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Karkala: Naxal Arrested, Large Cache of Arms and Ammunitions Confiscated

Posted by ajadhind on July 31, 2008

Daijiworld Media Network – Karkala (SP)

Karkala, Jul 31: The policemen who arrested Krishna alias Kiran (28), a suspected naxal, have been able to confiscate a large cache of ammunitions, arms, explosives and other naxal-related items. The Excise and Anti-Lottery Squad police circle inspector based in Theerthahalli had taken Krishna into possession from Doorvasapura on Agumbe road on suspicion. After they found him to be a naxal, he was subjected to further interrogation.

The anti-naxal force Shimoga and police officials were guided by the arrested person, to several drums buried in Tingalamakki forest near Karkala. The drums contained large quantity of arms, ammunition, explosives, grenades and other naxal related items.

Nearly 2,076 rounds of ammunition that can be used for 15 types of rifles, a .303 rifle, a grenade, 80 detonators, 26 non-electric detonators, four 65mm used cartridges, two .303 rifle butts, a walkie-talkie, a camera flash and a computer printer were found from the site. Maoist hand bills, books, literature and other goods used by naxals were also recovered.

During the interrogation, Krishna confessed to have taken part in the incident in which naxals had burnt down a bus in July last year near Agumbe. The police hope to extract more information from him. It is said that he has revealed more such locations where naxals have hidden their goods but because of inclement weather, the policemen have not been able to verify the genuineness of this information so far. The policemen want to procure police custody of Krishna after producing him in the court and then try to elicit more information from him.

Krishna, who joined the naxal movement two and half years ago, is a member of the lower most rung in the organization and hence does not have in-depth information about their activities. As far as he knows, four gangs named Tunga, Bhadra, Varahi and Netra with a membership of around 30, are functioning in the region. He was about to get out of the organization, they said.

Western range inspector general of police A M Prasad said that the team would be rewarded with Rs 10,000 for this achievement and a recommendation will be made for higher rewards. The anti-naxal force with a total strength of about 500 is working day and night to control the naxal menace, in tandem with the police teams. “We are aiming at strengthening it further,” he said.

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Problems and Prospects for a Maoist led Government in Nepal

Posted by ajadhind on July 31, 2008

Democracy and Class Struggle says the change of mind by the CPN
Maoist leadership to lead the Government according to Chairman
Prachanda is due to

“There is a growing threat against nationalism and there is a need
for maintaining social harmony, that’s why the Maoists are joining
the government”

“We are now ready to form the government as the parties in the
alliance including the UML and the MPRF have categorically urged us
to do so,” he added.

However the key point is outlined in recent Editorial in the CPN
Maoist Red Star

“The people will understand it is not correct for the Maoist to join
a government if nothing can be done to serve the people”

If joining the Government helps reduce ethnic tensions the Nepalese
people will understand – but the minimum programme of the Maoists
also needs to be implemented through the Constituent Assembly with
the President and Vice President already showing inclinations to
exceed their Constitutional authority and constituting roadblocks to
social progress.

The CPN Maoist leadership is the best judge of the strategy and
tactics on the ground in Nepal but the fear of its friends is that it
will be able to do very little in Government and become trapped in
bourgeois politics – providing its enemies with a chance of
discrediting and demoralisng the Peoples Movement.

We hope our fears are not realised and that the CPN Maoist has taken
the right decision.

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‘We will uproot newly crowned monarchs of Nepal’

Posted by ajadhind on July 31, 2008

‘We will uproot newly crowned monarchs of Nepal’

At a program organized by the Muslim Liberation Front on Saturday July 26, 2008 in Kathmandu, the Maoists chief Pushpa Kamal Dahal said that the agents of the foreign power centers in Kathmandu are trying to form the next government under the premiership of
Girija Prasad Koirala once again.

Continuation of Girija Koirala as the countrys next prime Minster will go against the fresh verdict of the Nepali people and the Maoist party will take to the streets if Koirala is awarded the responsibility to lead the country yet again, Dahal said.

We have the much needed peoples support to fight against the corrupts, the status-quoists and those who were against revolutionary changes taking place in the country.

The people of this country through a decade long rebellion and the 19 day long peoples uprising became successful to overthrow the monarchial institution yet new Kings with caps have emerged in the camps of the Nepali Congress and the UML who have been rejecting
the peoples wishes to see the Maoists led government in the country, Dahal said.

This is in contrast with what he said a few days back. He had said in public that the Maoists will stay in opposition come what may.

If the people want, the Maoists will uproot the newly crowned monarchs of Nepal, Comrade Dahal added.

Our party is totally committed to bring special reservation scheme to the Muslim community in Nepal which will be guaranteed in the new constitution that is soon to be drafted.

2008-07-27 08:25:53

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Leader of Purbo Banglar Communist Party (PBCP Marxist-Leninist) executed

Posted by ajadhind on July 31, 2008

One of Bangladesh’s top daily put the news as follows:
Another killed in similar ‘shootout’

Leader of outlawed Purbo Banglar Communist Party (PBCP Marxist-Leninist) Lal Pataka faction Dr Tutul was killed in “crossfire” between police and his accomplices before dawn yesterday in Naogaon.

In a separate incident in Natore the same day, an outlawed party member and a suspect in the Bamihal police killing and arms looting case was killed in a similar fashion.

