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Tasks of the Communist Worker Peasants Party (CMKP) in the New “Democratic” Period

Posted by ajadhind on September 16, 2008

Before the democratic period we had identified three fundamental tasks for our party. Many comrades feel that in the new period we need to redefine these tasks. Although a democratic government has come into place, this is as yet only a political change (a change in the government). It is not a social revolution (a change in the structure of the state or economy). Hence, the tasks of the bourgeois-democrati c revolution have only just begun. The bourgeois-democrati c revolution will only be complete when we have destroyed the very structure of this neo-colonial state, uprooted Asiatic relations from the countryside, and established the true politico-economic independence of our country. There can be no consistent bourgeois-democracy on the basis of this neo-colonial state.

It is plain as daylight that none of the bourgeois-democrati c parties, not a single one amongst them, have the stomach to wage a consistant and relentless struggle for bourgeois-democacy in Pakistan. Therefore, it is on the shoulders of the Communists to organize the working masses to take the democratic struggle towards a people’s democratic revolution.

Hence, the fundamental tasks connected with the bourgeois-democrati c revolution, as identified previously, remain unfulfilled. These were:

A) Opposition to Military Rule
B) Opposition to US Imperialism
C) Opposition to Fundamentalism

(these are not in any order of priority)

Till such time as we have destroyed the apparatuses that continuously reproduce these forms of oppression, we have not even begun to approach the bourgeois-democrati c tasks of our revolution.

Let us look at these tasks in light of the new circumstances.

A) While military rule has been rolled back, the democratic government is far from secure. Significant sections of the establishment continue to think that they can overthrow the democratic government and bring in a form of rule that is subservient to the civil military bureaucracy. As always they find willing volunteers in certain political parties. We must fight against this trend and strengthen and consolidate democracy. At the same time, we must fight to widen the scope of democracy. The only way that this can be accomplished is by consolidating the class organizations of the working class in the new democratic space made available to us by the present regime. We must pay special attention to trade unions, peasant committees, and student unions. These are the prime movers of the democratic and socialist movement. And these class organizations can be the only real guarantor of even such a class biased system as bourgeois-democracy . Hence, the
principle tasks confronting the party in relation to consolidating democracy is to strengthen the trade unions, peasant committees, and students unions. Without these fundamental class organizations backing our political party, the party will be disconnected from the mass of the working people. And just as a fish cannot live outside water, the CMKP cannot exist without establishing firm connections, even merging to a certain extent, with the class organizations of the working class.

B) US imperialism is knocking on our door and invading our territory. In this regard, the fight against US imperialism assumes even greater importance than before. CMKP calls upon the democratic government and the Pakistan army to defend the territorial integrity and the people of Pakistan. When military incursions become the norm, then protests and seminars are not enough. The circumstances call for militant action against imperialism. US imperialism is the enemy of all the people of the world. Its militarist and aggressive policies have resulted in the worst massacres in recent history. We must unite all the democratic forces of Pakistan to fight against US imperialism.

C) The CMKP cannot close its eyes to the menace of Islamic fundamentalism
especially in the shape of organizations such as the Taliban. Hence, our
struggle against fundamentalism must continue with even greater force. We have to start thinking about forming broad united fronts with secular organizations that can help us fight against the reactionary menace of Islamic fundamentalism. In this regard, we must support the democratically elected provincial and federal governments struggle against the Taliban. While not becoming apologists of these bourgeois forces, it is important to note that under the Taliban, the opportunity of openly building a movement for the emancipation of the working class will be next to impossible. Furthermore, since progressives are not strong enough to take on the fundamentalists on their own. Hence, a united front with bourgeois-democrati c political parties is a tactical necessity. Communists will grow only through such united front struggles.

All those socialist forces that become aligned either with imperialism,
fundamentalism, or the establishment, are and will be rejected by the people of Pakistan. Only those that consistently and systematically struggle against imperialism, fundamentalism and in favour of democracy will win popular support.

That is why we raise the slogan:

Death to Imperialism !
Death to Fundamentalism !
Long Live Socialism !

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