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Maoists begin urban push.

Posted by ajadhind on June 13, 2008

ASIAN AGE, London edition.
By Sanjay Basak

New Delhi
June 10: Maoist rebels, who are now observing “Jan Pituri Saptah (revolutionary week)” in Chhattisgarh (in tribal belt in central India), have blown up power lines and disrupted communication links, targeting industries and power stations in the Abhujmar and Bastar regions and plunging much of the state into darkness.
A senior state police officer, in a telephonic conversation with this newspaper, said that the Maoists, who had declared a “parallel government” some time back, were now trying to move from the jungles to urban areas. The blast at Durg on June 8, in which three CRPF jawans were killed, and the attack on the Bishrampur police station “are clear signals that they are pushing towards urban areas,” he said. Comrade Sonu, a top Maoist central committee member, confirmed this. “If we fail to build our movement in the cities, the revolution will remain a dream,” he told this newspaper.
The police officer also said there were intelligence inputs that the Maoists were trying to teach Hindi to their Gondi-speaking “red cadres” from south Bastar as it was getting difficult for them to interact with Maoist leaders from Andhra Pradesh. The top leadership of the CPI (Maoist) is run by Andhra cadres.
Chhattisgarhs DGP Vishwa Ranjan told this newspaper that due to the Maoist-imposed blackout, the administration had arranged to supply at least six hours of electricity to affected areas. “We have moved 100 huge generators to give relief to people.” He also claimed adequate forces had been deployed to provide security to possible targets, including towers and transmission lines. “The Maoists are hitting soft targets,” he said.
The DGP said the state police was fully capable of handling the situation, and did not need help from the Centre. The so-called “soft targets” attacked by the Maoists included the Essar Steel Plant at Kirandul in Bastar. The Maoists had set the plant and 20 trucks inside on fire.
Last year, while observing the “Jan Pituri” week, the Maoists had plunged the entire Bastar region into darkness for almost a fortnight.
A police officer in Kanker district pointed out that so far not a single political leader in Chhattisgarh had issued any statement condemning the “Jan Pituri” week, which ends on Friday. A state government official based in New Delhi said, however, that since the “government is at war with the Maoists, there is no point issuing statements on their activities.”

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CPI-MAOIST information bulletin-2

Posted by ajadhind on June 13, 2008

recieved via mail.


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Posted by ajadhind on June 13, 2008

Communist party of India (Maoist)

                        State committee 





Respectable editors and representatives of media, revolutionary   greetings.

 We are sending this press release regarding

1) Murder of peasants, peasants struggle and scarcity of chemical fertilizers,

2) Price rise and Inflation

Requesting to publish this with due consideration.

                                                                   Yours in struggle,



                                                                             For the state committee

11-06-08                                                                CPI (Maoist)





1)     We are strongly condemning the brutal and cold blooded murder of agitating peasants and   indiscriminate firing on sons of the soil  on 10/06/08 by the BJP government of Karnataka.

  In that one man dead and tens were injured,3 were seriously injured.

This is nothing but fascist moves of newly formed government. Govt reacted with false assurances and bullets rather than considering demands of fortnight long agitating peasants of state and doing proper arrangements for supply of chemical fertilizers insecticides etc. At the same time all these worst politicians are busy with quarrel, ministry ship sharing and planning of loot.

Peasants are in acute pressure of loan repayments and severe income crunch due to     globalization designs of state and central governments dictated by imperialist masters. By that they are agitating militantly with the apprehension of this year’s future.

 Government should take responsibility of all these undue ness and murder.


 We are strongly demanding to arrest immediately, police officials responsible for shooting and murder of peasants under murder case.


 We are demanding to make responsible the ministries and officials for artificial scarcity of chemical fertilizers, anti people moves and irresponsibility.


 We are supporting militant struggles and seizer of unlawful stock of fertilizers by the peasants.


  We are appealing to people, democratic, progressive organizations and individuals to condemn this brutal murder and firing, build vast mass movements against this.


 Govt, fertilizer companies and big fertilizer traders are playing worst by creating artificial scarcity and charging higher price. They are least concerned with the sons of the soil.


     2) People, particularly poor and middle class are in shock of unprecedented price rise and inflation. Food and other day today usables are going out of reach of common people.  Adding to the wounds, now petrol and diesel prices are increased.

Inflation and economic recession are common in global level now, because of crisis of imperialism, i.e. world capitalism. Ruling classes and their central and state governments are squeezing landless and poor peasants, poor and middle class people, petty, small and medium traders, small scale and medium scale industries etc by all means, for guaranteeing profit to imperialist and comprador companies. This is the main reason for income crunch of people and further deterioration of livelihood.



  We are appealing to all people to unite together by throwing out all these political goons and struggle against imperialism and their local stooges. Build people’s new democratic social system as only way to coming out this crisis.


                         With revolutionary greetings                   


                                                                                     For the state committee

                                                                                                 CPI (Maoist)



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