A former physician, Tutul is believed to have masterminded the killings of political figures in Rajshahi, Natore and Naogaon as well as the police killings and arms lootings at Bamihal in Shingra, Taherpur in Rajshahi, Randhunibari in Sirajganj and Chowbaria in Naogaon.

He was wanted in over 200 cases filed with different police stations in greater Rajshahi, Pabna, Sirajganj and a number of other northern districts.

The 42-year-old group leader, son of Daud Hossain Biswas from Kotchandpur in Jhenidah, was known under several aliases including Dr Mizanur Rahman, Rafikul Islam, Masud, Milon and Dada Bhai.

Earlier on Saturday night, hours before Dr Tutul was killed, his 80-year-old mother Novera Khatun through a press conference at Jhenidah Press Club pleaded the government to save her son from “crossfire”.

The police describing his arrest said near about 80 police personnel from Atrai, Raninagar and Sadar police stations cordoned off Kaligram Eidgah field at around 4:00am after receiving a tip-off regarding a secret meeting of 50 to 60 armed members of an outlawed party.

Aminul Islam, additional superintendent of police in Naogaon and the commanding officer of the raid, said soon after the criminals sensed their presence, they opened fire on the police. The police also retaliated and fired at least 100 rounds, he added.

They fled the scene leaving behind one of their bullet-hit accomplices, who was later identified as Dr Tutul, claimed the police adding that after he was taken to Raninagar Health Complex, the doctors declared him dead.

Police seized two locally made firearms, 17 bullets, 7 gun cartridges, a rifle magazine, two knives, two machetes and a few sharp weapons from the scene.

Our correspondent from Jhenidah reports: At around 8.30pm on Saturday, Tutul’s mother Novera Khatun told journalists at Jhenidah Press Club that the Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) members had arrested Tutul from Uttara in the capital on Friday night.

In an appeal to the government she pleaded for the safety of her son claiming that although Tutul was involved with an underground party, he did not participate in any killing or extortion. Tutul dedicated his life to provide medical treatment to the underprivileged and he had even sold pieces of ancestral land for the cause, the mother said.

Instead of killing Tutul in crossfire, she urged the government to put him on trial under the laws of the land if he committed any crime.

Earlier in the afternoon, the elderly woman went to the office of Jhenidah deputy commissioner to submit her plea to the government, but since the office had closed by then, she had to rush to the press club and make her request through the press, she told journalists.

A Bangla national daily (Jugantor) on Saturday in a report said the Rab has arrested Tutul from Uttara. However, the Rab did not confirm the arrest.

Born in 1959, Tutul completed his higher secondary education from Kotchandpur in 1977. He obtained MBBS degree from Rajshahi Medical College (RMC) in 1985.

He practised medicine at Sabaihat of Manda in Naogaon and in Rajshahi town for a year alongside his government job at RMC Hospital.

Tutul, a former member of Chhatra Moitree (student wing of Workers Party), became active in PBCP activities during his studies at RMC after he made his acquaintance with PBCP leader Mofakkhar Chowdhury who was subsequently killed.

He went underground in 1986 and became a fulltime activist of PBCP.

In 1997, Tutul and Quamrul Islam Mastar, two dissident followers of Mofakkhar-led PBCP, formed a faction named PBCP Lal Pataka (red flag).

Mofakkhar’s faction was called PBCP Janojuddho and he led the faction until his death in crossfire in December 2004. Abdur Rashid Malitha Tapan, who took over Janojuddho, was also killed in crossfire recently.

Quamrul, the co-founder of Lal Pataka, was also killed in crossfire in August 2006 and Tutul had been leading the faction ever since.

A correspondent from Natore adds: Ansar Ali, activist of an outlawed party and a suspect in the Bamihal police killing and arms looting case, was killed in a shootout between police and his accomplices at Kankian village in Singra upazila early yesterday.

Earlier on Thursday, police arrested Ansar from Bamihal area and following his confessional statement, the law enforcers took him along to the scene to capture his accomplices and retrieve arms.

As soon as the police reached the scene, Ansar’s cohorts started to shoot at the law enforcers, triggering the gunfight. At one stage Ansar attempted to flee and sustained bullet injuries, claimed the police adding that he died on the spot.

A pipe gun, four bullets and a sharp weapon were retrieved from the scene, the police said.

Human rights group Odhikar yesterday demanded independent judicial inquiry into the killing of Dr Mizanur Rahman Tutul, a top leader of Purbo Banglar Communist Party (ML-Lal Pataka).

Police claimed that Dr Tutul died after receiving bullet shots during a ‘shootout’ between outlaws and the police at Kaligram Eidgah field in Raninagar upazila of Naogaon at around 4:00am yesterday.

Expressing concern over Tutul’s killing, Odhikar said, “… the victim was reportedly not involved in any violent means to propagate his political believes… If this trend continues, those with ‘different’ views could now risk being targeted.”

Condemning the killings in ‘shootouts’, the rights watchdog said 197 persons were killed in the so-called crossfire, shootout, gunfight or encounters by Rab, police and other law enforcement agencies since January 11, 2007 till date under the state of emergency.

“Extra judicial killings are the worst form of rights violation … A persons’ life cannot be taken away without due legal process, which is the foundation of a civilized society. Continued extra judicial killings are eroding the foundation of Bangladesh’s polity,” reads a press statement of Odhikar.

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