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‘We will uproot newly crowned monarchs of Nepal’

Posted by ajadhind on July 31, 2008

‘We will uproot newly crowned monarchs of Nepal’

At a program organized by the Muslim Liberation Front on Saturday July 26, 2008 in Kathmandu, the Maoists chief Pushpa Kamal Dahal said that the agents of the foreign power centers in Kathmandu are trying to form the next government under the premiership of
Girija Prasad Koirala once again.

Continuation of Girija Koirala as the countrys next prime Minster will go against the fresh verdict of the Nepali people and the Maoist party will take to the streets if Koirala is awarded the responsibility to lead the country yet again, Dahal said.

We have the much needed peoples support to fight against the corrupts, the status-quoists and those who were against revolutionary changes taking place in the country.

The people of this country through a decade long rebellion and the 19 day long peoples uprising became successful to overthrow the monarchial institution yet new Kings with caps have emerged in the camps of the Nepali Congress and the UML who have been rejecting
the peoples wishes to see the Maoists led government in the country, Dahal said.

This is in contrast with what he said a few days back. He had said in public that the Maoists will stay in opposition come what may.

If the people want, the Maoists will uproot the newly crowned monarchs of Nepal, Comrade Dahal added.

Our party is totally committed to bring special reservation scheme to the Muslim community in Nepal which will be guaranteed in the new constitution that is soon to be drafted.

2008-07-27 08:25:53

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