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Nepal leader to visit naxal leaders.

Posted by ajadhind on May 20, 2008


New Delhi: Nepal Maoist leader Baburam Bhattarai will be in Kolkata in June to meet Naxalite groups – but not the Left Front.


His visit is being organised by three Naxalite groups including CPI-ML, new Democracy and Santosh Rana’s Provincial Coordination Committee.


They plan to hold a rally in Kolkata to celebrate the victory of the Nepali Maoists in the recent constituent assembly elections.


The parties have confirmed that Bhattarai will address the rally. This will be the first official engagement between the Nepali Maoists and Naxal groups.


Incidentally, these parties believe in armed struggle. It’s not clear why the Nepali Maoists are ignoring West Bengal’s ruling CPI-M, which brokered the first contacts between them and the Indian government.



Earlier, the envoy of the Himalayan nation held a meeting with senior CPI-M leader Sitaram Yechury, who has played a key role in bringing the Nepal Maoists into mainstream politics.


India has favoured consolidation of the process for the formation of a democratic republic through the drafting of a new constitution at the earliest.


Yechury, during his visit, had expressed confidence that all issues, including formation of a new government and drafting of a new constitution would be resolved through a ‘consensual approach’.


(With agency inputs)

One Response to “Nepal leader to visit naxal leaders.”

  1. hi,
    Naxalite issue not a one state matter that is big issue, so plz do planning high level as all country.

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