. The spread of the global crisis of capitalism and the intensification of the exploitation and oppression of the working class and oppressed people are worsening even further the chronic crisis in the semicolonies and impoverished nations.

As its “solution” to the threat of the worsening global capitalist crisis on the flimsy semicolonial and semifeudal economy, the puppet Arroyo regime is further opening up the national economy to foreign investments, plunder of the natural resources, lopsided neocolonial trade, increased deficit government spending, more public and foreign borrowings, and even more intensified taxation of the people. The US and its puppet regime are pushing more policies and measures geared towards the removal of whatever remaining protection there is for the national patrimony and the interests of the toiling masses and the people. The policies include the long-standing scheme to change the constitution of the reactionary government to prolong the reign of the ruling regime.

These policies and measures aim to further open up the economy and resources of the country to the ravages of the imperialists and their big comprador and big bureaucrat accomplices. Instead of alleviating the crisis, the resulting production downfalls, increased unemployment, intensified inflation, reduced consumption and heightened poverty and hunger will only worsen the economic crisis and heighten the people’s sufferings.

The current crisis of the global capitalist system provides excellent conditions for revolutionary upsurge as the working class and other oppressed and exploited people all over the world who have been pushed to the wall have no other recourse but to further intensify their revolutionary struggles and advance their interests.

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the entire international proletarian revolutionary movement anticipate the reinvigoration and resurgence of the Marxist-Leninist- Maoist movement and the heightening of working class and people’s revolutionary struggles the world over.

The worsening socio-economic crisis in the Philippines is pushing millions of workers, peasants and other democratic sectors to wage people’s struggles and advance and support people’s war. The CPP calls on all revolutionary mass forces to take advantage of the current situation to step up recruitment, consolidate their ranks and intensify their struggles.

In the midst of the worsening crisis of the present system, the New People’s Army (NPA) will further intensify revolutionary armed struggle, launch more tactical offensives against the fascist armed forces, deal heavy blows on the US-Arroyo regime for its pro-imperialist, anti-democratic and antipeople policies and punish it for inflicting great harm and misery upon the people.

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India: Maoists expanding Red areas of activities

Posted by ajadhind on October 18, 2008

13 Oct 2008

JEYPORE: Have Maoists of KBK region established a new base in Narayanpatna in Koraput, bordering Orissa-Andhra Pradesh to spread their activities to Kandhamal?   The question is now haunting the police administration and intelligence agencies working in both the States. The killing of two top Maoists near Narayanpatna two days back in an encounter is a pointer towards the question. Considering backwardness of the region and inaction of the administration, the Maoists have started their operation first in Malkangiri in 1980s. Since then, Malkangiri has been the base area of Maoists of Orissa, Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh. Over the years, they have expanded their base to whole of southern Orissa. In recent years, there have been frequent Maoist attacks in Naranyanpatna putting the police on their toes. Despite presence of CRPF and armed forces in Narayanpatna, Maoist-related incidents continue to occur in the area.       Having over 1,000 km radius of dense forests that border the two States, this area has lately turned into a haven for the Maoist led People’s War.  Sources said that due to frequent police raids in Malkangiri, the Maoists have shifted their base to Narayanpatna and their meetings are mostly conducted in this area. As many as 10 encounters have been recorded by in this area during the last few weeks. The inaccessible hilly terrain makes it their favourable hideout.

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Mutiny in India! Cops refuse transfers to Maoist Red base areas

Posted by ajadhind on October 18, 2008

Cops say no to ‘Maoist’ posting
RAIPUR: The Chhattisgarh government on Saturday suspended 13 policemen, including six inspectors, for refusing to accept transfers to the Maoist-domi

nated Bastar region interiors.

“We had no option left but to crack the whip on 13 policemen who defied the government transfer order and refused to join duty in Bastar region, despite repeated reminders,” R K Vij, inspector-general (administration) , said.

The suspended cops also include 7 sub-inspectors. They were transferred in July-August to the interiors of Bastar where Maoists have been running a de facto administration since 1980s.

India Peoples War advances!

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Celebrate Birth Centenary of Comrade Amulya Sen

Posted by ajadhind on October 18, 2008

Comrades and Friends,

This year, 2008 is the birth centenary of Com. Amulya Sen, the freedom fighter and the communist revolutionary of India.

Com. Sen was born in 1908 in Sonarang village of Bikrampur of Dhaka district in present Bangladesh. He completed his formal education after obtaining gold medal in B.Sc. and 1st class in B.T examinations from the University of Dhaka. However, leaving a comfortable and peaceful life, in his youth Com. Sen rushed to the revolutionary armed struggle against British imperialism with a dream of an independent India, and took the membership of ‘Anushilan Samity‘.

In forties of the last century he studied Marxism-Leninism in great detail during his prison-life. He joined the Communist Party of India (CPI) once he was released.

In the two-line struggle within CPI, Com. Amulya Sen played very important role. Against Titoite-Trotskite line, he boldly supported the line of Com. Stalin, the document of Andhra Secretariat and the great Telengana movement. Based on the party’s “Tactical Line” of 1951 Com. Sen fought the battle and was elected the secretary of the Hoogly district committee of CPI. The “Tactical Line” of 1951 was consistent with the line of Chinese revolution and opposite to the line formulated by B. T. Ranadive, inspired by the line of Trotsky-Tito.

As soon as com. Stalin passed away in 1953, the revisionist line returned back in the party. Com. Sen was shifted from his position of Hoogly district committee secretary. But, he kept on ideological debate uninterruptedly. In the 20th Congress of CPSU in 1956 Khrushchev put forward the reactionary- revisionist theory of peaceful transition to socialism. It resulted in fierce ideological debate in the international communist movement. Debate was continued in CPI as well. Com. Amulya Sen was one of the front liners in India who, in support of the line of Com. Stalin, fought against the revisionist line of 20th congress. When CPC under Com. Mao started great debate in international communist movement against Khrushchev revisionists, Com. Sen fought the ideological struggle in support of the CPC line.

In November, 1964 the CPI underwent a split in its 7th congress. CPI(Marxist) was formed. From the very beginning Com. Sen called the draft programme of CPI(M) as revisionist. He realized that the party leadership would not direct the ideological debate in Marxist manner; rather it would impose the revisionist line in bureaucratic way. Under this circumstance, in order to unite the revolutionary section of the party he started to publish “Chinta“, the underground bulletin in 1964-65 within the party’s rank and file. In its six issues the subjects of the articles published in “Chinta” were: The state character of India, The path of Indian revolution, Role of PL-480 as a weapon of neo-colonial exploitation, Programme of 7th congress of the Party and the nature of revisionist leadership etc. “Chinta” resulted in waves of debate in the party that was felt even in the mass organizations.

With a view to expanding the sphere of debate, Com. Sen, with Com. Chadrasekhar Das and Com. Kanai Chatterjee, started publishing ”Dakshin Desh”, an open bi-weekly magazine since August, 1966. In this period, other groups in Kolkata started the debate as well and in Siliguri, Com. Charu Mazumdar and others continued the same debate.

With the heritage of the Telengana movement and inspired by the international great debate, the Naxalbari peasant movement was exploded in 1967 under the leadership of Com. Charu Mazumdar. Following the great revolutionary peasant movement of Naxalbari Com. Amulya Sen took initiative in the ideological struggle against the various rightist trends of opportunism, liberalism and economism in order to unite all communist revolutionaries in a genuine communist party. Meanwhile, under the leadership of Com. Charu Mazumdar CPI(Marxist- Leninist) was formed in 22 April, 1969. Because of the differences in a number of ideological and political questions and in the methodology of party formation, the “Dakshin Desh” group kept itself outside the newly formed party. Com. Sen strongly favoured the notion of having a single all India party. As it was not possible at that moment, he along with Com. Kanai Chatterjee and Com. Chandrasekhar Das founded Maoist Communist Centre by thoroughly organizing the “Dakshin Desh” group in 20 October 1969 for the continuation of revolutionary activities with the orientation of unification of the communist revolutionaries in a single party in future.

Com. Sen strongly believed that without mobilizing and politically activating the workers and peasants, the basic force of revolution, the revolutionary actions of a handful of self-sacrificing ideologues could not abolish the imperialism and the feudalism. He also believed that without agrarian revolution no revolutionary task could be achieved in our country. He did continue his theoretical and practical tasks adhering to this basic political line throughout his prolonged revolutionary life. Till his last day, 23 March, 1981, he was a tireless and strong-minded revolutionary communist warrior.

With a desperate attempt to overcome the ever-deepening crisis in the imperialist world, imperialist powers, in one hand, implement their aggressive war strategy in different countries and are engaged in frantic arm race; on the other hand, they maximize the plunder over India and other third world countries with the policy of globalization. In the name of industrialization, urbanization as well as special economic zone and infrastructure formation, the imperialist transnational- multinational companies now directly control the industries, agriculture and other economic sectors of India. Acquisition of farmland and extensive eviction of peasants have been undergoing in the name of development. The CPI(M) led left front and other governments in different states of India help implementation of plunder and eviction policy. On the other hand, peasantry has been continuing their resistance. The struggles in Singur, Nandigram and in other areas are the burning examples of such resistance. It is to be noted that Com Amulya Sen and his fellow warriors once started ideological struggle against those very revisionist forces, which are now in power to evict the peasantry at the behest of local and foreign exploiting classes. It does manifest the political far-sightedness of Com. Sen. To celebrate the birth centenary of Com. Sen means to take lessons from his hard revolutionary life, from his ideology of self-sacrifice, and above all from his political far-sightedness. We have to stand by the struggles of the masses of different strata including worker and peasants by assimilating the teachings of Com. Sen. It is the best way of paying homage to Com. Amulya Sen.

With revolutionary greetings,
Kolkata                                                                                                                                      Com. Amulya Sen Birth Centenary Celebration Committee
21 September, 2008

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